What kind of fasting should I do to relieve the inflammation of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I just read about fasting to help relieve inflammation. Can u tell me how u have done it? Days, meals, how long for, how regular do u do it? I've never done it and would like to give it a try.

Josephine Corbin
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In my opinion fasting is crucial. When we do extended fast our body goes into autophagy and apoptosis (destroying those damaged cells... YAY! I will let you look up all the research because I don't have time to post all the research (lots of it). I can tell you that refeeding is important as well. If you go back to eating junk you will feel like junk (I do a keto/aip version diet... I recommend keeping your carbs below 20 and eat plenty of good fats. Okay, so on to fasting. If you have never fasted I recommend starting with Intermittant Fasting (breakfast, lunch, and no eating after 2pm until next morning. Once you have that down go for a 3 day fast and so on until you can work up to longer. The longer the fast the more autophagy/apoptosis occuring within the body... The good stuff is happening. Important supplement that is crucial during extended fasting and really daily is Potassium Citrate (I use Now Powder) 2g optimal with a 4:1 ratio of Sodium; D3 with K2 (10,000IU). Going longer than 7 days I recommend taking Thorne Research BasicB. I have been taught these things by people in OKL and my own experiences. When I speak of fasting I am talking of a Water Only Fast. Good Luck!

Lesley Wynn

Thank you

Josephine Corbin 3 years

I read that Intermittent fasting is when you fast for 16 hours and only eat during an eight hour period. I prefer to make sure I don’t eat after 8pm. Then by 8am, I have already fasted for 12 hours. So, then I can eat at noon. If I eat only between noon and 8pm, that works well for me. I have also done fasting and drinking only 8 ozs of fresh juice a day. That is tough for the first three days but not bad after that. I like to do that for ten days twice a year.

Tutu Carey 3 years

During the fast, are you only allowed water?

Brianne Wall 3 years

Brianne Wall if you do the water only fast for maximum benefits, yes. Some people have to wean off coffee and have a cup (black... Nothing added) for a few days.

Lesley Wynn 3 years

I've only fasted once, it was supposed to be a week long veggie juicing fast, I got so sick my doctor added in steamed kale after 5 days, it took me weeks to recover from it

Lisa Harrington

I fast for the whole month every year for religious purpose. For about 12 hours. And yes I do feel better. But make sure you drink lots of water and avoid junk food when its time to break the fast.

Heidi Pearce

It's very helpful. Thefe are fasting groups here that are awesome .

Laura Bryan

Longest I went was 5 days. I want to make it to 21

Laura Bryan

Ghandi did it for 21 days... Never heard of anyone else lol

Brooke Tobin

water only?

Darlene Winter

Intermittent fasting provides the same benefits as longer fasts. 12-18 hours of no eating is pretty easy to do.

Lorraine Norwood

I have been doing intermittent fasting the last month with a bone broth cleanse... İt has been amazing and wonderful.. And has seriously boosted my metabolism.. Never hungry and I've lost about 8 pounds so far!!!

Make homemade bone broth and drink it for your first 2 meals (about 30 ounces minimum each meal), then eat a clean dinner with lean meats and veggies!

I have done it for 3 days and 4 days and I feel amazing... İmflammation definitely reduced!!!! And I discovered that I ADORE the 16:8 intermittent fasting!!!! I typically don't drink my first broth until 12 or 2 p.. M.!!!

Amanda Mcgowan

Are you guys working out doing the fasting. I have been able to get rid of most of my inflammation and now lifting weights, cardio in the morning and trying to get to yoga at night.

Adrienne Hatfield

If you are Intermittent Fasting then keep the workout as normal, but extended fast only light exercise unless you have tons of energy. Longer fast I have to conserve my energy and I don't workout... 4 kids is my workout

Lesley Wynn 3 years

Lol i feel you! My kids are grown but i had five! Yeah my problem with the RA is I still get low energy and a hard work out will bring on a flare in the middle of the night. The bone broth sounds like a great idea!

Adrienne Hatfield 3 years

A cellular cleaning often requires 48 hrs or more of no eating and water only. While IF is really grest and I encourage it, but I also encourage 2 extended fast a year to do a "deep" clean for maximum autophagy/apoptosis

Lesley Wynn

I do an intermittent diet of 12 hours and now eating plant based. Seeing very good results from this!!!

Rachelle Denton

Instead fasting you could do 1 month on raw diet, mostly juices, smoothies and salads, no extravagant raw food deserts. Or do 2 days on celery and cucumber juice and salad without dressing. Then adding foods one at a time to identify the triggers. I truly enjoy celery juice first in the morning, it heals the leaky gut. My inflammation was gone after 6 days on raw food, lots of green smoothies. Cellular food.

Vera Conrad

I’ve been doing this now for a month and I have seen a lot of great changes. Been able to go off of Nexium, Ranitidine and my heart medication Propanolol 60mg ER which I’ve been on for over 8 years now. I was having moderate to severe headaches everyday and they only way they could stop them was with nerve blocks that would wear off fairly quickly (within a few weeks they started coming back)... Even they have stopped. I’m following the Paddison Program specifically.

Rachelle Denton 3 years

I struggled to do the salads completely dry and lost a lot of weight at first because I just wasn’t eating enough. So after the first 5 days I started buying Gut Shots and using raw garlic and lil water! They have 4 different flavors at my local health food store and a bottle lasts a few weeks! Now I can down a large salad with no problems!


Rachelle Denton 3 years

what's in the gut shot?

Vera Conrad 3 years

I add oranges to my salads, sprouts and seeds, I too am loosing weight.... One needs to eat lots of salad to get the calories needed, huh?

Vera Conrad 3 years

Vera Conrad Yes. From eating meat, dairy and some breads I was always having to watch how much I eat. Now if I’m hungry I eat and I eat til my hearts content and I’m still losing weight. I can’t really lose more than 5 more lbs so I’ve had to start eating more times a day and more of the simple grains. I started taking a nutritional supplement system almost a year ago. It helps my debilitating fatigue and gets up and about. I started slowly dropping weight on it and now the plant based diet has accelerated it. Let’s be honest for many people plant based seems too hard when you are tired and fatigued all the time and it seems like one of the only joys you still have is Food. But Thrive gave me the energy to start making better choices for myself when I could barely get out of bed.

Rachelle Denton 3 years
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josephine updating for you. I am on Day 4 of my water only fast (taking what I mentioned in my first post) and I have 0 inflammation and 0 pain I am going as long as my body will let me... Deep cleanse.

Lesley Wynn

Lesley Wynn do you ever feel crazy like? Everytime I do a drastic good change I feel very moody... Do you experience that at all?

Brooke Tobin 3 years

brooke I'm moodier on my menstrual cycle I will say it is not fun... I LOVE food. Have to focus on the end goal.

Lesley Wynn 3 years

Your post inspired me. I am on day 2 of water only and pain is almost gone. I am curious where your fasting research came from... Wanting more info. TIA. And when you stop a fast, what food do you eat first?

Stefanie Clay 3 years

Stefanie Clay lesley gets her info from Optimal Ketogenic Living and her own research.

Lana Woodard 3 years

Stefanie Clay lana is correct. Okl and I have just been researching way before i got this and just knew it would help. refeed with a beef stew, or any kind of meat that is grass fed grass finished. Do NOT refeed with fruit. I'm so glad you are seeing results. Don't forget to take the supplements too. You might start feeling some detox symptoms in the next few days. Good luck... İ am pain free Stay strict with your diet afterwards. Keep your carbs low and continue taking the supplements I mentioned. There are a few others I didntt list that are good too.

Lesley Wynn 3 years
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