What is the normal amount of weight to gain back immediately after a fast if any?

Devona Kay
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Everything except 0.5 lb per day fasted. 1.0 if very big.

Tim Ledford

that seems like a lot!!

Jeannice Ward 3 years

Might take 1-2 weeks to, but most of the weight loss is water and is temporary. If you start a fast before then, you won't lose as much water in the 2nd fast.

Tim Ledford 3 years

Good morning after the water fast just continue to eat healthy. If you can do OMAD and 23;1 and and you should be able to maintain it. Stephen Michaels keeping his off so I think it all depends. Just my thought

Chelley English 3 years

Chelley English would OMAD make your body think you're starving and then you'd start storing fat and regaining anyway?

Devona Kay 3 years

Devona Kay Salazar I've not had any problems at all and have been losing. I'e also seen several lose as well doing OMAD. Then again everyone is different.

Chelley English 3 years
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If you re-add the right food, in the right moderation you'll not gain anything back. I kept off all 50 pounds that I lost from fasting. It wasn't until the holidays came and I ate tons of meat and sweets that I gained 3 lbs... İt's all in what you consume and how quickly.

Sheneka Dougherty

That's amazing! Congratulations! I've been eating steak, chicken, eggs avocado, fruit. Low carb. I did make an alfredo cream sauce with my chicken last night but no pasta. So maybe it's the cream, cheese, and meats u think? And if that's the case does keeping weight off after fasting only really work if u become vegan or something like that?

Devona Kay 3 years

Oh no! I'm not a vegan. When I really crave chicken or a burger, I eat it lol. And don't gain any weight. But I do mostly eat a vegetarian diet now. It was only when I really went nuts during the holidays eating lots of food, wine, alcoholic eggnog, etc. That I gained 3 lbs. And this was from Thanksgiving through NYE. So I think it's more so about timing. If you just came off of your fast, then that meal was definitely too heavy. You want to slowly reintroduce food to your system.

Sheneka Dougherty 3 years

Sheneka Dougherty oh ok. I had bone broth for my first meal then later that night I had eggs, tuna, and cheese on an English muffin

Devona Kay 3 years

But then over the weekend I had a homemade pizza made of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni (no crust) and 5 chicken wings later not breaded on sat. Sun a few bites of steak and a burger (with the bun) on sun. Mon steak and eggs then later chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese and a creamy alfredo sauce below it

Devona Kay 3 years

Was trying to do keto diet (low carb high fat) but I guess it's not working. Or maybe I need to be more strict with eating these things n an 8 or 4 hr window?

Devona Kay 3 years
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I'm fasting again now... And shooting for another 50 lbs by early March

Sheneka Dougherty

awesome! What was your fasting schedule? IF or WF?

Jones Savage 3 years

I fasted for 30 days liquid only. Started at 134 ended at 127. That was Dec. I weighed myself today after doing the gallbladder/liver flush. 126. I eat plant based only.

Brande Roland

None. If you eat right, it won't come back.

Lira Griffin