Why do Atheists are trying so hard to convert believers?

Feeling lonely..? Why do Atheists are trying so hard to convert believers...?

Philippe Holley
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Ever experienced an atheist knocking on your door and trying to preach to you? No? Oh.

Can you think of a religion that might do that......?

Ever experienced indoctrination into a religion from the day you were born?

You also don't 'convert' someone to atheism. It's a natural process. You can't MAKE someone believe something they don't believe.

Steven Connors

Nope they don't need to do that. Enough propaganda on tv, internet, radio, newspapers. No need to get in the house, they are already in!!!

Philippe Holley 3 years

So religious people don't go around knocking on doors and proselytising?

Steven Connors 3 years

Steven Connors yes we do but we don't force our way in... Atheism is insidious.

Philippe Holley 3 years

Where are atheists forcing anyone?

Steven Connors 3 years

Nobody forces their way in. What a fatuous thing to say. Ok, let's make it simple. Have you ever experienced or heard of anyone experience an atheist preaching in the streets or knocking on people's doors to preach?

Steven Connors 3 years
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Because we want to see society progress

Mateo Ramirez

Yeah right. You know a lot of great scientists are believers. Do you know that?

Philippe Holley 3 years

Philippe Holley most of them aren't

Mateo Ramirez 3 years

Mateo Ramirez ask Steven Connors

Philippe Holley 3 years

According to world wide polls, the majority of scientists are theists.

Steven Connors 3 years

However, 'science' covers a very large scope. philippe can try to twist it to suit his agenda, but the plain and simple truth, is that any good scientist would leave their beliefs outside the science room. Science is about truth and facts. Science doesn't care much for 'belief'

Steven Connors 3 years
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Steven Connors 3 years

Paula Norwood yes we know

Dano Walters 3 years

Think opposite too.

Mrinmoy Mcdowell

We christian preach because we love our brothers and sisters, give them hope and purpose... Not tell them that they are some random error that ended up on Earth without purpose and meaning

Philippe Holley 3 years

If you try to teach a child about all the 10th grade math stuff, he will too never understand meanings. Also that I've rarely seen atheists preach than all the religitards do

Mrinmoy Mcdowell 3 years

And nothing is complete random. Everything has a reason

Mrinmoy Mcdowell 3 years

Mrinmoy Mcdowell well if it has a purpose where do that purpose comes from?

Philippe Holley 3 years

I said reason. Check if reason and purpose are different or not

Mrinmoy Mcdowell 3 years
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Amal Armstrong

I agree.

Philippe Holley 3 years

DANK! THAT reply x3

Osama Mcconnell 3 years

Atheism is a belief.

Philippe Holley 3 years

No philippe, it's not. Again.

Steven Connors 3 years

It is not a belief, it is the absense of belief in supernatural deities and magical stuff... A baby cannot be anything as it is not matured enough to think about such complex ideas. A baby thinks you dissappeared when you put your hands in your face...

Adrian Curtis 3 years
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Wow that's a question

Richard Rosales

To try to win their inner doubts.

Manuel Hooker

Exactly what i think. Deep inside they know the truth but for some reason they don't want to surrender to God...

Philippe Holley 3 years

Convert to what? No, we're not tryna convert anyone

Abhishek Aldrich