Why have All my kids had jaundice after birth?

I am a 25 year old momma to 4 children. All my kids have had jaundice after birth. Someone mentioned to me it could be my blood type? Anyways, we may try for our last baby sometime next year and I'm just curious to hear from you guys if you would have an answer to why they have all had high jaundice levels?

Breanna Long
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Mine had it too and blood type is O neg. What is your type?

Crystal Vaughan

I am 0+

Breanna Long 3 years

maybe type O is more likely? Not sure

Crystal Vaughan 3 years

I have O+ and none of my children had jaundice. Interesting.

Amber Shipley 3 years

I am o+ and 1 of 3 was slightly jaundice.

Colleen Villegas 3 years

I'm O and my daughter had it

Avni Wang 3 years
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Are they getting the vit k shot? That's usually linked to jaundice.

Jessica Saenz

I know my first 3 had it. And I'm they never said anything about my last daughter. So, unfortunately probably.

Breanna Long 3 years

Most people think it's just a vitamin, and accept it as standard. Unless you specifically say "no" they give it to all babies. In that case, your babes are reacting to it. They don't have the proper functions to use it, and it's overwhelming their poor systems

Jessica Saenz 3 years

Thank you. What are the risk of not having the vaccine? My children are no longer vaccinated.

Breanna Long 3 years

Since they're older it doesn't make a difference, they already got the shot, but for future reference- Vitamin K Vit K... Interesting points made about Vitamin K at birth by a brilliant pediatrician who remains anonymous: "You know what “synthetic vitamin K” enthusiasts don’t understand? The thought that babies (and all animals for that matter) have lower levels of vitamin K at birth for a beneficial, protective, reason. I’m just going to throw these “common sense-based” thoughts out there but let’s consider them: and BTW this goes for the Drops as well as the Shot First, in order to absorb vitamin K we have to have a functioning biliary and pancreas system. Your infant’s digestive system isn’t fully developed at birth which is why we give babies breast milk (and delay solids) until they are at least 6-months-old, and why breast milk only contains a small amount of highly absorbable vitaminK. Too much vitamin K could tax the liver and cause brain damage (among other things). As baby ages and the digestive tract, mucosal lining, gut flora, and enzyme functions develop, baby can process more vitaminK. Low levels of vitamin K at birth just…makes…sense. ??? Secondly, cord blood contains stem cells, which protect a baby against bleeding and perform all sorts of needed repairs inside an infant’s body. Here’s the kicker, in order for a baby to get this protective boost of stem cells, cord-cutting needs to be delayed and the blood needs to remain thin so stem cells can easily travel and perform their functions. Imagine that, baby has his/her own protective mechanism to prevent bleeding and repair organs…that wasn’t discovered until after we started routinely giving infants vitamin K injections. Third, a newborn might have low levels of vitamin K because it’s intestines are not yet colonized with bacteria needed to synthesize it and the “vitamin K cycle” isn’t fully functional in newborns. It makes sense then to bypass the gut and inject vitamin K right into the muscle right? Except baby’s kidneys aren’t fully functional either. Fourth, babies are born with low levels of vitamin K compared to adults, but this level is still sufficient to prevent problems; vitamin K prophylaxis isn’t necessarily needed. Finally, several clinical observations support the hypothesis that children have natural protective mechanisms that justify their low vitamin K levels at birth. I don’t know about you, but we should probably figure out why that is before we “inject now and worry about it later.” Do you know why vitamin K is pushed on parents and their children? Because pharmaceutical companies don’t like to lose money, doctors don’t like to be questioned, the American Academy of Pediatrics dare not change its recommendations." "Since 1985, the medical profession has known that oral vitamin K raises blood levels 300 - 9,000 times higher. The injectable vitaminK, results in vitamin K levels 9,000 times thicker than adults blood. Baby's blood thickened with vitaminK, causes a situation where stem cells have to move through sludge, not nicely greased blood vessels full of blood which can allow stem cells easy acess to anywhere. maybe one day it will dawn on the medical profession that not only are cord blood stem cells important and useful to the newborn baby, but that stem cells need to thin blood for a reason." "Any fetus which gets being wrung out like a wet towel while travelling down a narrow drain pipe, can incur damage in any part of the body, including in the brain, and needs an in-built fix-it. And stem cells cross the brain blood barrier. In fact, stem cells can go ... Anywhere!!! Amazing don't you think. God's design has solutions for situational problems. Three solutions, actually. The second is the fact that naturally, in the first few days, a baby's blood clotting factors are lower than normal. But ... Pediatricians consider this a ... "defect" ... So want to give vitamin K which results in blood nearly 100 times thicker than an adult's. This vitamin K injection, so they say ... (like they say immediate cord clamping is safe, and normal, and delayed cord clamping is an unproven intervention) ... İs because the baby wasn't designed right, and if you don't give a vitamin K injection, the baby "could bleed to death". It's not for nothing that the vitamin K syringe, sits right alongside that cord clamp and the scissors! But there is an unanswered question: "Why are blood clotting factors in babies low in the first few days after birth? Why has a baby got much thinner blood as a result?" Might a logical hypothesis be, that thinner blood allows freer and quicker access of cord blood stem cells to any part of the body damaged during birth? After all, why should stem cells have to fight through a baby's blood which is now 100 times thicker than any adult's, courtesy of another needle?" Vitamin k Via Todd Wilke It’s just a whole lot easier to give every child vitamin K to prevent the bleeding that could occur from the harm caused by our birth procedures, vaccinations, medications, and unnecessary medical interventions. It just makes complete sense to further assault a newborn’s body with an insane level of synthetic vitamin, some antifreeze, and a substance derived from coal-tar that bears a threat of death that warrants a black-box warning. STUDY shows CHILDHOOD LEUKEMIA RISK from SYNTHETIC Vit K VACCINES given at birth.. ( BUT NATURAL VIT K ---orally ok. ) There was a significant association (p = 0.002) --with intramuscular vitamin K ---(odds ratio 1.97, 95% confidence interval 1.3 to 3.0) when compared with oral vitamin K or no vitamin K. http://www.bmj.com/content/305/6849/341.abstract?ijkey=69c0133cec7e49e8537b087ca33aa20713b41c9d Here are other reasons why Vit K shots are not safe. http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/the-high-risks-of-vitamin-k-shot-for-your-newborn-baby/ Between four and twelve weeks, we give babies twelve vaccines including a second dose of HepB, and two doses of DtaP, IPV, Hib, and PCV, all of which can cause vasculitis and brain encephalitis that can induce a hemorrhage. Our children also get two doses of a live rotavirus vaccine that can shed, infect others, and cause hemorrhagic enteritis and thrombocytopenic purpura (a bleeding disorder). Have you read your child’s vaccine inserts? http://www.immunize.org/packageinserts/ BOX WARNING!!!! https://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/drugInfo.cfm?setid=e8808230-2c44-44c6-8cab-8f29b6b34051 They are trying to prevent bleeding BUT THEY Are NOT worried about all the vaccines that they want to give That can cause bleeding/hemorrhage!!! REALLY SMH More good info http://www.livingwhole.org/synthetic-vitamin-k-shot/ You choose! Your choice! http://www.bmj.com/content/305/6849/341.abstract?ijkey=69c0133cec7e49e8537b087ca33aa20713b41c9d

Jessica Saenz 3 years

I was also going to say Vitamin K shot. In short, there are no risks of not getting the shot as long as there was no trauma/physical force to the baby when he/she is born. Vitamin K levels rise on day 8 so if you choose to circumcise, you need to wait until after day 8 to avoid complications. Also, you need to check the state laws regarding declining the shot. In NY, I cannot decline it (I know people have reported that CPS was called on them when they declined it)

Marina Pacheco 3 years
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Vitamin k shot or oral version would be my number one culpret!

Andrea Fontenot

My husband and I have completely opposite blood types. I'm AB- and he is O+ both our boys have had jaundice and the doctors literally called it ABO incompatibility jaundice. Idk if it has something to do with the fact I'm Rh- and both my kids were + or what, but we expect this next one to have it as well.

Keely Bowles

Interesting. Husband and I are the same, neither of our kids had jaundice. Were your kids early at all?

Andrea Fontenot 3 years

My first was early, my second very late.

Keely Bowles 3 years

Hmm. Mine were both 3 days short of being full term.

Andrea Fontenot 3 years

I don't know a lot about this, but I have heard that if a mother has rh- blood type, that it can cause problems if baby is + ? I'm sure you can google it?

Laura Rasmussen 3 years

All 3 of my kiddos had jaundice, not super high that they needed a bilibed, but they did have a yellow tint for a short time, so they sat in the sunshine for their first fee weeks.. All are A+.. 1st was a homebirth, delayed clamping, no K at all.. 2nd was hospital birth, immediate clamping, and got the K shot.. 3rd was a homebirth, delayed clamping, and had a low oral K dose..

Edited to add delayed clamping status.. 2 of my 3 had delayed clamping.. And the 2 with the clamping, did have more jaundice to process.. I think it was because they had to filter more blood.

Ashleigh Patton

My first two had it and both had the vitamin k shot. Our third had no shots and delayed cord clamping, no jaundice.

JJ Dawson Bouchard

Vit k shot can be a cause also cutting the cord too soon, ask your dr about delayed cord clamping as it can greatly benefit the baby.

Diane Flanagan

O+ all 6 of my kids had jaundice all had the k shot

Rebecca Reyna

Cord was delayed for banking

Rebecca Reyna

I'm RH+ with negative antibodies. My daughter is O+ and had jaundice really bad after she was born. The doctors said it could've had something to do with my breast milk? First baby, so i believed them because her levels wouldn't stay right for like 2 weeks.

Krista Pruitt

Not sure what your breastmilk would have had to do with it??

Andrea Fontenot 3 years

Exactly my point I didn't understand it either.

Krista Pruitt 3 years

Yeah, I'm calling BS on that one. Please tell me you don't still see them at all?

Andrea Fontenot 3 years

We don't we changed doctors

Krista Pruitt 3 years

Good! No telling what other crazy crap he'd try telling you!

Andrea Fontenot 3 years

Very interesting discussion

Heather Dodd

My first son had jaundice, no vit K shot and delayed cord clamping. My second son didn't and he also had no vit K shot and delayed clamping. First birth was rougher in hospital tho and second was smooth home birth.

Jess Doyle

I have four kids. Two had jaundice two didn't. I have A- blood.

Vanessa Lynch

Vitamin K shot has been implicated

Michelle Keenan

Did not know this, very interesting. That would also explain with my children: First two had vitK, last didn't. Last baby had no juandice, first two did.

Anna Kirkland 3 years

I blame vit k for mine

Lauren Jimenez

I have O- blood.... They told me my entire first pregnancy that my daughter would probably have jaundice. I'm assuming because of my blood type. She came, got the freaking vitamin K and Hep B shots at birth and we were in the hospital for 7 DAYS because of her jaundice. I did lots of research on vaccines once we almost lost our daughter shortly after her 2 month vaccines. We stopped vaccinating shortly after. We had our son when our DD was 18 months old... We didn't allow ANY shots at all (I took my own organic vitamin K drops to the hospital with me)... And we were able to leave the hospital within 16 hours after his birth. Absolutely no jaundice at all. We did delayed cord clamping with him and I'm sure that also made a world of difference.

Shawna Cowan

Did you delay cord clamping with any? Up to 1/3 of their blood may still be in the cord at birth and immediate cutting of the cords keeps them from receiving it. My first 2 were born in the hospital and they refused to delay, both had juandice. My last was born at home and we waited an hour before cutting. Not one moment of juandice. may also correlate to weeks of gestation. First two were 38 and 39 weeks, last was 41.

Anna Kirkland

Why do doctors not want to delay?

Breanna Long 3 years

My first was born 17 years ago and the doctor told me with a look of horror that she could bleed out and die if they waited! IDK, I guess misinformation? Second daughter is 11 tomorrow. More info is available of the benefits now.

Anna Kirkland 3 years

Oh, and it is easier for them to just have everything finished up and they can move on to the next victim.... I mean patient.

Anna Kirkland 3 years

They are unmedicated about the body and don't want to have to spend anymore than the minimum amount of time with patients.

Anne Wilkinson 3 years

I'm O+ and both of mine had jaundice

Kelsey Farr

Did you do any shots?

Beth Doty 3 years

We did vitamin k but no vaccines.

Kelsey Farr 3 years

Which I know some say causes jaundice but most of the babies I meet have all their shots and no jaundice, so I'm skeptical.

Kelsey Farr 3 years

Hep b shot was our reason for Jaundice...

Brian Rice

My two oldest had jaudice. My youngest was the only one who didnt. He was the only one I didn't get the vitamin k shot for and we did delayed cord blood clamping (for almost an hour). I think it made all the difference.

Lauren Person

It can be from vitamin k also because of the alcohol in it. Their tiny bodies just came handle it.

Pley Velez

My son had delayed chord clamping, no vitamink, I am O-, he is O+ and jaundiced in the bilibed for 5 days; and remained jaundiced for about 2-3 weeks after. And I have no idea as to why. He had some supplementing while in the NICU but was breastfeed and EBF once home. He's fine now, no health problems even though he had it an extended amount of time.

Korrin Holley

Vit k is said to cause jaundice. Have you looking into delayed cord clamping? Really helps.

Tami Means

breanna I doubt it has to do with blood type. My son had it too. Its the hep vax they give them at birth... Ugh!!!

Betty Perdue

Do not let them give the baby ANY shots

Betty Perdue

born premature is the cause of jaundice

May Guthrie

My two oldest were not premature. Both had jaundice. Both had vitamin k shot... My youngest did mother get the shot. He did not have jaundice

Lauren Person 3 years

My twins born premie.. Only 1 got it and 12 hrs from vaccine

Brian Rice 3 years

They need sunlight. You're deficient.

Nancy Bates

It's usually from the vit k they give them

Taylor Beaver

Did they get the vitamin k shot?

Michelle Fink

If they all got the vitamin k shot I bet it was from that... I am giving my baby boy the vitamin k shot cause I don't want to risk it but I also bought vitamin d drops that are safe for newborns on up and plan to give it to him after the shot.

Laura Dove

Too much vitamin k can cause severe health issues; liver problems and brain damage for instance. I would only do that under doctor's orders, if it's even necessary.

Andrea Fontenot 3 years

You can purchase more natural vitamin k drops for in place of the vitamin k shot same advantages with less negatives

Tiffany Hackett 3 years

yeah I talked to my pediatrician (that the baby will have & they said it would only benefit them for like 2 weeks & that's it & that they wouldn't order the drops for me .. & I don't have the money to order some myself.. & also I didn't/don't want to risk losing my baby after working sooo hard for him .. ( he will be my last as I plan to get a tubal) ...

Laura Dove 3 years

Vitamine k injection causes jaundice

Unnur Holcomb

Vitamin k shot is the likely cause.

Mary Askew

I heard that a lot of the pre-natal vitamins are not natural and have toxins and things in them that the babies liver can't flush out.

Alisha Cole

Yep.. All prescribed are chemical forms a d not natural forms so really bad for mom and baby.

Anne Wilkinson 3 years

my daughter got jaundice from vit k shot

Shari Fontenot

If baby is vaccinated it is more likely do the the overwhelming toxins their livers are now having to deal with and process then blood type. And it matters on enzymes in moms body on how well and strong liver of the baby's will be immediately on its own too.

Anne Wilkinson

I'm A- too

Ashley Mccray