When your lung cancer has spread to the brain, what were your symptoms?

When your lung cancer has spread to the brain... What were your symptoms?

Casey Hartman
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I had no symptoms at all

Susan Hedrick

No additional symptoms at all?

Robert Wolf

My way had none..... Treated with radiation.

Frank Colvin

I had none, but I understand some do. I suppose it depends on where the mets are and how big they get...

Dan Ratliff

My mom had none until it made itself known. She then had facial numbness and was slurring her words. The dr said since the brain is such a small space the signs that it’s there usually show up pretty quickly since there’s not a lot of space for it to hide. He thinks hers was there maybe about 3-4 weeks and that lined up with her symptoms.

Jessie Holbrook

That's very similar to how I was...! My Brian met was first and led to us finding out I had Stage IV Lung cancer...

Lisa Navarro 3 years

That’s how she found out too. She had some symptoms over the year but they were always passed off to other things. The extreme fatigue and neurological symptoms are what led her to make the appt. Thank god the receptionist scheduled her with the np that day. My mom was going to wait over the weekend to see her regular dr on Monday.

Jessie Holbrook 3 years

Jessie Holbrook I had none and actually had hip surgery one month exactly before they found my brain tumor. I passed all my pre-ops including a chest xray perfectly! It's bizarre to think that I was fine in February and in March I had Stage IV Cancer??? This is a sneaky scary illness... For sure!!

Lisa Navarro 3 years

Wow! Thats unbelievable. That’s what blew my mind. It’s so scary that someone could be that sick and have no idea. I had a really hard time coming to terms with that. I can’t fathom it really

Jessie Holbrook 3 years

That day she went literally from work, to the dr, to the hospital for more tests to be admitted for over a week. Stage IV sclc w/Mets to the liver, lymph nodes and brain. Scary disease.

Jessie Holbrook 3 years
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I had a really bad migraine with aura (flashing light spots). The following night, I had numbness on one of my arms and had a seizure.

Carla Mercado

I have vertigo-like symptoms -- kind of light headed and a little dizzy very sudden, two days later I woke up and had speech issues, could not get my words out? Scary feeling.. İmmediately went to my PCP, he then did an exam and sent me for an urgent CT Scan.. By the time I got to ER I was much worse, could not use my right hand or talk... SO scary!
They found a brain tumor on the scan and massive swelling I was immediatley admitted spend the next week hospitalized and then learned that it was actually a brain met from Stage IV Lung Cancer and that I also had a Pulmonary Embolism.... Very sick, very fast -- with no previous warning or any chest or lung symptom.. Not even a cough.

Lisa Navarro

This is why lung cancer is soooo scary right here

Amanda Barlow 3 years

Amanda Barlow Absolutely !!-- Even now 2 3/4 years after being diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer, a Brain Tumor and Pulmonary Embolism - I still do NOT have ANY signs or symptoms of Lung Cancer! No cough, no chest pain, not shortness of breath. I am now stable and doing well... Thanks to treatments, but to think of how sick I was it's a miracle I'm here to type this!!

Lisa Navarro 3 years

Very similar to what my wife experienced. It has been nearly 3 months and she still has trouble speaking. I'm sure she understands what's going on which only tends to frustrate her more, but she can't say what's on her mind.

Ralph Beal 3 years

Lisa Navarro this sounds like my aunt, she was diagnosed as stage 4 nsclc and she has zero symptoms.

Kristen Padilla 3 years

This really concerns me because I don't have brain scans. Thoracic surgeon said no reason to test because if I got brain mets I would get headaches. How wrong he is

Myrna Myrick 3 years
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My wife's symptoms began because of the brain mets. Confusion, balance, and speech problems.

Ralph Beal

My mom had headaches, dizzy feeling & started vomiting

Kimberly Tovar

My daughters left hand kept getting hot and she went to the dr for that

Sherry Timmons

They said I had cancer for 3-7 years. I had no symptoms except a headache on the day I found out.

Debbie Temple


Mary Levy

My dad left side of his body became weak... And slurred speech.... We thought it was a stoke that’s how we found out about the cancer

Shirley Tompkins

My husband lost coordination in his right hand and experienced no muscle control of his left leg went in and found he had 10 tumors in the brain

Stacey Prince

My dad had no symptoms until after it was found using an MRI. Then he started having seizures. After he did focused radiation on his brain he has had issues of brain swelling. That has affected his speech, balance and many other things.

Tommi Bonilla

Same time happen, but I had gotten better, it was scary!!!!

Robin Gage 3 years

My dad also didn’t have any symptoms until after having an MRI. After they started radiation he started complaining of head aches, vision impairment, severe agitation, started becoming forgetful and his condition went downhill fast !!!

Rochelle Saenz

seizure, imbalance, double vision. Headache

Annie Spears

We just found out my mom has 2 lesions. She says she feels fine. Started of we found ot she forgot to pay the phone bill and then a few others. Then seemed a little more forgetful. My dad thinks she was sleeping a little more. Nothing super severe tho. Just this last week or so noticed it a lot more. She still think shes doing good. The doctor is shocked shes not having seziures or severe headaches. Shes got a midline shift and a uncal herination from the pressure.

Kari Arrington

My mil was nauseated and having headaches.

Kari Maldonado

I had no symptoms

Kelli Richter

My dad had terrible headache and sharp pain

Guchi Kincaid

My husband had memory lapses and changes in his demeanor.

Mary Hampton

My late dad had some which we thought was due to low movement. But when after the ct scan result came out, was told by doctor, seizure, numbness in the limbs are cause of brain met. As things progressed, there were signs of confusion and hallucinations.

Leeyee Holland

No symptoms at all.

Ally Dowdy

My mommas left arm was in pain. She went to her chiropractor and was told to immediately get an MRI scan at the emergency hospital.
Lung cancer with brain Mets

June Horne

My mums left arm has spasms then she collapsed that’s the only way we got her looked at no other symptomsx

Sarah Daugherty 3 years

None for my husband.

Michal Jacob

Please tell me the life expectancy after the tumour spread to the brain

Ananya Best

As usual, it depends

Betsy Pugh 3 years

This happened to my mum spread from the lungs to the brain within 3 months no signs until she collapsed on the floor even the ambulance said she was fine I wasn’t convinced so went to hospital and she’s not been home since this was October she’s now in a palliative care home with weeks left to live x

Sarah Daugherty

I didn't have any of those symptoms I didn't really even know do you have a lot of headaches

Jason Cooke

They remove my brain tumor in November no problems up walking talking next day

Jason Cooke

My husband started having seizures...

Krystal Campos


Ruth Murdock

Loosing "words" and getting a tad confused at first. Then seizure

Betsy Pugh

My mother had nothing but occasional headaches that she would write off due to sinus issues. Not until it got real bad, did she start to slur her speech or talk about people who didn't exist anymore

Kay Freeman

The only symptoms I had was terrible headaches for 2-3 weeks. NO OTHERS... But it turned out to be lung cancer met to my brain. Diagnosed 10-2-17

Christina Hood

Please ask for a brain MRI.

Kathi Holder

My Mom's personality changed before she was diagnosed..

Marsha Clayton

Yes we will

Debra Barrett

No symptoms untill I had a fly. And the pain in my head was unberable. Woke me up in the middle on the night and in the morning was the worst. Also the vain arond my neck was hurting so much.
The pain was so strong .
So they decided to do ct of my brain and find one meta.
Thank god I had that fly so we find that

Sandra Bautista