Why are the christian churches and priests so rich?

if christians believe that the rich cannot enter the kingdom of god, then why are the christian churches and priests so rich.

Shivam Keen
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Because they are already provided for.

Judy Phipps

by who.

Shivam Keen 3 years

Shivam Keen God. He has blessed them.

Judy Phipps 3 years

true christains should not be rich, because only the poor shall inherit the kingdom of god, otherwise they are hypocrites.

Shivam Keen 3 years

And Jesus didn't own anything other than that adorning his beloved body.

Mohd Harvey 3 years

Shivam Keen The poor in spirit shall inherit the kingdom of God. The rich can not enter, but God will find a way. For God can Get a camel through the eye of a needle.

Judy Phipps 3 years
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To walk a camel through the eye of a needle is impossible and even if the will of the camel itself can make this happen. The beasts Momma or daddy wife or husband no person on earth can do this .

God on the other hand stitched the planets the fabric of space and the matter that is in it his work.

Troy Bonds

Prolly cause they really dont believe and just want to live a life of lies, hypocracy, and decite because they are wealthy.

Richard Eddy

The bigger the crowd, the bigger the lies.

Cherise Flanagan

Churchs are business organization and priests are business people.

Practicing what you preach is not an easy task.

Anant Dupree

Exactly! Religion is a major buisness.

Richard Eddy 3 years


Anant Dupree 3 years

Anant Dupree Divine visitation told him? That is a laughable crock of shit. Lmao

Richard Eddy 3 years

there is no such concept in Islam, the only thing is that the poor will enter the heaven more easily and before the rich.

Badar Farr

Actually there is. Will a person who gives jakat enter so called heaven or the one who doesn't give?

Krishna Orozco 3 years

Zakat is compulsory to pay only. By those who have certain amout (equvalent to 7.50 tola /90gram gold)for complete year,

Badar Farr 3 years

U didn't answer? Who will enter first?

Krishna Orozco 3 years

answer is already clear from my previous statement, it depends how much surplus money one has for complete one year. İf both have sufficient money, scale i told earlier, and they donot pay Zakat then they are commiting a graet sin, if one is poor and other has enough money, then first one will not pay Zakat and he has no sin, but the other one will have to pay Zakat is taken from rich and spent on poor, this is the beauty of islam that wealth is kept in circulation for a prosperious society, this is also the rule of modern economics.

Badar Farr 3 years

as, far as heaven is concerned, Zakat is not the only reason to enter /or not enter the heaven, there are so many other factors because Islam is complete mode of life, every deed has its own weightage similar to chritian, jews

Badar Farr 3 years
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Who are the rich, and who are the poor? How do we divide them?
My point is that rich and poor are relative terms. There is no universal dividing line.

John Hahn

one has money and the other doesn't.

Shivam Keen 3 years

Both have money. Nobody can live without money.

John Hahn 3 years

yes it's the amount.

Shivam Keen 3 years

How much money should a person have to become rich?

John Hahn 3 years

use your common sense.

Shivam Keen 3 years
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To earn money u need to make ppl believe that money is evil. Sadly lower middle class falls in this trap

Krishna Orozco

They only believe what suits them. They will find a verse supporting that and water down other parts for "contextual' reasons.

Peter Cole

"They" are not.. My pastor walked from his house to the church after his GIFTED 20+ year old pick-up broke down.

Kaleb Keith

joel osteen is certainly a very rich guy and also very cunning, isn't it.

Shivam Keen 3 years

I don't follow Joel Olseen, nor does he account for that General Claim that "THEY all....."

Kaleb Keith 3 years

Coz they created heaven on earth look those priests and monks and ect they only do sex, eat, sleep, and false pray

Harem Villanueva

Heaven on Earth will not be accomplished in our life time

Richard Eddy 3 years

Whats the different of want ever i want someone provide it, isn’t that definition of heaven

Harem Villanueva 3 years

Harem Villanueva Paradice I thought.

Richard Eddy 3 years

What’s different heaven and paradise

Harem Villanueva 3 years

Harem Villanueva oh? Do tell, what is the difference.

Richard Eddy 3 years
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