Views on T-relief Pain relief tablets for rheumatoid arthritis

Anyone tried this for pain relief?

Betina Link
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Yes, I use the cream. It’s the only thing that helps take the edge off.

Kym Rosenberg

Wha is the name of cream?

Priyanka Numbers 3 years

Does it releive you from pain

Priyanka Numbers 3 years

Priyanka Numbers same name. They sell it separately or in a pack with the pills.

Kym Rosenberg 3 years

Priyanka Numbers yes, more than anything else I’ve tried.

Kym Rosenberg 3 years

Yes i use a homeopathic pill. They dissolve under tongue helps when i have the intense bruising pains.. İve wonder where did u find this one?

Tricia Armstrong

What is the name of that medicine? Does it releive from pain? Please mention the so that i can also use, i use pain killers that have sideefeects

Priyanka Numbers 3 years

Betina Link look above this.. How much was it?

Tricia Armstrong

My husband bought it at Whole Foods $8.

Betina Link 3 years

Whole foods ok thank u

Tricia Armstrong 3 years

Yes, used to be called Traumeel -- it is an excellent product.

Carmen Fitzpatrick

Arnica is very good. My acupuncturist gives me shots of thid.

Jessica Marcus

i would love to see a pic of the ingredients list. Wondering what the 12 other ingredients are..

Bee Welch

You could google.

Jessica Marcus 3 years


Betina Link 3 years


Betina Link 3 years


Betina Link 3 years

Thanks so much betina. Very much appreciated

Bee Welch 3 years

i used arnica last week for back pain -iw ouldnt be using something with 12 ingredients though/ Be aware that homeopathic remedies are only to be used for a short time -not like other pain relief

Beverley Kemp

I tried 2 different arnica creams (Arnicare and Real Time Pain Relief "Daily Relief") and felt absolutely nothing - not hot, not cold, not anything. I'm not sure if it helped with pain either... Weird, huh?
That being said, Real Time Pain Relief "Sports Cream" is absolutely the best for me!

Juliana Hagen

Arnica is pretty good. I have used this one. I assume they are all similar.

Maggie Jewell

Gotta try this

Barbara Cormier

Arnica helps for a short time.

Wendy Stanley

I think those only work on very minor arthritis and maybe muscle pain. I have not found ANY relief in products like this for my RA.

Sandra Herron

Arnica is great for aches and pains. Try a topical prep with capsicum and arnica as well. Very warming and soothing. Just, fyi, wash your hands before touching your eyes or engaging in, uh, “wifely duties” or you’ll regret it! And thats from personal experience! Lol!

Kimberly Amos

I had that “personal experience” a few years ago as well!! I thought I was the only one My husband had made tacos for dinner and he likes peppers. Anyways he washed his hands but . . .

Sandra Herron 3 years

Yes! Haha! Thank goodness for handheld shower sprayers!

Kimberly Amos 3 years

Kimberly I’m laughing so much at this! I was afraid to move. I just froze and told my husband to never ever touch me again ever! It made my eyes water

Sandra Herron 3 years

Haha this is hilarious! I'll make sure to be very careful when I use the ointment.

Betina Link 3 years

Omg I wasn’t laughing at the time! Haha! I was seriously considering finding a popsicle if you know what I mean!

Kimberly Amos 3 years
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I've used the green T-Relief ointment for arthritis and it does help.

Dee Morin