With rheumatoid Arthritis and muscle waste, can we rebuild the muscle by diet and exercise?

With RA and muscle waste, can we rebuild the muscle by diet and exercise?

Joseph Dean
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Yes if u get off prednisone. Use ldn & cbd stuff

Carol Cross

What is idn and cbd?

Catie Rubio 3 years

Low dose naltrexone, google it please. Medical marijuana

Carol Cross 3 years

Oh gotcha thanks

Catie Rubio 3 years

I'm no longer on prednisone. I'm taking boswellia, curcumin, and cbd capsules. Feet is the only culprit to letting me workout. Can't distinguish if it's RA or plantar faciitis. I got inserts today from my podiatrist. We will see how it works out.

Joseph Dean 3 years

Joseph Dean I had to get orthotics also & wear very thick slippers @ home for comfort

Carol Cross 3 years
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I would like to know this too.

John Kruse

Has anyone been successful using ldn/cbd to get off prednisone if long term use effected the adrenal glands?

Geri Kane

Which brand of Cbd oil is best for inflammation?

Ashley Lamb

I’ve been a bodybuilder on and off meds... I usually take fish oil twice a day, and always use aminos through my workouts. I’ve managed to maintain and keep building muscle.

Amy Carlisle

amy can you tell me more of the amino, what you take or where you get your aminos from? Naturally VS. Supplements

Joseph Dean 3 years

Yes please share. I used to be a bodybuilder but lifting causes so much pain I quit. I would like to try again.

Darlene Winter 3 years

Yes! Muscle waste is from inactivity diet won't rebuild your muscle you'll need to work it out and use it. The best way for RA is pool exercises, swimming, biking on stationary or road bikes.

Christina Quintero

christina you are correct, my muscle waste was do to my left knee swole up and then my right knee swole up. With the pain it kept me sitting or laying down. I have both my knees back and doing little exercises. I have a stationary and will alternate every other day with cardio. Road biking will be a challenge as my first symptoms were my wrists.

Joseph Dean 3 years

I suffer from crap muscles from not being active, very weak grip. My rheumy has harped on me to swim more since I don't want to go to physical therapy. I try hard to work out when I'm feeling good but sometimes it just hurts to move.

Christina Quintero 3 years

christina you try like a stress ball. I use one at work.

Joseph Dean 3 years

Yes but it needs to be done with proper form, otherwise you’ll probably do more harm than good

Ruth Page

I agree.

Joseph Dean 3 years

Great question... Thx

Teresa Bartley

Yes but talk to your doctor about which meds your on.

Susan Rudolph

Andy Swarbrick Patricia Rae Coxhead I'm 60; you two give me hope that there's a chance I can still transform my once fit, but now wasting body into one that actually has muscle again. Except for the last two weeks when I have been working a lot and I don't want to overdo it, I had been going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week for the last 3 months and it was like Groundhog day in terms of building muscle or feeling stronger. While it's true I was able to increase the weights and reps on my arms and legs, it was like starting over each time I was in the gym, as if the previous day didn't exist. I never felt stronger, or even saw evidence of muscles, or a change. In any case, I'll be back to the gym soon and I won't give up. Hot yoga doesn't work for me; I don't have the extra money to go to a studio, nor the time to travel to one. And I don't live near a warm-water pool. I do enjoy walking on the treadmill and doing light weights. Onwards and upwards and never give up; my RA motto!

Marlene Sykes

Muscle wasting is my biggest problem.. I have no arse (glutes) causes major leg cramps and swollen ankled

Laurel Schaffer

I hear you. I have no butt either. Makes sitting for long periods of time (like in the car) quite painful. I do miss my bum!

Marlene Sykes 3 years

Me too. I’m having a bad Flare now. My whole body hurts. Dr not in. Even my head hurts

Carol Cross 3 years

Awe, I'm rough today, drinking Jasmine green tea might add rum soon to relax everything lol

Laurel Schaffer 3 years

I started with cardio. Now that I’ve increased my circulation I lift weights every other day.

Clean diet (vegetable proteins) water, omega 3 oils. Cardio exercise days and weight lifting day rotations

Leondra Pratt

In my dreams! I hope I can get there...

Liz Brantley 3 years

Liz Brantley keep going, every little bit counts. Like my father says “a building is built one brick at a time”.

Leondra Pratt 3 years

Thanks for the info. I'm 69 and my hands are very deformed and major muscle weakness in grip strength and in arm muscles.

Molly Ramey

Yes, you can build muscle with intermittent fasting alone. With good diet and exercise, you will build muscle even faster

Krystin Wong