What and what should I avoid during first, second and third trimester of pregnancy?

Please my senior Mothers... Doctors and nurses.. What and what should I avoid during first, second and third trimester of pregnancy

It's my first time dough.. Thanks in anticipation

Merit Valdez
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I'm waiting on comments please.. I asked here cause I know we have experienced mothers here.

Merit Valdez

your medical personnel will tell your better, to me, vegetables and fruits, but chose the ones that u aren't alleged to, and avoid much proteinous foods and avoid frequent and much eating of oily foods

Kingsley Duran

For me pineapple, intake of sugary something .... İn terms of food I don't think any.

Izunwa Goins

Just stay away from alcohol n smoking.... The food depends on how you react to any

Adaobi Russell

Stay away from alcohol or drinks containing caffeine eg power horse and the rest. Smoking. That's all except for the foods and fruits you are reacting to. God bless you and your baby.

Akachi Brewster

Is it right to make love in first trimester of pregnancy

Dede Hendrix 3 years

Yes you can dear.

Akachi Brewster 3 years


Dede Hendrix 3 years

Benita it depends dear bcs dat stage you don't need much or hard sex bcs it might leed to miscarriage.

Chidinma Bernard 3 years

Okay ma

Dede Hendrix 3 years
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It depends on your body. Whatever your body reject in d first trimester you should not take and don't try to forse your self on it.

Chidinma Bernard

download the application (what to Expect) it will help u


Sherifat Guthrie

stay out of stress and always check ur bp, take water and fruits, all d best

Nneoma Mcgraw

Please don't take pineapple. Don't carry heavy things. Don't eat food made or cook with pottech(akanwu) avoid trouble ( fight )

Ody Kimble

Always drink water. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables

Ody Kimble

Avoid alcohol, take lots of fruits n vegetables, drink a lot of water, have as much rest as u can, don't lift anything heavy. I wish u safe delivery when d tym is right.

Zainab Kincaid

Avoid sugary drinks, paw paw, pineapple, zobo and to much carbohydrates

Olawunmi Monroe

Paw paw na my favourite fruit throughout the pregnancy, body differ shaa

Aninwene Elliot 3 years

In first trimester, avoid being stressful... Don't lift heavy objects, eat well, and plz avoid eating pineapple in first trimester, I learnt that can cause miscarriage.. In second trimester, eat well but avoid taking drinks with caffeine in them, this means u must read on any drink u feel like buying.... Again, don't take Lipton, it will reduce ur blood level which is very dangerous.... İn third trimester, nothing much to worry about... Just concentrate on what I said earlier
good luck

Koranteng Brewster