Why do Christian women have sex before marriage?

Why do the Christian people allow their sister to stay before marriage with a stranger and then they get two to three children without marriage? Is this the right thing to be a common sense, think yourself, is it right? If this is correct, then there is no benefit of marriage. What is the advantage of getting married later? When you have sex, you have to create a child with each other without marrying then what is the use of marriage then do not do it later?

Usama Numbers
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Well I support the idea of Liv in relationship if Without producing unwanted babies

Uday Marcum

I proffer myself for a good relationship, but if a person is born illegitimate before marriage, then he is not called a good relationship.

Usama Numbers 3 years

You think it's illegitimate or you were told that children born without a wedlock are so?

Jai Moser 3 years

I do not think that it is illegal, I think that it is against the religion of humans

Usama Numbers 3 years

So if you were not told about the religion rules you wouldn't have found it illegitimate?

Jai Moser 3 years

Jai Moser I know a lot about my religion Islam

Usama Numbers 3 years
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Don't confuse societal behaviour with christian belief in the west... The two arent the same...

Dave Winslow

because sex is awesome and neither a man nor a woman should buy a car without a test drive first. Btw people fucked without rings 2000 years ago too

Eric Hagen

Will you leave your religion behind for your happiness? Do you agree that your sister should have sex with another boy before marriage and create children Just for pleasure And do not see the religion for happiness, what religion says

Usama Numbers 3 years

i think you've confused chastity /virginity with morality. You can have kids with multiple partners and still have morality. İ'm more concerned with what kind of parent a person is

Eric Hagen 3 years

and why just women? Wouldn't men be considered equally disqualified from marriage if they went around getting women pregnant ?

Eric Hagen 3 years

Such dirty work can be done in your own religion Human beings can also spend a happy life by marrying

Usama Numbers 3 years

Men should also do such shameful things before marriage Get married first and then later, spend your life

Usama Numbers 3 years
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Man you live in a bubble of nonsense

Aaron Crouch

Thank Allah, where I live, it is not a place filled with a nonconscious; it is a very good place for me And here I can do good and bad You people just come to joke Do not want to believe the reality

Usama Numbers 3 years

Usama Numbers are you talking about the god that lives inside a delusional lying schizophrenic‘s head that you’ve never met

Aaron Crouch 3 years

Sir, the greatest proof of my God being that you are alive If you do not have God, then you will not be walking And there is no house for my God, is present everywhere

Usama Numbers 3 years

Usama Numbers that’s a lot of babble, so you’re saying you have absolutely no proof of him just blind faith in a schizophrenics delusions

Aaron Crouch 3 years

Well, if this is the case then tell me your religion then I tell you that God is one

Usama Numbers 3 years
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Lol why do foreigners think anything we do in this great free nation has anything to do with religion we are not brainwashed we are free people

Nicholas Stanton

Sir, this is the time of the Internet and the internet can now take information about the whole world. We are also born in a free country and we are also free people But this does not mean that we live in the free country and do anything We should do everything while living in our religion

Usama Numbers 3 years

Religion is man-made always has been why do you think God's change every few thousand yrs religion should not be a way of life or worth during or killing over or subject believers to rediculas demands how to dress follow behind husband stupid freewill your born with it you have to be taught religion there for it is unnatural to us humans

Nicholas Stanton 3 years

Well Marriage is only a Paper, but when you are poor cant afford even a simple wedding, In old times they do rituals with God I mean you can be marry (rituals) with your partner in the eyes of God sorry its hard to construct a sentence english is not my first language

Neil Middleton

If the wedding is a piece of paper then I think that you do not consider your relation as special If marriage is just a piece of paper, then why do not you even do it to him?

Usama Numbers 3 years

Way back Medieval age no wedding ceremony in low class people i mean the poor people coz they dont have money to afford it so in that time they use or they gift der partner and in the name of god, gods they do ritual (honeymoon) as asign of being together as one the fruit of love (your kid, kids) we are in 2018 and yes wedding is so important I recommend you watch dantes Inferno animated movie

Neil Middleton 3 years

Even if I like it or not, its our sisters decision with who have sex or not

Valentin Ricks

Sir, I believe that the sisters have decided But the region is also something When the religion does not allow it to remain with a man before marriage, then why do we remain

Usama Numbers 3 years

Stop thinking yourself as human and think you as an animal. It will all be normal act of animals.

Balaji Paige

I have never considered other people as animals, I am just telling reality and you are doing this to get rid of reality.

Usama Numbers 3 years

Like almost all muslims you apparently cannot cope with the idea of independent women who are free to decide for themselves how they want to live their lives and who are sexually independent

Hektor Kimball

I think women are free but staying within the realm of Islam If she does something that is beyond her religion, then I think she is wrong.

Usama Numbers 3 years

If she has to do her own pleasure, whether she is against her religion, then her religion has no benefit.

Usama Numbers 3 years

Maybe you should leave religion out of the equation. It makes things a lot more transparent

Hektor Kimball 3 years

Thank you keep your opinion

Usama Numbers 3 years

usama , I would like to inform you that unlike the belief you follow, In our world brothers do not control who a sister sleeps with, nor do they think of her as male property, nor do parents force her to marry, which if she disobeys the family, she wil probably pay with her life in accordance with honour killing, our females are allowed out without being chaperoned and will not be stoned for speaking to a male. In our society women have independance and can think and make decisions for themselves. It's 2018 and It really is time to catch up.

Angela Chapman 3 years

My Veterinarian sister only got married at 36 years old and she had a 9 year old son then. Was I supposed to interfere in her life whilst she's driving a half a million dollar car and putting down horses witha. 45 hand cannon? Perhaps when people turn 18 and are legal adults you don't have the right to get involved in their personal lives if they're happy, this usually only goes for parents too unless your underage sibling is in danger. Do you control what your sister does?

Reece Crawford

The law of the country is a different thing and religion is different

Usama Numbers 3 years

That's why I'm asking what you would do?

Reece Crawford 3 years

As a Christian, it isn't my duty to disallow it.

Jon Helms

What's it to you???? Why is it YOUR business???

Lisarene Sweet

By saying that you are just advocating the conservative traditions of your caste which are outcasted by todays modern society.

Milind Tobin