What is Human purpose in life?

David Cervantes
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i think obey GOD

Javala Rhoades

The main purpose of human is to kneel before God and follow the principle, "Live happily and let others to enjoy the same.

Manzoor Brewster

For this God have angels.

Imran Staley 3 years

Then what for humans my brother?

Manzoor Brewster 3 years

This the question my dear

Imran Staley 3 years

God says, "And I (God) created jinah and humans only to pray,".

Manzoor Brewster 3 years

What is pray?

Imran Staley 3 years
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Kill kafir

Antaryami Hooker

that is your purpose. stop playing too much of vedio games

Javala Rhoades 3 years

That can not be answered

Kim Corcoran

Still its confusion

Imran Staley

Seek answers

Ruba Mcnamara

To increase soul frequency by good karma. When soul frequency eqal to god frequency than soul merge in god and there is no rebirth

Peerusingh Rucker

To be friends with God

Rebecca Cardenas

fight each other... İn the name of religion..

Tarsha Couch


Narendra Stone 3 years

To worship God almighty

Atiq Jaramillo

Almighty GOD is a useless dumb fuck

Jimmy Fox 3 years

No, God almighty is everything for me... I m living for the sake of His will

Atiq Jaramillo 3 years

I can't live in this world without the concept of God almighty

Atiq Jaramillo 3 years

To pass on there genes

Deb Tolbert

to die

Michael Rivers

To help needy people in any positive sense
Obey Allah in any way

Muhammad Hartman

To create a happy society suitable for humans to live and enjoy. And to keep away from all violent men and anti-social women.

Shalom Sellers


Ravindra Roe

To awaken the kundalini.

Polla Thorpe

Simply to breed and continue life like any other animal. We of course have it in us to do better but we chose not to and created a fantasy safety net of sky father's.

Kristian Thacker

Breed baby breed

Mike Gould 3 years

To find the Truth and the Truth shall set you free

Steve Rice

So what is the truth?

Tom Lim 3 years

The reason the truth is hard to find is because our ego that says I’ am the body stands in the way and you have to kill it, to find your life and it’s not easy. The path is a razor’s edge because 99.9 % of the world are going the wrong way to death. Where as a enlighten person knows he’s not the body and his free from the sufferings that go with it. We are all spirit and part of each other, it’s easy to say but hard to realize. One of my teachers said imagine a movie screen and all of life playing on that movie screen at one time. What’s real the movie or the movie screen. Something that’s real will never change, the movie changes so it’s not real. The movie screen is real and movie screen is pure consciousness, and that’s what you are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1VUHXsnzOI

Steve Rice 3 years

Grow spirit.. Help others do same
.build and shape character..

Mike Gould

To live and die

Blackie Alfaro

Real ambition.. Haas

Mike Gould 3 years

To do good deeds n take rebirth accordingly

Ashok Haskins

Ake, felt, enloy that's all...

Chandra Cordova

To think and think deep about the creator of universe and all init.

Ladonna Sloan

Best idea

Shah Fritz 3 years

Why? Keep all religions out of science.

Salim Beck 3 years

Message for Brilliants
If everthing has a creator then who is the creator of the whole World...??
"No dout there is a supreme GOD name ALLAH who created this world & managing this for unknown period of time..
Those people are so Lucky who accept ISLAM... ISLAM is the real & peaceful religion all over the world have faith in one God name Allah & muhammad (PBUH) is his Last messenger..!

Shah Fritz

Everything is from cycle of nature. So it has its own way. It s obviously that someone has created that cycle regardless of God, Allah, or Brahma

Bayinnaung Hurt 3 years

Terrorist have no religion

Shah Fritz 3 years

these are the list of purpose of life.
Commoner/Religious/Slave: Being a shit for a long time.
Heroes/Patriots/Saviors: They just want to save.
Adventurers/Researchers: They find something interesting.
Inventors/Musicians: They creating something interesting.
Leaders/Kings/Emperors: Do nothing but speaking, most of them are dick (weak and impotent)
Imam/Preachers: The negative (or the delusional) version of teachers and masters.
Gods/Masters/Guru/Teachers/Ancestors: They guiding the young ones based on their perspective.

Jhei Woods

^ this is not 100% sure but 79% accurate.

Jhei Woods

Do good deeds.
Worship Allah Almighty.

Ezequiel Healy

Keep your worshipping to u and shut up.

Salim Beck 3 years

Purpose and Goal are two different things, both runs simultanously. Purpose should be to serve others and Goal should be to realize your Soul

Aarron Vogel

Tools have purpose. Not humans.

Davor Bright