What can i use instead of cream in my coffee that is dairy free?

What can i use instead of cream in my coffee that is dairy free but has the same think creamy texture, thank's have a good day

Francine Cassidy
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I use almond milk. Takes a bit of time to get used to but I Love my coffee!!

Sandro Nixon

I use almond milk to replace regular milk but do not like it in my coffee need something creamier

Francine Cassidy 3 years

They make an almond milk creamer! It's thicker. Might be sweetened so check ingredients.

Badria Mcknight 3 years

That almond milk creamer is gross

Juanetta Woodard 3 years

Full fat coconut milk

Therese Biggs

Non-dairy coffee creamer?

Cecilie Johns

That crap is pure chemical processed yuck.

Angie Watts 3 years

Um first - that was not a concern OP expressed. Second, not all of them are. Third - my suggestion fits the bill. Why do you feel the need to reply to my comment?

Cecilie Johns 3 years

Just a caution, sorry didn't mean to offend. Processed chemical laden foods are some of the worst things we can consume. But maybe you know of a non dairy creamer that is not full of artificial ingredients. If so I would love to know what kind and where to find it. I'm struggling with the same weakness for cream in my coffee and that's why I felt the need to join the conversation. Please don't take my thoughts on the matter as a personal attack, it certainly isn't. We are all in the same boat here and trying to figure out which way to paddle and how. Some things might work for some people and not for others. Dairy might not be a trigger for everyone but I think it's pretty universal that fake foods (foods full of ingredients not found in nature) are detrimental to our health and should not be consumed by anyone.

Angie Watts 3 years

Well, I disagree with you. Chemical laden - what? Everything is chemicals. Even the water your body desperately needs. Some ingredients that seem "chemical" or "strange" barely affects us - and some that grow in nature do. I can't point you in the direction of a creamer since we don't live in the same country. I don't use creamer myself, but I buy the Oatly "iKaffe" (literally "in coffee") for my grandmother. It contains oats, water, rapeseed oil, minerals, vitamins and salt. You can even track the ingredients on their website. She traded it for dairy based coffee creamer because it's cheaper, it can foam and it's better for the animals and environment. I don't think it's universal that "fake foods" are detrimental to our health. Some of them definitely are, but I don't think it's universal at all.

Cecilie Johns 3 years

Cashew milk is a little creamier than almond milk. It's a good substitute for me rather than 1/2 and 1/2. What helped me was to drink it black for a couple of days, then when I added cashew milk it helped a lot and I didn't miss 1/2 and 1/2 so much

Merry Swenson

I use non dairy creamer, an no sugar.

Carmen Minor

Me too

Kathy Mcgowan 3 years

Full fat no sugar Coconut milk. The kind you get in the cooking section. I love so delicious culinary coconut milk

Tricia Posey

Does it come in a can? A carton? refrigerated section? Or just on shelf? Can you take a picture of it? I want to try it but have no idea what I'm looking for.

Angie Watts 3 years

I just made almond milk and it is much thicker than the kind you buy!

Lisa Harrington

My friend just mentioned this... Must try.

Mo Morgan Nicholas 3 years

How do you make it?

Tara Pace 3 years

I made just a cup as it's only hood for a few days. Do 1/2 cup of water in a bowl covered in water to the level of about 1 inch of water above the almonds. Let sit from overnight to 2 days, I put mine in water Tuesday night and made the milk Thursday morning. So you drain the water then put almonds in a blender or food processor with twice the amount of water as the almonds you started with, so 1 cup for me, put it on high speed for 2 minutes. Line a sieve with cheesecloth and pour mixture into it. Once the milk has gone through, squeeze the rest of the milk out with your hands! You cab add a bit of honey or vanilla if you want when it is put in the blender. It only takes about 5 minutes after the almonds have sat in the water, if you want a thinner milk you add more water, if you want a thicker milk, you add less

Lisa Harrington 3 years

I lovecoconut milk in my coffee.

Martha Thacker

I use keto kreme. It has ceylon cinnamon in it to help with inflammation

Crystal Foster

What's this and where do you find it?

Angie Watts 3 years

Unsweetened vanilla almond Milk

Melissa Robison

Mocha Mix is excellent, however keep in mind it has corn syrup.

Dawnelle Kay

Amazon has these.


Sarah Ventura

Have you tried them?

Angie Watts 3 years

I have the same question. Dairy is my weakness and that has a lot to do with coffee and the ton of half and half I have it with. Even while milk doesn't cut it and almond or rice milk? Ewww. It gets fed to the sink drain. I have a real addiction to half and half in my coffee. The only other option is heavy cream... Even better... But doesn't get me away from dairy.

Angie Watts

^whole milk. Not while milk.^

Angie Watts 3 years

Angie Watts dairy is horrible for RA, it causes inflammation

Loretta Rodriguez 3 years

Cashew milk creamer is yummy!

Pam Shipley

try SO Delicious' s brand creamer

Loretta Rodriguez

I make my own milk out of cashews and coconut milk, I add water at the end but to make a creamier version ... Put two cups of raw cashews into the blender. Pour enough boiling water on top until they start to float up. Leave them to soak for at least thirty mins. Blend until creamy then strain through a nut milk bag into a jug or jar then add two cans of coconut milk or cream (the difference is just the amount of water added... Because coconut oil solidifies when cold it may go lumpy and separate in the fridge but just give it a good shake or stir. This recipe is good for about four days in the fridge. You could freeze half for later use. This combination is the best I've tasted. Almonds, macadamia.. No other nuts work as well as cashews with coconut for a close to cows cream taste and texture.

Bee Welch

Almond milk. Try it. You will be surprise.

Sarah Torres

There are some good non dairy creamers I liked the vanilla almond milk creamer ... Not so much the coconut... But that's the beauty you can try different ones until you find the one you like

Melissa Robison