Why cow is treated as sacred in hindu religion?

Why cow is treated as sacred in hindu religion?
Atri Nunez
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Cow gives milk helps to grows crops

Amit Early

but is it mentioned in holy book about cows?

Atri Nunez 3 years

Maybe Theres tons of books in hin

Amit Early 3 years

Amit Early u are a hindu dont u knwo what is ur holy book?

Atri Nunez 3 years

Theres no specific book in hindus

Amit Early 3 years

Amit Early is bhagwad gita not your main book?

Atri Nunez 3 years
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Because their god lord Brahma turned his daughter (Sarasati) into a cow before having sex with her.
"An adulterer shall be made to pay the highest amercement if he has had
connection with a woman of his own caste; for adultery with women of a lower
caste, the second amercement; the same (fine is ordained) for a bestial
crime committed with a cow. He who has had connection with a woman of one of
the lowest castes, shall be put to death. For a bestial crime committed with
cattle (other than cows) he shall be fined a hundred Karshapanas." --
Visnusmrti 5:40-44.

Adnan Delacruz

wtf is this

Atri Nunez 3 years

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Prasanti Crandall 3 years

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Adnan Delacruz 3 years

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Prasanti Crandall 3 years

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Adnan Delacruz 3 years
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check karolina goswami videos on cow.. She explains this

Vedika Ervin 3 years

Please read this, vedika


Craz Moyer 3 years

If compare to other animal Cow was a great savior of babies those time providing milk when mother passed away or unable to gives milk. Another reason is mythology stories which place cow in sacred.

T Suresh Heath

Beef was consumed in india even thousand years ago by lord like indira

Rajesh Swan

So many uses

Mike Gould

Because anything that can create something that turns chocolatey with coco pops deserves some crazy amount of respect

Olly Daniel

Consumption of meat of any animal is unsafe and unhealthy says science, become vegetarian and lead a healthy life

Rajesh Swan


Atri Nunez 3 years

Humans are not designed as a carnivore instead they srr herbivores, their teeth structure a part of evolution

Rajesh Swan 3 years

They provide milk!

Diana Buckner

And they use to pull the plow!

Diana Buckner

But they don't have festival for cows.. Just like thinks giving days! Only Tamils ppl have festivsl for cows!(mattu pongal)

Craz Moyer

Cows are mentioned is vedas as a mother. She helps us bring our new generation. A baby can't eat solid food n milk is the only option for him\her to get nutrition. Thus cows help in nourishing the baby by it's milk. That's why it's sacred to not just hindus but whole humanity.

Krishna Orozco

Beef eating instances were present in the Vedas Ramayana and Mahabharata to which modern Hindus trace back ...

Rinita Fountain

What is it that muslims have against the cow? Quote any scripture that says the cow is scared, from the vedas, Upanishads, mahabaratha, etc... To prove your point. L

Pixi Mcgraw

Cow has nothing with any religion. İts an animal.

Wajid Lang

So any problem with pigs

Rajesh Swan

Pig is not in halaal category as some other animals like Lion donkey zebra etc. Allah only guides his Muslims that not to have pork. There was some confusion according to Pig, bcuz it has feet/hooves same as goat or halal animals.

Wajid Lang 3 years

Because of the cow by the cow and for the cow

Boy Yarbrough

Milk and plowed

Diana Buckner