What is the oldest language in the world?

Wthe oldest language in the world?
If, Sanskrit.
Thn, what does 'Eve' means in Sanskrit ?

Amit Early
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Body language.
The oldest language of the world!

Craz Moyer

Verbal language is sanskrit.. Craz Moyer

DrArpit Todd

verbal is sanskrit ? how? Doesn't the human start from africa?

Craz Moyer 3 years


DrArpit Todd 3 years

Nope for what ?

Craz Moyer 3 years

Human starts from africa.. I don't think so.. U tell

DrArpit Todd 3 years

According to paleontology ,. humanoid fossil founded in Africa. After testing radio metric dating method, especially geologists believed that.

Craz Moyer 3 years
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Not even close! 40000 years after minimum

Kristian Thacker

Sumerian I think but it's very difficult to tell

Vineesh Babcock

ADAM and EVE story is just lifted from our sanskrit upanishads - this story is the basis of the Abrahamic religions Judaism/ Christianity / Islam.

All three religions draw upon this STOLEN story from MUNDAKA upanishad III, 1, 1-3 ( Genesis of the Old Testament )..

This story and speaks of the tree of knowledge and God's commandment that its fruit shall not be eaten. Adam at first did not eat it but Eve did. After that Adam too ate the forbidden fruit.

The upanishad ORIGINAL story is about two birds sitting on a peepal tree.

the birds are PURUSHA (atman )and PRAKRITI ( jiva )-- with purusha being the witness.

ATMAN becomes ADAM

JIVA becomes EVE ( j is silent in most areas )

the FIG which eve ate is the fruit of the peepal tree ( FICUS ) -- the true botanical name today is FICUS RELIGIOSA --

The old testament NEVER spoke of apple ( from a fig tree ) !

This story is also in Rig Veda (RV 1-164-20) penned down in 5000 BC

The Bible says Eve was created from Adam’s rib.

--again lifted from vedas.( ardhanaishawara concept of shiva )

Koran is NOT far behind in LIFTING the fig concept-- the male equivament of the pipal trees is our national tree Banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis) there is a sura in Quran named "The Fig" or At-Tin (سوره تین).

The Jivatman alone eats the fruit of karma- the Paramatman is a mere witness


Rakesh Haney

Why not the same story? Told to different peoples 1000 years apart?

Muath Mccarty 3 years


Rakesh Haney 3 years

So you believe we came from fish?

Muath Mccarty 3 years

Fish is a step in the process

Rakesh Haney 3 years

Ok but fish is your ancestor?

Muath Mccarty 3 years
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wht is oldest language... Urdu ??

DrArpit Todd

Sanskrit is the oldest SURVIVING language.

Saby Robison

Yes, Sanskrit is the oldest language.. Christians and muslims and fake hindus shouldn't jealous with it.

Jitendranath Schultz

our first language is our emotions

Doug Mock

Is it anybody's claim here that Arabic is the oldest language? LOL LOL LOL !!!

Saby Robison

Yeah in all languages nouns have meanings too.. Lol

Mandar Burke

Its Arabic

Zafar Fitzgerald

According to researchers

Zafar Fitzgerald