Who reads bible?

Anthony Castillo
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I discussed with a gay christian who argued that his relationship is not condemned by God and that Paul teachings were just lies...!

Then calling me judgmental because I said homosexuality is a sin like adulterous relationship...

Philippe Holley

Hopefully you're helping the gay Christian move away from such a judgemental god. Hopefully you've just help create another atheist, thanks. .

Steven Connors 3 years

Steven unlike you I don't want them to be deceived. Deep inside he knows the truth.

Philippe Holley 3 years

And the truth is that Old Testament has worse than medieval morality...

Adrian Curtis 3 years

Δημήτρης like many other people you keep repeating the same things about God when you didn't even try to understand his message

Philippe Holley 3 years

You don't know any truth philippe. You only know what you've been forced to believe since birth. You just repeat it.

Steven Connors 3 years
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this is something i can agree with you Mr. Watson

Shamik Mock

Lol, they're like the fucking 'Chuckle Brothers' of organised religion... Stupid as fuck. Thanks guys, you've made my evening.

Adam Finch