Walking shoes recommendations for the people with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Looking for walking shoes recommendations. I usually wear Sketchers with memory foam most of the time. In September, my husband and I are going to Paris and we will be doing lots and lots of walking. I was thinking if I get comfortanle walking shoes soon I can start breaking them in and can alternate between Sketchers and your suggestions. Any ideas? Thank you!

Pilar Montgomery
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Sara Bullock

That's all I can wear or my feet will start with the needles stabbing and numbness crap

Debra Flood

Aesics with gel are the only ones that sorta work for me

Zully Booker


Pauline Lott

I love my brooks!

Pauline Lott

I love mine too!

Wendea Burgos 3 years

I love Dansko. So comfy! They have all kinds of shoes, but their tennies are great for lots of walking.

Julie Ferguson


Audrey Presley

I get on well with Asics gel mostly.

Denise Kimball

I have a very physical job with lots of walking and climbing up and down out of my truck. Brooks has been a life saver! The only shoes that have let my feet from killing me..

Jessica Baxter

Seriously, it's true. I wear a leather pair to work every day.

Caroline Abel 3 years

Love my sketchers with memory foam

Jody Hollis

Sketchers are what I wear now too but I have also had the most amazing pair of walking/traveling shoes from Rockport.

Karen Gibbons

My podiatrist said that my sketchers with memory foam were not supportive enough for my flat arthritic foot:/... Even though they felt comfortable I was having a horrible plantars faciaitis flare. I switched to Vionic shoes and it has helped a lot. New Balance tennis shoes are good too.. They have an arch and heel support.

Darla Molina

Do the Vionic bother your arches? I get horrible pain and cramps in my feet if I wear anything with firm arch support

Elizabeth Davies 3 years

Elizabeth Davies me too.

Janit Addison 3 years

Make sure to take rests on short intervals. Too much wont be good for ur joints

Layla Cotton

My doctor suggested a pair of Hoka One Ones. They set me back about $250 Canadian, but are way more comfortable for me than any other sneaker. They are primarily made for runners, but they are springy yet supportive, and they kinda rock so that you don’t put so much emphasis on your toes while walking, so it gives me some relief in my toes. And they are fairly wide as well. I just toss my orthotic devices in them and away I go!

Leslie Crocker

I have recently bought a pair of Wolky shoes. They are the most comfortable she’s I have tried. Good support (unlike many brands including Sketchers) and come in an array of colours. Expensive but worth the money!

Nicky Grady

Brooks running shoes are amazing. You can to a running store and have your gait analyzed - there are different models for different issues. For example, I wear the Adrenaline model which is great for stability and over pronation. Worth every penny, especially when your feet need TLC.

Caroline Abel


Fae Hannah

I lived in Europe for 2 years. Because I have always had some pain in my feet, my first year I bought and wore ‘backpacking boots’. The second year I cheaped out and wore Nike’s with regret. You probably can get away with runners or a favourite walking shoe. When I go on tour like Europe, my walking increases by 100 %.

Serena Crowe

The cobbles can be quite uneven in some places and the added ankle support really helped.

Serena Crowe 3 years

Ecco and aero. Found mine at the walking company.

Meghan Huff


Enrique Metcalf

Mephisto, Ecco, fit flops, Dr Scholls

Ritu Connell

I alternate between skechers and orthofeet, which is online. I work in a greenhouse on cement all day, with lots and lots off walking. Orthofeet worked great.

Kim Lusk

Anyone else have bad feet. Hard time finding that one pair that wont hurt my toes feet ankles. Top of my feet also.

Glenicebetty Waddell

Just a good pair of tennis shoes good for walking. Have a great time in Paris. Me and my hubby went 15 years ago. It was great.

Cindy Eastman

brooks...... The best shoes ever!!!! even fixed all my foot problems.

Mary Kerns

Get shoes with a WIDE toe box like Altras, Brooks or Hokas..... Pricey but worth it.... They last forever.

Mary Kerns

I just got back from a month long trip to Europe. It was amazing! We walked so many miles a day. I wore my older Nike tennis shoes. My feet hurt so bad when I got home... And my knees. I thought I would never be able to walk right again. Going up and down stairs was horrific. Now a month and a half later, I feel 100% again. I should have had newer shoes, inserts, and had taken more breaks. Would I do it again... Oh yeah!

Gloria Arellano

Look into getting a pair of sneakers. There’s a lot of choice now.
I had to wrap the brown stretchy material that sticks to itself around my ankles when I walked around Paris whilst on vacation. It really helped & I also had to wear sneakers for comforts sake. I got some looks from the natives but you have to do what you have to do. (I wore skirts & dresses; jeans might have been a better choice..) I paced myself & I did a daytime bus tour & a nighttime bus tour to minimize the walking.

Enjoy your trip !

Claudia Bower

I was diagnosed with RA over 2 decades ago. Years ago a podiatrist told me that you should never have to break your shoes in & that they should be comfy from day one. I don’t have to tell you that we have to be super careful about making sure the shoe fits well.
My suggestion is to buy your shoes after 3pm as your feet tend to swell in the afternoon & walk around with the shoes in the store for a little while. When you get home try them on with the socks/hose you’ll wear them with & keep them on for a few hours to make sure they are comfortable. If not, return them.

I know that for me sometimes during a flare nothing will feel comfortable. It’s just good to wear shoes that are normally comfy for you so you don’t exacerbate the pain.

Good luck!

Claudia Bower

I would purchase New Balance. I've had a triple fusion due to RA affecting my feet and these shoes have worked best for me. Of course everyone is different. You should not have to break them in - they should fit comfortably the first time you slip them on. Otherwise they are not going to be a good fit. Also, interchange shoes a couple of times a day for comfort. Brooks are also good for my feet. Have a blast! Sounds like so much fun!

Senora Diaz