What does everyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis use for muscle aches/strains?

What does everyone use for muscle aches/strains aside from heat packs? What creams are around that actually work? Thanks!

Cate Fields
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I used flexiseq x

Joy Stewart

Where can i find this joy? Thanks

Cate Fields 3 years

Boots chemists and loyds amazon also sell it

Joy Stewart 3 years

It also doesn't contain pain relief so if u need pain killers it won't effect these

Joy Stewart

How does it help? What does it do for you personally?

Cate Fields 3 years

It helped me move my legs and the pain wasn't so bad so I could just have paracetamol

Joy Stewart 3 years

When my muscles ache I exercise, that helps the most.

Griselle Dupree

i like doterra deep blue.. Dont sell it but I use it. İts is strong and goes real deep but isnt too hot and spicy on your skin. Really good for thorn like feelings in your back.

Abigail Marquez

I love deep blue. And the oils in it actually help the body

Sarah Hobson 3 years

Biofreeze! We've used it for years- all natural and effective. Don't bother with the CVS ripoff one- isn't as good. I find it at those large massage places or maybe at chiropractors or naturopaths? Google it

Sue Drummond

Forever living heat lotion. Good price and doesn't smell as strong as other brands. Nuskin have a similar cream which works amazing but it's really expensive and I used the whole tub in 4 weeks

Joanna Meade

Arnica salve. Works for me better than anything I've used. I do sell it but you can probably find in health food store just watch that it didn't contain petroleum-based ingredients (mineral oil, etc)

Molly Ramey

Hydro therapy, Epsom salts bath, daily exercise and yoga

Dawnie Espinosa


Kayricia Ragland

Capsaicin, and a TENS unit

Sandy Parson

Do we need script for a tens unit?

Robin Fisher 3 years

Nope. I bought one at CVS pharmacy for about $53

Sandy Parson 3 years

I know this sounds crazy but I love tiger balm ultra and I use an over the counter called perform

Kimmy Booth

I use alcohol with weed in it. I don't smoke it, but it does help as rub.

Sandra Villa

sandra my grandma used to do that!

Griselle Dupree 3 years

Wow how do you make it?

Cate Fields 3 years

Yes that is where I got the idea. From my grandparents as well. Old skool tip! Lol!

Sandra Villa 3 years

Sandra Villa I may have to request your recipe LOL

Griselle Dupree 3 years

Caitlin Earls just get a bottle of rubbing alcohol and put the weed in it. Let it soak for at least 24 hrs before your first use.

Sandra Villa 3 years
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Nutrimetric Ginger cream. The heat can last for more than 8 hrs but it all depend on which area u applied.

Lucy Parks

CBD Oil and exercise

Mike Huerta