What does remission mean to those with rheumatoid arthritis?

What does remission mean to you? Please describe your "remission."

Tiffany Coleman
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Kendra Sweet

I'm lead to believe it's when your symptom free for a period of time with blood results that show no inflammation and reduced antibodies.

Donna Garland

Feeling 100

Danny Heath

Your blood isn't showing signs of RA through lab testing. I do get pain still from the damage that was already caused by my RA, especially during certain times of the year, but besides some occasional minor aches and pain due to all the damage done, I am symptom free. And clinically diagnosed to be fully in remission from my Rheumy

Cristina Bullock

Cristina Bullock are you taking meds?

Marlene Sykes

No I'm not. I've chosen to go all natural

Cristina Bullock 3 years

Remission is when you don't have signs of inflammation in your body and in your lab test. You don't have pain and you can suspend your medication but you still have RA. Is like your RA is taking a break and your body stop attacking itself for a while. I was on remission for three years and reactivated four months ago.

Carol Love

Did you change your diet and stick to it ?

Venetia Cahill 3 years

Is remission completely pain free? Do you still have morning stiffness and pain for a few minutes after waking up?

Tiffany Coleman 3 years

I am in total remission.. No pain no meds, bloods good worked hard on it, paid off with diet changes and superfoods

Venetia Cahill 3 years

Oh wow! So there's hope! Thank you.

Tiffany Coleman 3 years

Venetia Cahill can you describe your diet & superfoods?

Venie Mcintyre 3 years
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I asked my doctor if I was in remission because my labs have been so good. He stated that remission is when your labs are good and you have no pain. For me, I still have daily pain, so he told me that I am not in remission.

Paula Crandall

Does anyone still have fatigue when you're in remission?

Tiffany Coleman

Yes, but I have other issues. Fibromyalgia, and a back injury. Though I will say both of those are much better since I started working out almost daily. I am not letting pain or disease win!

Mimi Arnold 3 years

Asymptomatic, no RA meds, negative labs. Like others have said here, once you have RA it always shows a positive RF. My current dx is RA in remission.

Mimi Arnold

RF numbers can't go to normal?

Michelle Womack 3 years

I did say once positive it is always positve for Rf... Or RA Factor.

Mimi Arnold 3 years

Look up Paddison Programme

Venetia Cahill

First, my joint swelling/stiffness and pain went away. Next, my fatigue went away. Finally, my labs reflected lower or "normal" results. I still get achey from time to time - especially if I eat certain foods or overdo it with exercise.

Ashley Munoz

Do you take any daily meds?

Chad Stover 3 years

Good question. My labs are within standard range and no pain.

Mo Morgan Nicholas

wish to god I knew just once what it is like to be in remission.

Terri Lyon

I pray it happens for you

Mo Morgan Nicholas 3 years

The same feeling here

Jackie Shoemaker 3 years

Never had it

Nilüfer Denton

My partner has had RA for ten years ( I am starting out on this journey diagnosed 7mths) he is symptom free- no pain, no fatigue, no inflammation or stiffness. He still takes MTX, Arava and biologic - Cimzia. We call it medically induced remission. Unsure how others/Drs would describe it. He feels great, slowly crept up on him and as I was going through so much with quite severe symptoms and diagnosis we noticed his were disappearing. He is making the most of every day and so very motivated to do everything...

Sharni Slater

He may want to check with his doctor... He may be able to quit some of those meds. I did! It's been 5 years for me!!

Mimi Arnold 3 years