What is the best form of magnesium for osteoporosis?

What is the best form of magnesium for osteoporosis? Also need a form that isn’t large pills due to separate swallowing issues.

Pam Klein
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I take Magnesium Glycinate - and yes, I guess the capsules are sort of big, but you could probably take them apart and put them in a glass of water. I don't know. I've never tried it.

Linda Anaya

Sorry hit wrong button

Kathy Boudreaux 3 years

Best form (best bio-availability) is magnesium bisglycinate. This brand is local (to me) and it's amazing: https://www.purelabvitamins.com/WhereToBuyPureLabVitamins.php

Helps with giestion as well. My mother has very little fibro pain... Etc. Et c.

Sophie Mejia

I use a topical form. “Ancient Minerals.”

Darlene Mcwilliams

I get it in powder form. Natural Calm by Natural Vitality.

Priscilla Pryor

A chelated form is said to be best for Osteo. Country Life makes a chelated form using Magnesium Oxide and Amino Acid Chelate.

Douglas Crocker

Is that a powder or pill?

Priscilla Pryor 3 years

Priscilla Pryor Tablet

Douglas Crocker 3 years


Douglas Crocker 3 years

My magnesium tablets are easy to break in half. Otherwise they’d be too big for me to swallow!

Sue Cain


Sandi Hall

I read that an oil spray is best as goes into the bloodstream.

Sheila Finch

Magnesium oil is awesome!

Gabrielle Duke 3 years


Darlene Mcwilliams 3 years

Has anyone tried to make their own - seems simple - magnesium chloride flakes and distilled water and a drop of essential lavender oil.

Sheila Finch 3 years


Greg Foreman

TY!!Already taking a great complex k plus I eat Natto. Just wanting to add a magnesium supplement to refining!

Pam Klein 3 years


Pam Klein 3 years

But what have they made the k1 k2 4 k2 7 from thats what is important

Frances Tate 3 years

Natto. K7 is always from Natto. What are your vitamin K sources?

Pam Klein 3 years

Natto is full of Aluminium to which i am severely allergic plus aluminium is in no way good for bones ..... İ understand theres plenty of K2 in uncooked green leafy veggies an i eat salad virtually every single day

Frances Tate 3 years
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I like Calm Magnesium brand... Really works well

Tina Cote

Purchased this today. TY

Pam Klein 3 years

I agree. Some of these pills are too big!

Debby Skaggs

Epsom salts

Gary Latham

I take Mag Glycinate in Powder form.

Sue Glover

How do you use the powder?

Sue Cook 3 years

Sue Cook I just dissolve in a drink. Not keen on the taste in plain water so I use a drop of apple juice to flavour it. Have it at night.

Sue Glover 3 years

You can buy a pill/tablet cutter from the chemist.
Just cut in half.

Michelle Holland

the pill/tablet cutter works like a charm !!!!!!

Lorraine Mullins 3 years

I tried a pill cutter.... İt was rubbish. Might work if the pill was already scored but certainly didn't work with normal tablets.

Sue Glover 3 years

My pill cutter is over 10 years old and still cuts any size pill. It has a razor-blade-like mechanism that does the cutting. Bought it at a drug store long ago.

Nancy Cameron 3 years

To be fair lorraine, mine was only a cheap one from EBay.

Sue Glover 3 years

I focus on getting magnesium from veggies. Pumpkin seeds are a great source!

Stephanie Brewer

Impossible to eats nuts right now. Need surgery. Nuts get stuck in esophagus and take hours to go down. ( terribly unpleasant). I wonder if I could put them in smoothies for the same absorption. Worth a try!

Pam Klein 3 years

I think hemp seed powder is high in magnesium (double check that). I put it in smoothies

Stephanie Brewer 3 years

pam I got sick of swallowing all those pills so now but everything as a capsule and open them all up and pour the contents into my morning smoothie. Sorry if I’m teaching you to suck eggs.

Antonia Norris