What is Ramadan?

Question to my non-muslims friend right here...
since Ramadan is 7 days from now
Tell me what you know about Ramadan

Mais Wilkins
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Eat same amount.. Just different times... Sex same..
You cant smoke in public or face police.

Mike Gould

you cant eat in public or face jail.

Saroj Akers 3 years

Pretty. Dumb.. Shouldnt mix civil law and religion.. Very dangerous..

Mike Gould 3 years

We don't wish to know anything about this stupid practice... Of stupid cult

Anil Mccullough

go and save your mother, oops cow

Mubi Mccabe 3 years


Shivam Miner 3 years

Then get lost

Mais Wilkins 3 years

these people don't have their own words to say anything, so they just post memes

Mubi Mccabe 3 years

Ramadan is a month in which people fast. İt is not about not eating. İt is about doing good things

Omar Price

You are realy understand. Well done.

Waqif Lim 3 years

You describe our brothers about Ramadan month long fasting and describe the month long good deeds and month long blessings from Allah swt
But heare you are asking to them​
In mr Mike Gould what he said eat same amount just different time sex same you cannot smoke in public or you may face police
My dear this month long fasting is the Sunnah of our prophet and our sahaba Raz who lived 3 years in procecution type and Allah swt ordered us to fallow like my sahaba Raz at least for 30 /29 days

Syed Anaya

I didnt understand a single word... Sorry

Mais Wilkins 3 years

it is a new Swedish (North Arabian) tradition.

Tom Lim


Tom Lim 3 years

Ramadan is month of patience, and to show and feel about those who fast the whole year i mean because of poverty they can't even afford two times meal, so ramadan make us feel their pain that's why majority of Muslims give xakat(money given to poors ordered from Allah almighty) to help them

Ishtiaq Duarte

Humble request:
Don't be sarcastic while commenting... First think with free mind and then comment..

Humayoun Rogers

Via a muslim friend Hamza Qureshi
Ramadan is less than two weeks away. It's time to talk about the benefits of fasting:
1. Sleep deprivation - excellent for weight loss and stress relief
2. Abstinence - excellent for relationships
3. Dehydration - does wonders for overall health
4. Binge eating of oily foods - Great for the immune system, packed with wholesome nutrition
5. Starvation - cleanses the body

Other benefits of Ramadan include the effects of crying profusely over thoughts of being thrown into hell, praying intensely for the destruction of unbelievers while at the same time passing around petitions against Islamophobia, and getting upset at people for eating in front of you. The month truly fosters a great overall attitude towards life in general.

Fasting cleanses and detoxifies the body when "done the right way." Of course, it may also stunt the growth of young children, and damage the health of large swaths of the population who do not understand proper nutrition and lack the will power to eat moderately and hydrate sufficiently. But that's their fault.

Remember, the easiest part of fasting is staying away from food and drink. Please also bottle up your anger while you experience hunger pangs and headaches from dehydration. According to some scholars, swearing during a fast renders it null and void.

Sudhir Ritchie

I don't agree with this whoever has written it.. İt may be a propaganda.. İf you want to give reference plz do from Quran and ahadith

Ishtiaq Duarte 3 years

I dont know why you think its hard while its the easiest thing ever

Mais Wilkins 3 years

Its just no food and drinks till sunset

Mais Wilkins 3 years

Muslims fast till they become pale..

Mandar Burke

No thats wrong

Mais Wilkins 3 years

What's wrong?

Mandar Burke 3 years

We dont become pale... Our health becomes better You can read statics about that

Mais Wilkins 3 years

You are already pale dear

Mandar Burke 3 years

If you will fast more then probably you will be "gone with the wind"

Mandar Burke 3 years

Im excited about ramadan
Ramadan is the best month of the year

Isra Edmonds

what will happen to your evil souls when all of you atheists die ,

how r you going to adjust yourself in your tight and scary graves

Mubi Mccabe

But how they will decide they will be buried or burnt??

Isra Edmonds 3 years

haha, they will be left to decompose

Mubi Mccabe 3 years

Better let them become animal's food

Isra Edmonds 3 years

and their soul will live in a world(barzakh) of evil soul

Mubi Mccabe 3 years

even the animals won't eat those who don't believe in God

Mubi Mccabe 3 years

What happens if you have to take medication that requires food with it? Then what ?

Jan Garza

You're allowed not to fast in such cases

Mais Wilkins 3 years

ahhh ok thanks I have fasted and think it's important but I have to take meds now so im trying to figure out how to do this maybe a partial fast ????

Jan Garza 3 years