Who is the creator of God?

who is the creator of God??
if the answer is nobody then how it is possible to create something from nothing??? (I mean the God itself)
my imagination stops thinking that there is no ending of creation

for example if there is a God, then who has created God and the same question and answer continue. So I become helpless thinking these critical fact.

plz I need many more details answer.
I personally find no answer to these questions and I lost my every time getting one more unfixed answer that who then has created these these these God??

Nahid Driver
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Why does the source need a source?
And if there is no source then how do you explain anything existing?

Simply--you do not know WHAT is God.

Mayesa Slater

bt queries of mind began to flood my mind I need to know the ultimate God if u think there is no God then how everything is going well orderly??? I need specific answer plz

Nahid Driver 3 years

God is a concept, not literal.

Kristian Thacker 3 years

kristian... İf God is a concept... So are you. A concept cannot have an opinion. Therefore your opinion has no value.

Mayesa Slater 3 years

I just offered an opinion, God has never.

Kristian Thacker 3 years

I bet you take the bible literally rather than parables?

Kristian Thacker 3 years
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there are 20 million billion stars in one super cluster. Who created them?

Stephen Gregg

We have witnessed stars being formed, no mystery. Please provide your source on 20 billion stars in a cluster (scale etc), because that would rip the fabric of spacetime and reality if they became supernova!

Kristian Thacker 3 years

Kristian Thacker nope there are many galaxies within the cluster!

Stephen Gregg 3 years

So we are talking light years apart then

Kristian Thacker 3 years

Kristian Thacker yeah ... Still that's a lot of stars lol

Stephen Gregg 3 years

I know mate, also when you understand its a British billion (a million million per billion), and that's a miniscule fraction of the universe, then we are potentially one of infinite universe's! Mind bogling!

Kristian Thacker 3 years

the universe we are living is surprisingly tiny and unimaginably little in comparison with the cosmos.
let's think differently.
it may possibly possible that there is no God at all. I want to mean there are many authorities of this cosmos. İf I say the authorities are making business with this Lilliputian human. Or
probably we are out of the concept of God.
our limited knowledge can't touch the edge of exact answer.
just think how small the universe is.
I surprise thinking of the cosmos.
within this small universe, what we set/assume to the question about God is valueless. (just an imagination)
where the whole cosmos is out of our weight, is it possible to measure the answer of God?

Nahid Driver

The universe afterglow we can still see after 14 billion years, it's vast. But also infinite parallel universe's too

Kristian Thacker 3 years

Man created god in his own image.

Richard Hanna

God is uncreated
MAN is created

Mayesa Slater

I had the same question once. The thing is.. İf u learn about the theory of relativity (Einstein) you will come to know that time can be affected by other parameters. For example: Getting closer to the speed of light(considering speed of light to be the fastest) the time itself shrinks down. And theoretically for any subject matter time gets 0 (non-existence) when it reaches the speed of light(which by the way is not possible for humans). But for God he infinite. We are controlled by the time frame of our universe which God created. God is beyond time-space frame. And this question "Who created God?" . Any kind creation is a process which requires time. And there is no time for God. So this question is invalid.
Allah tells us in a Divine Hadith (Hadith Qudsi) “I am Time,” meaning that He created time or rather He created the means by which we can measure time. Time relates to change and Allah does not change. That is time started when Allah created it.

Amimul Navarro

The answer is rather simple. God has to be an eternal/infinite being, and surat Ikhlas in Quran confirms that. A finite god who is bounded by time would not be able to create a univrse like ours.

Shoeb Hardy

Mr. nahid , you also created from 'Nothingness.' So, you just made the matter critical in thinking. I think, first of all you need to know how to differentiate 'Creature' and 'Creator.'

Azmal Engle

Animul Amimul Navarro

Relativity is nonsense.
There is an absolute time in which relative time exists... That is called eternal time.

Mayesa Slater

14 billion years old, that's the consensus. Still debatable.

But at least, it confirms the universe is not eternal

Jun Vaughn

brahman is the creator god

Krishna Orozco