When Atheism becomes the majority, how will the world become?

When Atheism becomes the majority, how will the world become?

Alex Baker
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Well, communists are atheists. So there you go

Varun Townsend

There has not been a single communist country even if some had the name communism self claimed. They were socialist countries...

Adrian Curtis 3 years

They tried to forbid people from practicing religion. My point being, extreme of anything is not good

Varun Townsend 3 years

Let's guess if that ever happens it will be because of advancements in science, education and generally when people will be quite happy, with high standards...

Adrian Curtis

Believing or not won't be relevant anymore. Another way to say it

Varun Townsend 3 years

I hope we get far from scripture literalism as soon as possible...

Adrian Curtis 3 years

No religious wars or killings

Bob Bain

Better. In every single way.

Will Quinones


Bert Walls


Judah Vasquez


Will Quinones 3 years

No discipline and no peace

Umma Ledbetter

Explain are reasoning please

Will Quinones 3 years

Religious teaches us about discipline

Umma Ledbetter 3 years

Does it? That isn't an explanation, you've just rewritten your original comment. Why do you think that?

Will Quinones 3 years

A lot better, Atheists do not need a fiction sky god to tell them to be good people, they also don't blame the devil for their behavior

CL Harris Hickman

Glory & Peaceful

Silky Holliday

Scientist.... You damb ass

Muzac Cameron

There is a chance to do whatever one want's, even being a human, one can commits misdeeds bcs odd thing attract a person initially & mostly ........! So we have no super power if not ALLAH help us ...... Hey ALLAH guide us to the simple & true path if we intend to do so ...... Ameen .....!

Takdir Nickerson

Doesn't matter because the mentality of 95% people is supersaturated onto one thing... A lot to do about nothing... The spirit of people is starving everyday... Blind faith and fake researches(not all) are leading people nowhere... Moreover, the spirit of Satan is corrupting every single soul in this planet... Some have developed consciousness to get out of it whereas others are still stuck... I don't have much to say... The spirit of Jesus Christ already sent a warning to mankind and I won't ignite fuel to this negativity... Let the enlightened people work on it... Rest of the others please enjoy the show!!!

Bishwajyoti Carey


Jeraldo Louis

More open-minded

James Harrison

without religions the world is more peaceful,

Alson Vogt

Science will become mandatory teachings to children. Peace will fall over the world, and love of those different than ourselves will be welcomed. There will no longer be a glbt movement because they will no longer be subjected to the whims of bigots that are controlled by one ancient book.

Lisarene Sweet

Better I imagine.

Denise Washburn


Irreligious population: 800 million
Atheist population: 200 million (or 1/4 of the global atheist population)

Gay marriage allowed: No
Freedom of religion: No
Child labor: Yes
Supports North Korea: Yes
Freedom of press: No
Death sentence for tax fraud: Yes

Government: 100% atheist

Now remind me again what a good idea allowing atheists to rule a country is

Ndambuki Walls

There is also Vietnam

Daniel Scruggs 3 years

Still a better idea than theists running a country

Amin Schwartz 3 years

Atheism isn't why china is a shit country, it's fascism. Most european countries are very irreligious and yet are the most socially and economically healthy countries on earth.

Kyle Nolan 3 years

As you already admitted, most of china is atheist. You think they like living in that shithole? No! They Don't have any sort of democracy like in the west, they have dictatorships with little freedom or human rights. So blaming the largely atheist chinese population for why china is such a shithole is rather disingenuous.

Kyle Nolan 3 years

The world would have been engulfed by the sun at that time

Daniel Scruggs

Penis just think erections all day

Daniel Case

As per hindu scriptures.. Atheitism will indeed become absolute majority. When nearly all becomes atheists, then world will statt getting destroyed n the last incarnate of god vishnu will come to destroy decadent humanity n restart life

Saurabh Sawyer

Interesting. Is the last incarnation of Vishnu and the Ancient of Days the same entity? I think it is to destroy the way of life, not the lives, and to establish a better way of life. It will be rather difficult to maintain atheism when an incarnation of god walks among man. I suppose there could be those that still refuse but it is slicing definitions and their disbelief will be irrelevant.

Jason Lewis 3 years

Under the wrath of God, but according to scripture will never happen.

Do Laughlin Norris

Yes, because your magic friend get's triggered when people don't believe in him. Does he need a safespace from those meanie atheists?

Kyle Nolan 3 years

Nope that is our choice. The sin that will be exasperated will. God hates sin.

Do Laughlin Norris 3 years

Do Laughlin Norris Norris I know, sex, drugs, and heavy metal are highly offensive to your imaginary pal's pc sensibilities.

Kyle Nolan 3 years

Do Laughlin Norris Norris If he does just happen to be real (which he isn't), can you kindly tell him to stop crying like a child and pick up his balls.

Kyle Nolan 3 years

You have no idea what you are talking about. He answers my payers and has never let me down. So you can spew your blasphemy all you like because like the Constitution, He gives you the right to choose. Enjoy while you can because you will bow and you will confess that He is Lord.

Do Laughlin Norris 3 years
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Islamic countries would become secular and finally catch up to the west.

Kyle Nolan

Atheist Steven: I'm atheist. Wow!

Atheist Tom: Go to hell!! All are atheist like you.

Jun Vaughn

Religious !!!

S R Conley

World will end

Noahs arc an example...

Ayman David

You mean that fairytale as an example?

Adrian Curtis 3 years

U don't believe in holy books?

Ayman David 3 years

ayman You think the WHOLE Earth was under water 5000 thousand years ago? Also which holy book, there are like thousands of them...

Adrian Curtis 3 years

Have u looked at the science in the Quran?

Ayman David 3 years


Alex Marin