What arguments can you give in favour of God?

What arguments can you give in favour of God? Be logical and avoid humiliation, please!!
Khursheed Daniel
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Logical lol,

Kristian Thacker

What happened?

Khursheed Daniel 3 years

Khursheed Daniel humanity unfortunately.

Kristian Thacker 3 years

No man can prove or disprove the existence of God and i'm talking about a deistic god here away from religions and interactions with people
It seems irrational to people that there is a god But whether there is a god or a multiverse we don't know they both take a leap of faith and it seems to me that the first one takes a bigger leap

Yoo Goodman

There is hard core scientific proof that God exsists

Rajesh Swan

Do tell us please

Yoo Goodman 3 years

rajesh, kindly mention here please

Khursheed Daniel 3 years

To me no one can define or proof God fully with a single term

Abiy Myles

You can take as much lines as you want

Khursheed Daniel 3 years

God created universe. Or where did unverse came from if not from HIM?

Jun Vaughn

This can be the one argument. Can you give other arguments

Khursheed Daniel 3 years

Khursheed Daniel Quality over quantity

Jun Vaughn 3 years

Jun Vaughn, you can give more quality with more quantity

Khursheed Daniel 3 years

Khursheed Daniel That argument suffice. No counter argument against it

Jun Vaughn 3 years

Some people believe the universe always existed and simply changes forms.

Iga Devine 3 years
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The onus is on you. Jesus said unless you believe you will die in your sins. What you do with it is on you.

Abel Ayers

All will die imperfect and will be rejected by the non-imperfect

Jun Vaughn 3 years

Jun Vaughn God is perfect and he will perfect his people to be accepted on the last day. The wicked will be cast into hell.

Abel Ayers 3 years

Multiplicity, what is most probable will likely be true.

Jacob Jernigan

God is "unknowable" and "unknowability" is that trait which cannot be made knowable with any argument, debate, experimentation, research, not because our mind's logical, intelligence capacity lacks sharpness or our scientific tools are not upto mark but God is "unknowable"..

Ash Kauffman

Jesus said unless a man be born again he cannot SEE the kingdom of God. SEE there means to know, perceive, understand, discern. To know God you must have the Spirit of God.

Abel Ayers 3 years

Abel Ayers and that spirit of God is the "unknowability "..

Ash Kauffman 3 years

Ash Kauffman You can speculate all you want but you must be born again.

Abel Ayers 3 years

Joh_8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Abel Ayers 3 years

Abel Ayers How do you speculate that I would be not born again? It is not the cycle of birth & death makes you free but but going beyond this cycle of birth & death will liberate you..

Ash Kauffman 3 years
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Real loving god you got there.


Iga Devine

Depend what God You want to argue about. Mine take is closest to the Hindu Brahman. My hm... Leads more then arguments would be 1) subjective consciousness and 2) lack of nonexistance- 0 being actually an imaginary number. Those point to subjective all being of which I am but a perspective.

Wojciech Dotson

Did we create ourselves ?

Riaz Gilbert

If the universe is sustaining mankind,.... How can this be chance?

Riaz Gilbert

Imagine a 1 million sided dice. If you rolled that dice enough times you would eventually roll every number from 1 to 1 million. Similarly, the Universe was bound to meet the criteria for sustaining life as we know it eventually. Considering the unquantifiable scope of the Universe, chance becomes inevitably.

Samuel Lujan 3 years

What favors nothing ?

Soi Norris

The best argument for the existence of God is to look around you and stop breathing for 2 minutes. We can't see God because he' not made like man. He could be like the wind, but he's not the wind. He could be like water, but he's not the water. He could be like fire but he's not fire. Suppose He was like all three and more, something or someone that we have never see or heard of before. He is living, he is breathing but nothing like man and he is extremely powerful. Think of water, think of wind, think of fire, they are awesome and he is more awesome than these. Human beings cannot see God with the normal eyes. Have you ever seen a radio wave, you have to use special instruments to detect and 'see' them because the naked eye cannot see. When you read the Holy Bible, you 'begin' to understand God and you begin to get an image of who he is and what he is. In time, we will all see God in a time of his own choosing.

Bruce Macias

Still the question persist, what are the logical arguments which you can give in favour of God?

Khursheed Daniel 3 years

Khursheed Daniel These have been around for thousands of years. Do some reading

Abel Ayers 3 years

Is there any logical reason(s) for human existence. I could say no, yet we exist.

Bruce Macias 3 years

Bruce Macias, there would be strong reason behind our existence too. It's another fact whether or not we know this.

Khursheed Daniel 3 years