What is the possibility for to be cancer free after being diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer?

Anyone else stage 2 cancer? What's the possibility for to be cancer free?

Christie Lucas
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I think you have a very good chance at beating this. Fight fight fight.

Kathi Holder

My mum had stage 2, had surgery and is now having 'just on case' chemo. She's doing ok xx

Nicola Greenberg

christie, I was diagnosed with stage 3 and that was 9 years ago!

Renate Day

My Lord God bless!!

K Lynn Goldman 3 years

I'm stage 3a and I am currently in chemo. I hope in 9 years I can say that

Lori Trujillo 3 years

I am four years at stage 3a. Always worried that it is back or coming back.

Heather Driver 3 years

I was Stage 4. I'm cancer free!

Sean Beal

What kind of cancer did you have I have stage 4 lung cancer that has met my bones and my oncologist said without starting chemo back I would live about 2 months

Dana Geiger 3 years

Dana Geiger NSCLC adenocarcinoma with a ROS1+ gene mutation. Was treated with 6 rounds of Cisplatin, Avastin, & Pemextrxed. Now on maintenance therapy of just Pem & Avastin.

Sean Beal 3 years

That is such encouraging news! How long have you been cancer free?

Karen Lindsey 3 years

9 months. Was diagnosed in August of 2015! I killed it

Sean Beal 3 years

I intend doing the same. .... Patiently waiting for my next scan to confirm

Tina Numbers 3 years
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I was 2B simply due to the size of my tumor, 6.4 cm. I had no lymph node involvement or pleural effusion. My surgery was May 1, 2014. Thank you Father! Start now eliminating sugar and eating vegetables for most of your food in your diet! And prayer, lots of prayer

Jayne Platt


Sis Duncan 3 years

I was originally 2 b due to larger tumor 5.x2.3 surgery. Had it in two of the 3 local lymph and none in other ones. Chemo and then new nodules after so now st. 4 and I'm able to have since last May Afatatinib for my targeted mutation! ( which we knew about on original diagnose 2015) but not able to give due to early stage then. Now I think it has changed and possibly first line treatment.

Francesca Guerra 3 years

Is it believed sugar is bad in People who had Cancer removed?

Kathy Brooks 3 years

Cancer does not feed on sugar. Insulin contributes to cellular overgrowth. It's not sugar directly. Another place insulin's effects on cellular growth are commonly seen are the "velvety" patches of skin in acanthosis nigricans which is an indicator of insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia.

Beth Fry 3 years

Im a Type 2 Diabetic and trying to control that. So I'm trying to rid myself of lots of sugar. It is a work in progress. My Blood Surgar and my recent A1C was not ridiculous. My Doctor was concerned.

Kathy Brooks 3 years
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My mom nsclc too.. Stage4

Raj Groves

Found out today that my mother in law has squamous cell carcinoma stage 2.

Christie Lucas

Same as my mum xx

Nicola Greenberg 3 years

That's what I am. Finishing my 3rd cycle of chemo, hopefully this week or next, depending on kidney function tests

Stephanie Harden 3 years

Stage 4 and have no active cancer #23 opdivo! Praise God

Sis Duncan

So happy to hear this for you!!! May I ask if U has SCLC or NSCLC?

Angela Mason 3 years

The oncologist I go to in New York City told me you don't necessarily go by what stage you are in as there are other factors involved.

Randi Cartwright

I heard this too

Karen Clayton 3 years

I went from stage 4lung cancer 17 month ago to ned

Delores Levine

Me too! Took me 13 months

Sean Beal 3 years


Francesca Guerra 3 years


Delores Levine 3 years

I read all comment regarding nsclc stage4. It's giving me a hope 4 my mom

Raj Groves 3 years

Faith fight

Delores Levine 3 years

I was diagnosed with invasive mucinous adenocarcinoma stage 2a on November 4,2016. I had upper right lobectomy vats surgery and 4 rounds of cisplatin and alimta chemo. I am currently Ned. (No evidenced of disease). So yes you can be cured.

Lori Ferreira

Not really is not a cure for cancer, only treatment.

Katherine Mcgrath 3 years

If a person does surgery and chemo and radiation and the cancer is gone from their body, is that not cured?

Lori Ferreira 3 years

That Cisplatin did a job on my kidneys & hearing!!

Karen Clayton

my feet as well. Ringing in the ears never stops

Katherine Mcgrath 3 years

Agree with you. Nothing they can do for it.

Heather Driver 3 years

That's what's happening to me. Cisplatin and Genzar

Stephanie Harden 3 years

There are lots of factors that come into play. I was lucky enough to be a candidate for surgery and had my left lung removed Jan 25/16. I am now cancer free. I still get my regular scans and will for 5 years but currently there is No Evidence of Disease and the BC Cancer Center in Vancouver considers me cured.

Shirley Johns

I also noticed where I go to one of the best places in New York City for lung C- they don't use the word remission, the seem to use " no evidence of disease "

Randi Cartwright 3 years

I think it is because that is the term used by the person reading the scan. When my doctor showed me the results that is what it said. I am not sure of the definition of remission - I believe they mean the same thing but remission always gives me the feeling it can come back so not sure if NED is for when the cancer is removed surgically.

Shirley Johns 3 years

There is always a chance the cancer will come back which is why doctors now use the term no evidence of disease. There is no cure (past stage one) for cancer only treatment

Katherine Mcgrath 3 years

Diagnosed stage 2 in 2011... Currently NED.

Andria Griffith