Word repetitions in Quran

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So what?

Richard Eddy

Its not your business.

Qasim Smart 3 years

Then don't make it my buisness.

Richard Eddy 3 years

richard lol Think about it

Muzzamil Darnell 3 years

Muzzamil Darnell I have. I dont see any relavence to how many times these words were said. Again, so what?

Richard Eddy 3 years

It is known as the mathematical and scientific construction which are mentioned in ththe Quran. And as far as I think about it, no man could have wrote such a think 1400yrs back.


Muzzamil Darnell 3 years
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And forgot about word "sex/rape/murder"

Jignesh İrwin

Bcz islam does not give permission about these

Qasim Smart 3 years

Really? Read bro.

Muzzamil Darnell 3 years

What about urs sati. Dowry marry women with dogs

Jamid Murphy 3 years

Same happenned
Nebuchanezars book written 2400 yrs ago

Kaniska Graham

The same one the Prophet Daniel was with?

Kaleb Keith 3 years

Then why are your months have lesser days from standard calendars?

Lennoel Shirley

More post hoc dishonesty here

Kristian Thacker

How many times the name of Mohammed ' s mother mentioned in Quran=0. How many times the name of Jesus' mother mentioned in the Quran= every Muslim knows that. Ask them

Lennoel Shirley

So what? Every Muslim know it.

Muzzamil Darnell 3 years

And we all agree. Jesus was one of the messengers of Allah.

Muzzamil Darnell 3 years

What awaits for a female suicide bomber in heaven?

Lennoel Shirley 3 years

Read the other comments

Muzzamil Darnell 3 years

A female suicide bomber will be in hell. Not in heaven. Same goes to men.

Muzzamil Darnell 3 years


Just because you find some patterns in the book does not mean it had a divine author. I am sure if you pick up any book including Shakespeare you will find some interesting coincidences, intentionally put in there or otherwise. If anyone actually spent the time to count the words you would see it’s really a case of cherrypicking and stretching the data to fit the narrative.

Adderly Mcallister

Anyone who indulges in violence has revoked their title. Regardless of the name of the abrahamic religion, Muslim, Christian or otherwise.

Dominic Cantu