What is better juicing or smoothies for rheumatoid arthritis

What is better juicing or smoothies. I like smoothies. And What is a good product that does both. Ninja???What is better juicing or smoothies. I like smoothies. And What is a good product that does both. Ninja???
Stephanie Ratliff
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They are separate machines. A juicer separates pulp and juice. Ninja does not do that. It’s for smoothies. You’d be happy with that I’m sure.

Tutu Carey

I like smoothies better. My Ninja has worked well for me.

Kristen Boudreaux

I have a ninja and a juicer. I use my juicer every morning for celery cucumber juice and it actually tastes good now that my body isn’t use to garbage and sugar. I use my ninja very seldom anymore but I don’t make anything with fruit.

Niki Hoyt

Vitamix, smoothies. Juicing has a lot of waste.

Ryder Curtis

Not sure what is better but I prefer juicing. Smoothies are too thick and filling. I prefer drinking concentrated vitamins and minerals.

Shannon Rudolph 3 years

Sorry. Didn’t mean for this to be in response to your message. Meant for original post

Shannon Rudolph 3 years

I like both!

Ryder Curtis 3 years

But vitamix is the best for smoothies and makes fresh hot soup too by how fast the blades turn on the high setting.

Shannon Rudolph 3 years

When I have had to juice in a ninja, it had way too much pulp and was frothy. I didn’t enjoy it

Clarissa Benson

Ninja single serve cup is the bomb! Most powerful and convenient one.

*Fiber is food for our microbiotia therefor it is said juicing isn't all its chalked up to be*

Read "The Good Gut" book. I just did...

Kayleen Piper

I prefer juicing... I can get more veggies in me that way! I usually choke down smoothies and can never finish it. Not sure why. Love that I can chop up a whole bowl full of veggies and out it through my juicer and get all of it into me... Well the amount that's left after my kids have some! Love that I am getting veggies into my picky 1.5 year old through juices - he loves it!!!

Brittanie Nadeau

Stephanie Ratliff Don't get any less than one with power of 700.


Karen Mcintyre

I loved the nutribullet

John Ho

Does this one make smoothies or juice

Stephanie Ratliff 3 years

Smoothies. I also have a juicer it's called breville. I got sick of smoothies so now I mostly juice and eat vegetables. I juice to get more in me cause I hate eating vegetables.

John Ho 3 years

I like both, juicing and smoothies. Each have their place. If I was told I could only have one, I would probably pick the blender as it is much easier to use and clean (Ninja). I have juiced and added this to the leafy greens in the blender, and I have also blended and put this through a sieve.

Kerris Frey

Do people put veges in smoothies or just fruit?

Mary Quinones

I do juices and smoothies with approx 80% veg and 20% fruit (the fruit helps me get it down). Sometimes I add other things to the smoothies too, like spirulina, organic green powder, maca or baobab powder, turmeric, peanut butter, nut milks. Some have been disgusting but I have never thrown any away. The juice of an orange and some cacao powder has rescued many .

Kerris Frey 3 years


Stephanie Ratliff 3 years

Vitamix... 100%! It pulverizes everything so well (no chunks!) and it makes it a juice-y consistency without wasting the fiber in the pulp like juicers do! So much of that pulp contains lots of essential vitamins and minerals!!

Renee Mejia

Agree with renee

Ryder Curtis 3 years

We need the fibre, no point throwing it away
This is the one I have, grinds my flax seeds perfectly
Stand Mixer Professional 1500 W and 32000 RPM. 6 Titanium Japanese Chefs Knife. Tritan BPA Free Jug, 2.8 Litres with Detachable Blade Dishwasher Safe. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01NBMPH0H/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_tzTOAb8S5QVPC

Rowan Miranda

This is with half a cup of flax and chia seeds, you'd never know though


Rowan Miranda 3 years

Vitamix we love ours

Ashley Rodriguez

Ninja!! Everyday celery- cucumber - ginger - tumeric - coconut water. Comes out like juice. Add frozen organic fruit and ice and it’s a smoothie

Lee Champion

What type ninja? Certain watt?

Stephanie Ratliff 3 years


Lee Champion 3 years

Lee Champion thank you

Stephanie Ratliff 3 years

I think an important thing to remember with fruits and veggies, is the huge amount of nutrients that are in the skin and bulk which is lost when you juice. Smoothie is always my choice and no mess or waste.

Teresa Foster

Ninja is awesome.

Lee Champion 3 years

It is and the bullet is great for single smoothie

Teresa Foster 3 years


Lori Hopkins