Why is there so much killing of non muslims, infidels in the Quran

Why is there so much killing of non muslims, infidels, people of the book and Kaffurs mentioned in the Quran ?

Sivanandan Rhoades
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You still doing your ugly superior crap dharma?

Mike Gould

YES. You keep me motivated, yapping all the time.

Sivanandan Rhoades 3 years

Sivanandan Rhoades expose idiots is needed. Gives hindus bad image

Mike Gould 3 years


Sivanandan Rhoades 3 years

Sivanandan Rhoades bummer. Ugly hater.

Mike Gould 3 years

I bet still single. Bitter

Mike Gould 3 years
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Of course it's all equal. Mercy, or Murder, as long as it's "religious" it's all good, until somebody decides to wrap their idea of Christianity up in a Murder blanket, then it's all bad because, uh, "Christians." So what's the bottom line here? Searching for Truth, or just voting on who to damn to keep our own "feelings" on top?

Patrick Plummer

Sorry, what?

Valentin Ricks 3 years


Don Crawford


Mike Gould 3 years

This means to fight a battle in a Muslim army if they r threatening u so the best joy is either u r martyred trying to protect Ur land and religion or kill a person fighting u

Ali Blankenship

Then cut up bodies. And boil them. Words of crazy man. Only.

Mike Gould 3 years

"Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah… do not break your pledge; and do not mutilate (the dead) bodies; do not kill the children." [Sahih Muslim 4294]

Ali Blankenship 3 years

Should war and how to behave in it be in religion ?

Soi Norris 3 years

To save your religion you went to the other countries and killed non Muslim people. Right?

Ch Akhilesh Westbrook 3 years


Abdullah Whalen

sick lad

Zaara Justice

Shia is of That Fav to Kill & Get killed .. & no Militia of such in Sunni ... But the fight in gulf is of btw. Sunni & Shia. And in Iran there's no such situations since Shia in Majority ...

Naushad Christian

This is order for war, not for daily life, , , because when Muhammad PBUH started to preach Islam, then non Muslims invaded war, then these order were sent down to Muslims, otherwise Muslim and non Muslims were living with harmony, those lines for sent for army against army.
Today in my city there are Hindus and also Christian are living with peace, if that order of ALLAH was for daily life, then they were killed.
But you hate spreader will not understand.

Tasawar Mcallister

Cutting up dead bodies. Boiling them. Is words of crazy man only..

Mike Gould 3 years

“Mahabharata” is actually very First World War,
It was God Vs God for money, power and premature chicks LOL.

Khumainee is not an authority over Islam! Secondly when u refer some shit to someone then provide complete reference for credibility check. Otherwise it looks like a usual crap by a butt hurt.

Abrar Holbrook

Everyday i kill 5 person non-Muslim before i sleep

Mohammad Fournier

Quran says do. Some actually think they will go dtraight to heaven. Get virgins. Allah will love them to die fighting kafirs... You deny your perfect book says this?? Some fools think its perfect. You??

Mike Gould 3 years

Yes i do all of this believe me

Mohammad Fournier 3 years

I feel sorry for some people if what u believe true u will not see me Muslim until now... I'm arabic Muslim and i know every about Islam so relax i will not kill u

Mohammad Fournier 3 years

Mohammad Fournier so you deny quran says this??

Mike Gould 3 years


Mike Gould 3 years
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You seems to be mentally ill Sivanandan Rhoades don't you have better things to do then spreading hatred ?

Tor Staton

She is big time sick. Maybe a man

Mike Gould 3 years

hahaha, i will kill for my self, not for that imaginary god, what kind of belief is that

Jeepers Langford

If any other muslims wonder why some people fear and loathe islam, its because of shit posts like this right here!

Pal Thayer

I do realise the op is saying the same thing basically but i see a lot of those posts promoting agression from muslims.

Pal Thayer 3 years

The joy is to serve allah with a pure heart. And ignore all those who try to harm them.

Taha Cramer

they are fucking ass hole

Bradley Hammer

What a 3rd class motto religion

Pujari Belanger

Vedanta philosophy says that we can not see pain and pleasure by our eyes. It can be only felt. So god is bliss absolute or sachidananda sworupa, so god can never be seen by eyes. It can be only realised. All the joy or pleasure we get from outside by our senses are the reflection joy of sachidananada. İf there is really bliss in sex then why we can't see this bliss in our sister and mother? All joy are actually in our soul in heart

Pujari Belanger

Keep wishing..

Cigu Bravo