What do the patients with rheumatoid arthritis eat in breakfast?

What does one eat for breakfast?

My mom is on almond milk and gluten free bread but it’s getting to be repetitive.
I’ve read mixed reviews on eggs and almond/peanut butter.

Her flares have been really painful lately so she’s extra cautious about her food intake.

Thank you.

Tashia Love
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I am intermittent fasting which is great. No breakfast. X look it up. Allows recovery x

Janet Hammond

Intermittent fasting is great once you get used to it. It not only allows recovery but helps weight loss which also allows recovery.

Jane Todd 3 years

Jane Todd I have lost 16 pounds without even trying. I eat a lot during my 4 hour window x

Janet Hammond 3 years

Same here, right around the same amount. I could still stand to lose about 8 more lbs though.

Jane Todd 3 years

Janet Hammond when is your window? And how long have you been doing it if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve just had a quick google and it sound interesting.

Donna Reynolds 3 years

I usually open mine around 4 and close at 8. I have some days where it is 2 till 6

Janet Hammond 3 years
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I eat leftovers or meat and veggie scrambles. This week I've been mixing an avocado with a can of tuna, some diced onion, salt and a squeeze of lime juice. I eat half of it for a meal. It's filling and tastes good.

Cassia Swan

What are veggie scrambles?

Tashia Love 3 years

I us ground meat and sautee it with garlic, onion, mushrooms, season it with salt, onion and garlic powder and any other herbs ttnat sound g ood, sometimes a couple shakes of coconut aminos. Then when that's all cooked I add chopped or torn kale mix it in and turn it off and stir until the kale is wilted. You can do spinach to but I'm not a huge fan. Sometimes I'll add some broccoli or cauliflower and other times I'll top with avocado. It's quick, easy and filling. Plus you get a lot of veggies in

Cassia Swan 3 years


Tashia Love 3 years

It reheats good too. I'll make a couple days worth and put it in Tupperware. I'll grab 1 in the morning g throw it in the microwave and head out the door. It's a good 30 min before I get to eat it and it always tastes great still

Cassia Swan 3 years

peanut butter on apple. Blueberries yogurt and granola. Bacon.

Carol Caron

That sounds delicious lol

Tashia Love 3 years

I found some gluten free oatmeal that is really filling and tastes good.

Elizabeth Lindsay

I eat a bowl of Cheerios, which box says is gluten free. I sometimes add half of a sliced banana if I’m feeling extra hungry. My other option is usually scrambled eggs with what ever veggies I have and perhaps wilted spinach. I also drink coffee.

Laury Jarvis

Veggie and fruit smoothie

Patty Herndon

Smoothie every day with loads of spinach, almond milk, avocado, turmeric root (yes, the whole thing!), and Vega protein powder! Makes about 1 litre

Meaghan Simmons

I flare badly with walnuts and almonds. Everyone is different but maybe the almond milk is contributing to flare? Just a thort

Jo Ellen Sellers

Smoothies here too. I get them pre frozen and add Apple juice, coconut water, banana and sometimes spinach and avacado depending on what’s in the fridge.

Donna Reynolds

I have fruit and grain porridge with loads of anti inflammatory ingredients and all organic. Hemp seeds, cacao beans, 1 banana and 1 Medjoul date and water in a blender to make the milk. Then buckwheat flakes, oat flakes, amaranth, quinoa, millet, chia seeds, 1 tablespoon of ground lin seeds, sour cherries dried and frozen, mixed frozen berries, pineapple pieces and some of the juice, sometimes acai, seasoned with cinnamon and curucuma latte powder by Sonnentor, which has curcuma, ginger, cinnamon, kardamon, etc.. I also add almonds, black sesame seeds, or cashew nuts to make the milk at times. Takes me 15min.

Alienadin Zamora

I like a hot breakfast. I am vegan, so my go-tos are oatmeal with berries, veggie scramble with sweet or white potato, toast with nut butter &/or jam.

Lisa Rubio

What does almond milk taste like when replacing it with milk?

Dawn Lopez

Does not taste like milk, but it’s not bad. You just have to choose to like it.

Laury Jarvis 3 years

Lol that sounds like myother talking to me.. Thank you kindly

Dawn Lopez 3 years

I use unsweetened vanilla. I don't drink it, but use in cereal or whatever else i would have used milk for

Patty Herndon 3 years

Aweful when you first try it lol

Tashia Love 3 years

Nah. It's not so bad

Patty Herndon 3 years
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I eat a smoothie, oatmeal, or avocado toast!

Suzy Daugherty

I hate food in the morning but need something solid to take my supplements and my drink coffee! Organic stone ground grits or boiled eggs and grapefruit or Sprouted grains toast and almond butter.

Annette Rangel

I have celery, cucumber, basil, ginger juice, followed by a smoothie of berries, pineapple, almond milk/butter, lots of spinach, chaga mushroom powder and popped amaranth. About an hour later I have a small bowl of steel cut oats with almond milk/ butter and maple syrup. On weekends I have a couple of eggs scrambled with veggies or almond flour pancakes with fruit and walnuts.

Clarissa Benson