Who believes in the theory of evolution?

Do we all have to be students in the Faculty of Biology to believe, that the theory of evolution is true (of course I do not believe it)

Nicola Lockwood
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Anyone who studies and understands evolution doesn’t use ‘belief’.
They look at the insurmountable evidence and see that it’s fact

Only religiously invested people deny the vast amount of evidence in favor of their indoctrinated ‘beliefs’

Evolution does not need or require ‘belief’.

Steven Connors

"students in the Faculty of Biology to believe, that the theory of evolution is true" not believe but to study the evidence. Science is not a belief.

Biplab Currie

Do you mean have an education ?

Cary Vega

That’s the work of the devil!!!1!!! Etc.

Steven Connors 3 years

Im sure the evolution meachnism works. Meaning: Variation = selection = adaptation.

But if i am not mistaking the evolution theory still has 2 great anomolies.

Iraj Denny

what are those ?

Cary Vega 3 years


Steven Connors 3 years

All the changes happen in a period of 50.000 years. And the evolution mechanism cannot be applied on the cosmos. Meaning earth didnt replicate, or maybe it did, but we didnt find it. Note: İ do not perse agree with these anomolies.. I red these somewhere in some book.

Iraj Denny 3 years

"evolution" at least biological evolution deals with living things, are you referring to cosmic evolution ? Because thats different.

Cary Vega 3 years

Cary Vega i agree, but some tried to aply it on the cosmos, but i find the cosmos also to be a part of nature. Not perse living things..

Iraj Denny 3 years
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Then why evolution has stopped? I mean what and when the next stage be?

Naila Paul

How do you know it is stopped? It can not be predicted as the probability equations are not yet formed.

Biplab Currie 3 years

Evolution has not stopped.. İt is continuous ..

LC Tanner Wheeler 3 years

And why we are unable to acknowledge it?

Naila Paul 3 years

acknowledge what ?

Biplab Currie 3 years

This particular continuous process of evolution

Naila Paul 3 years
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Evolution is a endless ongoing process.

Soi Norris

There are thousands of scientific, economical, philosophical or mathematical theories and it is one's sweet will to accept or discard any theories but life goes on as usual without bothering any theory..

Ash Kauffman

perhaps the scientific study of "heredity" (the passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to another), "genetics" (the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics), and "evolution" (the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and/or diversified from earlier forms during history of humans) - could also be observed among "interracial marriages" (union outside a specific social group or exogamy; involving spouses who belong to different socially-defined races or racialized ethnicities); and/or sexual union that bring about offsprings from different ethnicities;

and perhaps the result would be similar to ethnicities found between regions of homogenous ethnicities (or migrations of ethnicities that meet at certain regions); for example - europe dominated by caucasians or white people, africa dominated by africans or black people, northeastern asia dominated by asians - then the people in between regions have a similar physical characteristic as those mixed races (or mixed ethnicities) among interracial spouses or families (such as the eurasians of western asia, middle easterns, indians, southeast asians, aborigines, native americans, latin americans, etc.)... Example is photo of interracial families:


Jobert Pearce

“what about other than humans?”: all dog breeds came from the common grey wolf...


Jobert Pearce 3 years

dolphins and whales are mammals that evolved from dog-like creatures long ago...


Jobert Pearce 3 years

horses evolved from smaller mammals that used to have toes...


Jobert Pearce 3 years

amount of solar radiation from the sun could produce differences in colors among species (such as snowy icy environments versus the temperate and tropical environments)...


Jobert Pearce 3 years

No, just ones of reason, logic and common sense. To reject evolution is to reject all 3.

Richard Eddy

It's also rejection of an impartial objective demonstrated scientific fact

Soi Norris

The error is in the translation. In English belief means "opinions held even contrary to evidence" Belief in magical origins is often threatened by evidence, but that doesn't bother believers because they are immune to reality and impervious to logic.

Scott Kelly