What can I eat or drink to help gain muscle?

Hi, I had surgery back in April for colon cancer. Since my surgery I started my alkaline diet (trying to stay dedicated it’s hard) and I went from 160lbs to 127lbs. My doctor says I’m losing too much weight too fast, and wants me to gain some. I really just want to gain at least 13lbs and maintain that weight. What can I eat or drink to help gain muscle or just help me stay at 140lbs. Thanks

Trice Greene
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Avocados are high in healthy fats. You could probably benefit from eating a couple of day.

Shannon Broussard

High protein diet

Kris Kuhn

hopefully you're suggesting plant protein.

Shannon Broussard 3 years

Suggesting that someone adds animal products while they're trying to heal from cancer is horrendous!

Shannon Broussard 3 years

I personally wouldn't take advice from doctors.

Shannon Broussard 3 years

Shannon Broussard I motion that advise.

Margaret Lund 3 years

No. Stick with alkaline. High fruits, low fats. Your body is in healing mode right now. Weight loss isn't a concern while healing because it's dumping the poisons. The body first dumps, then it rebuilds and if you stick with it your body will naturally go to it's God given weight and stay there. Keep doing what you are doing. Doctors don't know nutrition, they only take 2 to 12 hours of it depending on the school. Look to Dr. robert Morse(detox miracle sourcebook) Dr. Michael greggor (How not to Die) the book 80/10/10, the body doesn't need protien it needs amino acids. Fruits cleanse, and vegetables build. Always eat fruits on an empty stomach.

Christine Owens 3 years
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Protein! Lots of protein!

Nancy Weiss

Get yourself some ENU nutrition drinks with Amazon they just change them they used to be a lot bigger there in a smaller size so you have to drink a couple of them you know in a day to get those extra calories but there’s nothing bad in them

Linda Castaneda

When I read the ingredients on this product, I would be concerned. It has cane sugar in it, and “natural flavor“usually is not good at all. My understanding is that pumpkin seeds only come from China so I’d be concerned about that too. It’s the only place that has enough of them or organizations to purchase.

Barb Bonilla 3 years

Read a bottle of insure

Linda Castaneda 3 years

Where did you read that pumpkin seeds only come from China

Linda Castaneda 3 years

A lot of people that are Doing raw juicing etc. Not everybody needs to lose weight some of us have issues that make us lose too much weight so we need extra calories from somewhere

Linda Castaneda 3 years

The Outpost organic grocery in Milwaukee Always had a sign to that effect on their bulk pumpkin seeds. I asked about it one time and that’s what I was told. It was the only place they could source enough. And this was just four stores in one metropolitan area!

Barb Bonilla 3 years

Nuts and nut butter; macadamia very dense; 1000 cal/cup

Diane Powers

I'm in the same boat... I was 170... Down to 129 (5'7").... Dotor wants me to gain more and eat more protein. ... I had right side colon cancer, had surgery and now they want to start chemo because she said I am high risk at stage 3.... The anti cancer diet is making me lose more weight though....

Susan Mccoy

Losing weight can mean you are detoxing

Jodie Hinson

I lost a bit too

Jodie Hinson

Healthy fats - coconut/oil, olives/oil, and avocado

Vicki Montano

And nuts

Vicki Montano 3 years

That's true. Organic coconut oil is quite good.

Hope Pritchett 3 years

Protein but not meats, you can do beans, nuts, powders, smoothies, etc whichever way you can get it. My friend was 186 currently 155 and maintaining but doctor wants her at 135 she is 5'7. I think 135 is toooooo thin. She agrees but willing to lose 5 more lbs and maintain. Doctor says 135 lose fat around the ab and gain muscle over all. I wonder if he knows how hard that is when you have no taste and minimal motivation to excerise becuz you feel tired and weak. He told her if you want to be healthy you must find the motivation and continue to be in remission. We are going to be a team, I can afford to lose some lbs. We are binging this week and weekend and starting next week on Monday. Going to go get our leg and hand weights on the weekend. Watch out world we are going to be the most trimmed 65 year olds. Lol!

RosaLinda English

Thank you!!!

Trice Greene 3 years

Pancreatic enzymes pineapple. Protein without enzymes means more cancer. Abdominal cancer hear I don't eat half the protein recommend surgery in March. One time cemo. Wash clear in July. One answer to cancer by William Kelly

Robert Polk

I heard on chris beat cancer or somewhere to add oatmeal in the morning if you need more calories!

Amy Alford

RSO oil helped me gain weight back I’m stage four ovarian that metastasized to colon and stomach

Angela Chu

macrobiotic diet

Greg Schaffer

LCHF diet...

Marian Lutz


Teddy Ransom

Get in to natural juicing get an acme juicer make carrot celery and apple juice and by a book on juicing with many pther combination s of your choice

Mary Navarro