What can I use to prevent severe anxiety attacks from happening?

Starting to suffer from severe anxiety attacks. What can I use to prevent them from happening?

P. S. Marijuana isn't something I can or would want to use daily, seeing as how I'm a preschool teacher.

Sammi Lopez
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AIM Composure® helps to maintain your neuro health, especially in regard to dealing efficiently with stress. The Composure formula is made up of four herbal extracts and four whole herbs – alfalfa, marshmallow root, oatstraw, Irish moss, passionflower, shavegrass, slippery elm bark, and yucca. Many of these herbs contain flavonoids that are beneficial to overall health. Composure may be taken during the day to help with stressful situations or during the evening to help relax. Composure is 100 percent natural. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Increases relaxation, reduces stress
Helps maintain neuro health
Calming effect improves sleep
Whole-herb and herbal extract

This is what I used and it did wonders

Kris Carpenter

Oh this sounds nice I will look into it, thank you!

Sammi Lopez 3 years

You are welcome!

Kris Carpenter 3 years

I found a pdf on it if you are interested i can send it to you lol

Kris Carpenter 3 years

Sure I don't mind!

Sammi Lopez 3 years

Would you mind sending it to me as well? Kris Carpenter

Juliet Simmons 3 years
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Cbd oil

Lauren Smith

Magnesium, lavender and vetiver EO

Ashley Beck

Healthy fats are linked to brain health Increase those. Also consider a whole food detox. Toxic build up can contribute to anxiety and other ailments. I've helped several friends go natural & ditch their meds just by dietary changes

Elizabeth Callahan

What's a good food detox? I've been meaning to research just haven't had the time "/

Sammi Lopez 3 years

I can send you some info on what I recommend to friends and clients. It is basically a 30 day program designed around increasing plant based whole foods and eliminating inflammatory foods

Elizabeth Callahan 3 years

Please do, I've been eating a lot of fast food no excuses other than my mother being in the hospital and being lazy and not making time for real food.

Sammi Lopez 3 years

Sammi I just sent a pm Let me know if you have trouble seeing it

Elizabeth Callahan 3 years



Crystal Rodrigues

Great! Would they have the kind I need at GNC?

Sammi Lopez 3 years

GNC might. I just order on Amazon or iherb

Crystal Rodrigues 3 years

I order online also. I've had good results with Threonate at night for sleep and muscle spasms

Angela Clifford 3 years


Farrah Cummins

Essential oils

Brenda Short

Great thread with a variety of suggestions! Amazing!!!

Rose Bryan

I have birds. They keep me calm. Zesus is a parolett, he sits on my shoulder, just listening to him calms me down.
He is in training for becoming a therapy dog.

Jeanette Burris

Guided meditation

Brianne Ferguson


Pam Payton

lol I go to church and pray every night, I've had anxiety for 8 years soooo, no.

Sammi Lopez 3 years

Motherwort tincture

Brigitte Belcher

Valerian root

Miranda Quinn


Madison Valle


Sara Oneil

B12 helps me a LOT

Jessica Cameron

I used vita logic mood formula. It helped me A LOT

Aubry Christensen

When can I buy?!

Jocelyn Goss 3 years

I used to get it at a nutrition store in Tennessee but I've found it on amazon

Aubry Christensen 3 years

Get your cortisol levels checked. I also noticed caffeine would make my anxiety 90% worse.

Jessy Bliss

Yes, I also quit caffeine and it helped me a lot. So much that I haven't had it in years!

Aubry Christensen

I'd highly suggest visiting your local herbalist! I did that when I no longer wanted to only treat my anxiety with weed.

Here are some herbs that I've found helpful:

Lemon balm
Kava Kava (herbalist gave me a tincture of this mixed with rose to take for instant relief from panic attacks)
Blue vervain
Passion flower
Milky oats + oatmeal

There are many more but you have to see what herbs you resonate with. But most calming tea blends on the market have a good amount of these in them.

I've also found pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) incredibly helpful. I'm sure there are instructional videos on YouTube. I do pranayama anytime I start feeling a panic attack coming on or my heart rate go up and it saves me every time.

Best of luck!

Sophia Foote

I found skullcap helpful during an anxiety attack. It kind of worked like a natural xanax (haven't taken one but it's what I would assume it would be like) it calmed me down and actually made me sleepy

Aubry Christensen 3 years

I'm glad it was helpful and you bring up a good point -- some of these herbs can make you sleepy. That's why I really like lemon balm because it's a gentle stimulant that relaxes you at the same time

Sophia Foote 3 years


Clara Mcdermott

Natural grocers has something called Happy Camper. I think it has kava kava in it along with some other things. It really works. They have all kinds of other things there as well.

Tonya Marcus

I have been using essential oils for mine for the past two years and it has really helped!

Laura Bassett

Do you mind telling us what EO's. Thanks.

Connie Prather 3 years

I use a calming blend and a balancing blend from doterra but I am sure other companies have something very similar. The names of the blends specifically I use are Serenity and Balance. Changed my life.

Laura Bassett 3 years

Let it Go by Plant Therapy is another good one, as is Anxiety Ease by Eden's Garden. You can get either of those through Amazon, if you want to try a less expensive version and see how it works for you.

Juliet Simmons 3 years

essential oils, give up the dairy and the grains, bone broth, probiotics, magnesium .

Lesley Thacker

I started taking d3, magnesium, cod liver oil, exercise and positive thinking. Although it's not always perfect I have a much different outlook now! I use to do St. John's wort too which did help

Ariel Miller

check out EFT, aka tapping.

It's a very simply thing you can do any place any time. You basically tap along accupressure points along the upper body as you talk about what is concerning you. It retrains the stress response in the amygdala in the brain and relieves whatever is going on.

Since you have sever anxiety I would find a professional to teach it to you because big feelings may come up. But you can still teach it to yourself easily - Nick Ortner has a popular page The Tapping Solution, and Dr. Mercola has a tutorial on his website too.

And if you do it regularly, it can over time cause your anxiety to diminish and eventually go away.

Susan Poole

have you tried. Lithium orate.. İts not the same product people think of when you think of lithium for mental health issues technically.. This is a very low dose.. And its all natural and comes from a different part of the plant... İt keeps my anxiety down.. Amazing.. İ bought mine in drops but they have pills too.. İ take 5mg its safe and effective

Nicole Harding

I haven't tried anything yet! I suffered from it as a young teen and eventually just got past the worst of it after multiple failed doctor and therapy attempts, but now that I'm older it's back with vengeance!

Sammi Lopez 3 years

We have used this too. It can help b12 absorption. When b12 is deficient it can cause anxiety and depression.

Aneta Flint 3 years

Niacinimide, flush free niacin.

Aneta Flint


Christin Babb

Daily prayer. Commune with God.

Brenda Stout

I do pray daily, not cutting it. Thanks though.

Sammi Lopez 3 years

Sammi June Silver try getting the YouVersion bible and do their plans. My faith growing has given me the ability to ask God for healing. I am now down from 10 to 3 pills. No more antidepressants and soon no more RA medication.

Brenda Stout 3 years

Imbalance in B vitamins and possibly adrenal fatigue

Carrie Taylor

Get your amalgam fillings removed. I used to have panic disorder, no longer on meds

Alicia Bradshaw

I just started taking vitamin D as well as natural calm magnesium and vitaminc. I'm also starting with a counselor in a week. Just to talk about things and see if that helps. The supplements already seem to be helping. Also diffusing orange eo. Helps me too!

Erica Vernon

Probiotics. Lemon ginger tea. Chamomile lavender tea

Rebecca Hammer

Hypnosis, Castor oil packs and magnesium

Jody Crane


Christina Rivers

Diet - Remove gluten, dairy, soy. Probiotics and healing the gut for deep healing. Supplements that could help in the process Methylated B vitmains, High Omega 3's, 5-HTP, SAM-e, Neural Balance with Anandanol, Hempanol, and Aconitum Napellus is great for sudden onset attacks. Biggest thing is healing the gut as that is where over 75% of your body's serotonin is produced!

Anne Wilkinson

It's important to take omega 3 and not a combo of 3,6, and 9 so watch the labels. They have to be in balance and most people have way higher levels of 6 and 9 in their diets and never enough 3.

Aubry Christensen 3 years

Aubry Christensen Did not know that... Thanks. I was recently given just the Omega 3's!

Rose Bryan 3 years

After having panic attacks from age 19-32 and going to specialist after specialist. I finally found an acupuncturist who said it simple: "get off birth control, stop eating dairy, gluten and sugars" it took me a year. But I do t have attacks anymore. Oh and add magnesium.

Andrea Kaiser

Do you mean you that you do not have attacks anymore, correct? But yes... All that stuff, so compromising!

Rose Bryan 3 years

Correct, I do not have them once my hormones regulated back to normal from getting off the birth control and allowing my organs to work properly without diary/mucus build up.

Andrea Kaiser 3 years