Which probiotics are the best?

What brand of probiotics is everyone taking? Which ones are the best?

BettyAnn Mayes
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Good question .

Ria Terry

Kefir. I also started takin Bone broth protein powder. Make a smoothie every morning

Alice Ohara

How does this help? With RA?

Heather Bowling 3 years

Good for joints and inflammation

Alice Ohara 3 years

Alice Ohara I will definitely look into this. I'm all new to this. 2 weeks ago officially diagnosed with RA, on this new journey to heal my body. What is the brand you use?

Heather Bowling 3 years

They have different flavors


Alice Ohara 3 years

Ok thank you

Heather Bowling 3 years
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I'm taking Hyperbiotics

Serena Alston


Annette Rangel

can you take the probiotics while taking methotrexate?

Angel Conner

Pharmacists can look up drug interactions with homeopathic remedies.

Kristen Frost 3 years

Thanks Kristen Frost

Angel Conner 3 years

Depends on what you gut needs. I had a test and came out good except for a couple strains I could replace.

George Epps

What was the name of the test you had done? I am interested in trying this.

Stefanie Clay 3 years

The test was ordered by my ND, it was a Bacteriology Culture from Doctors Data.

George Epps 3 years

Simbiotica which is really great to target SIBO. I have to get it through my acupuncturist tho. Not available to purchase on your own.

Kristen Frost


Katherine Ayers

Home brewed kombucha and home made sauerkraut! Plus miso in pretty much everything

Mary Maxwell

Do any of the above listed products say not to take if you have an autoimmune disease?

Louise Lusk

Probiotics are safe & actually very useful with an autoimmune disease

Christina Rushing 3 years

I bought a brand that specifically said not to use if you have an autoimmune disease. I took it back to the health food store and was told all probiotics have this warning. He said stimulating the immune system could work in reverse and enhance the disease

Louise Lusk 3 years

Interesting. I'll have to check my bottle for that warning.

Justine Sheldon 3 years

I've never seen that warning as it's not on mine but I had this very discussion with my Rheumy... Whether strengthening the immune system is harmful and she said that is completely untrue and a myth. That it is imperative to strengthen the immune system as it no longer works as efficiently/effectively plus most RA patients at higher risk of infection. And considering the majority of the immune system lies within the gastrointestinal tract, probiotics are very beneficial. Not to mention most RA Drs (mine included) and researchers will tell you poor gut health & diet contribute to RA & other autoimmune diseases.

Christina Rushing 3 years

That makes total sense to me. Thank you.

Louise Lusk 3 years


Pamela Mccormick