What are the symptoms of food that causes the patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis a flare

Hi Again! I am so curious, when you say you have a flare from something you ate, what was your symptom and how soon after you ate it did this flare happen?

Going on AIP elimination on Monday. Not sure what to look for in the reintroduction. I also realize that if am in still the same pain level after 30 days then I give up even more until I figure it out.

I am hoping I can find what causes me flares.
So far high blood sugar makes me feel like broken glass in my body. Really awful and I keep my levels as low as possible. Also, Salty foods made my hands feel hot and throb with pain and stiffness. I consider that a flare.
Thank you for your time.

Staci Leon
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Hi staci! My issue is soy. For me it takes about five hours and that's when I get most of my RA symptoms... The best way to describe it for me is that my joints feel like they have broken glass in them that rubs together... Shoulders, hands, wrists, ankles and feet... Sometimes left knee too. It takes three days to subside. Rice, gluten and dairy make me stiff but no pain.

Sara Hutchinson

Thank you so much for sharing. This helps me understand better.

Staci Leon 3 years

I have the same reaction as Sara Hutchinson but it is with chilli, paprika, capsicum.

Michelle Wilcox

OK, so two nights ago I had a spice rub on pork which I never eat. I had the WORST splintering pain. I told my husband no more spices for me. So this must be common.

Staci Leon 3 years

Yes Staci Leon they are called the deadly nightshade vegetables. Which are eggplant, potato, capsicum, tomatoes, chillis & paprika. You may be able to tolerate some or none of them.

Michelle Wilcox 3 years

I am allergic to tomatoes. I just got a referral to see an allergist. This might speed up my elimination process.

Staci Leon 3 years

Paprika! I use it a lot in dinner dishes. Thank you, I will now be monitoring my reaction.

Melissa Dill 3 years

I'm in that phase now. Taking notes to try to pin point the things that are causing me to have chronic pain. It seems like it's everything. OH this is not easy for me. RA has been in my family for 6 generations.

Eloise Prather

For me different things affect different joints. It took a good 30 days of eliminating major triggers(grain, sugar, dairy, etc) to see my pain reduced enough to be able to start pinpointing my trigger foods. Sugar, plantain, banana, butternut squash all go straight to my hands, garlic, ginger, vanilla to my neck, eggs just make me crazy sleepy. I did a food sensitivity blood test after which helped my second wave of more specific eliminations that I would have never guessed (garlic, ginger, vanilla etc). When I eliminated those my chronic neck pain from a car accident went away.

Sarah Hanks

I have also noticed that different foods effect different joints.

Nilüfer Denton 3 years

So maybe I need to go back to the allergist then and have deeper testing done to see what foods get me.

Staci Leon 3 years

Thank you for sharing.

Staci Leon 3 years

Wow. That's amazing.

Eloise Prather 3 years

This is the lab I ordered the food allergy panel from. You can order it yourself: http://m.meridianvalleylab.com/?dm_redirected=true#2683

Sarah Hanks 3 years
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I ate some almonds that I got online, did not read the ingredients. They have peanut oil on them. I usually get raw. So I am in a flare now. My body hurts and my thumb on my left hand does not want to straighten. Going to rest and Netflix today.


Kristen Boudreaux

This makes me so sad Kristen. OK, these responses are very helpful. What are you going to watch on Netflix? My favorite shows are on there.

Staci Leon 3 years

Sorry that happened. Hoping it will pass soon.

Eloise Prather 3 years

So sorry kristen. I wake up daily with a wonky sore finger.

Amy Bruno 3 years

I'm sorry that happened kristen. I know for me it only took that one time of not reading and having my allergies flare to never do that again! I have a gluten sensitivity, and didn't read ingredients on a product I bought frequently. They changed their ingredients. I hope this passes quickly for you.

Jennifer Swift 3 years

Jennifer Swift thank you!

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years
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All your responses are incredibly valuable to me and I appreciate you so much for taking time and sharing.

Staci Leon

Very good question as Im struggling to even know what a flare is I have no difference pain wise since starting to eat clean.

Amy Bruno

This is very interesting. Maybe it isn't a food and something you are reacting to environmentally. ??

Staci Leon 3 years

Yes, that is what Im thinking. I really think moving here to Alaska triggered the RA. Clean eating did bring my lab numbers down.

Amy Bruno 3 years

I absolutely can't handle the cold, fireplace smoke and dust. I am also allergic to anything with fur, hay, olive trees, grass, weeds, pollen. So it is totally possible! Even detergents can cause issues. I can only drink bottled water because the house we moved into has horrible hard water. UGH!

Staci Leon 3 years

And you know.... I was fine when we first got here in June. It started getting cold around october and boom..... My joints started to hurt.

Amy Bruno 3 years

Amy, I am hoping you guys can get stationed in a warmer climate to stop this progression. Can you take a vacation to a warmer place for a week and see how you feel?

Staci Leon 3 years
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