What oils could be applied to help with the achy head and fatigue feeling?

I’m new to collecting my oils and want to chose the ones I need often and I have the home kit right now, which brings me to my question. My husband is in and out of the car all day long, the heat and car ac tends to make him feel fatigue and headaches almost daily during the hottest months, what oils could I combine for him/apply to help with the achy head and fatigue feeling? TIA

Lindsey Jaramillo
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Peppermint roller to help cool off. Apply on back of neck.

Julia Burroughs

Peppermint.. Also helps with energy

Melanie Hendricks

You could get him a car diffuser too. I diffuse peppermint or lemon when I am driving.

Amber Bell

There’s car diffusers? I’m way behind

Lindsey Jaramillo 3 years

Lindsey Jaramillo yes, I got mine on Amazon

Amber Bell 3 years

Past tense. Has peppermint in it. Great for headaches, tiredness or a general pick me up!

Sharon Norwood 3 years

I find that adding 2-3 drops of Roman Chamomile to which ever headache blend you make takes it to the next level.

Joanne Clement 3 years

That's my thought too

Nancy Bernard 3 years

Diffuse breathe in the car... That's my go to solution for long drives

Rebecca Edwards

Peppermint and more fluids

Brianne Logan

Definitely more water!

Lindsey Jaramillo 3 years

Headaches use basil, frank, deep blue, lav and pepp. Roll onto the pain spots

Christine Connell

Peppermint and wild orange

Beth Mclean

I agree Peppermint and Wild Orange. Great pick me up and for heat exhaustion

Joy Gibbs 3 years

Past tense roller ball!

Dale Ash

Thanks ladies! Very helpful!

Lindsey Jaramillo

Also let the car air out so he is not breathing in the chemicals that are released when the interior heats up. Wouldn’t have to be for a long period of time, any amount of time would help.

Ruth Rose