While bathing I noticed yeast mixed with my ovulation, please help?

While bathing I noticed yeast mixed with my ovulation can a pharmacist help out.
Elohor Mullen
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Yes for infection

Joe Draper

OK please prescribe a drug for me thanks

Elohor Mullen 3 years

How do u notice yeast?

Ladi Keene

Am a microbiologist

Elohor Mullen 3 years


Ladi Keene 3 years

how did you know its yeast

Juliet Simon

Am a microbiologist

Elohor Mullen 3 years

Can u explain it

Oyerinde Espinosa 3 years

Dear Elohor Mullen.... We know u know it all as a microbiologist. But if u are not ready to narrow down ur observations and share with sisters here, y not keep the fu**ing yeast in ur V alone and not disturb sisters timelines with it. Thanks

Chinny Herrera 3 years

So shut up that cunt of a mouth.

Elohor Mullen 3 years

Hia! Is yeast not a microorganism? How were you able to identify it without the use of a microscope? Nawa ooooooo

Maryjane Holt

U really funny can't blame you shall is ignorance and it's not your field

Elohor Mullen 3 years

since its your field, then why are you now asking us, you should have known what to do madam biologist

Juliet Simon 3 years

The saliva storage is making me sick and tired.... Help please.

Merit Valdez

Help will come but if there is no pharmacist to prescribe no cause for alarm smiling

Elohor Mullen 3 years

You Re having milky discharge

Chidimma Ashby

OK thanks

Elohor Mullen 3 years

Take ciproloxacin tab 1 bd dly, fungra tab 1 bd dly, white vitamin c 2 tab tds dly, nystatin insert i tab dly at bed time and ceftriaxone injection for 3/7 datz all.

Brightlink John

Use fluconazole 150mg, flagyl 400mg, canestenv. Tab and doxycyclin that's all

Bolatito Le


Blessing Bentley 3 years