What can I use for heavy swollen sinus?

Hi. What can I use for heavy swollen sinus. Salt water not helping. Also cause tight chest

Ashraf Sierra
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Steam with friars balsem
Or inhale pure eucalyptus oil

Kareemah Davis

Where do I get it. And amount to use

Ashraf Sierra 3 years

Friars balsem is a dutch medicine available at pharmacies and stores I boil the water in pot then add it to pot I don't have exact amount that I add I do it by feel cover pot and your head with thick towel and inhale I steam myself plus minus 20 minutes you will start feeling relief immediately smells a bit yucky but it works

Kareemah Davis 3 years

At pharmacy make sure its pure eucalyptus if you decide to use that I place a little on hanky to sniff and place a drop or two on my pillow so I can inhale it in my sleep

Kareemah Davis 3 years

Shuks man

Ashraf Sierra 3 years

So salt doesn't work for u awso

Ashraf Sierra 3 years
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Take a cause a course of predinisones. If you can take some. Also take hot boiling water put in some Vicks . Throw a towel over your head and steam up

Shuwayda Kirkland

Put a pot of water to boil n let it continue boiling n inhale that steam ff abt t mkn.. Then rub yr head wth mustard oil

Razia Peterson

Hope you have found something to help with your sinus. I had my 4th sinus op a few weeks ago. Not being able to breathe through your nose is horrifying. Prior to the op I suffered badly. Hope you feeling better

Shuwayda Kirkland

buy a netti pot nothing works better

Moe Engle

What is a netti pot. İsn't that same as salt water. Cause salt water don't work

Ashraf Sierra 3 years

Sinucon tablets

Vicky Ventura

Which one

Ashraf Sierra 3 years