Views on raw milk

Thoughts on Raw milk? Supplements for depression? Thank you!

Morgan Ybarra
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Gaba, creatine and cbd can help

Dimitri Hanks

If you are gonna drink milk it should be raw.


Cyrus Kennedy

I bought liquid mag and vitamind. We’ve cut out milk completely for almost 5 years but I’ve been hearing a lot about raw being amazing.

Morgan Ybarra 3 years

Raw goat is amazing. But hard to get and expensive. More beneficial things in raw milk. But not gonna knock dairy free

Cyrus Kennedy 3 years

So dairy free is okay? This guy at fresh thyme kind of scared me about not getting enough calcium. He has a farm of some sort with raw milk and grass fed meat. My head is spinning there are so many different opinions.

Morgan Ybarra 3 years

There is more calcium in green veggies than milk. Milk is to grow babies. I still have some but not as much as I used to

Cyrus Kennedy 3 years

Cyrus Kennedy tool the words out of my mouth

Brian Barnard

I would look into coconut milk. I just got off my antidepressants and anxiety meds with plexus.

Katie Fournier

CBD helped my depression tremendously

Sarah Byrd

How long did it take? Where do you get it and how do you know which brand to trust?

Morgan Ybarra 3 years

Charlottes Web is the brand I use, you can find it online. It took a few days on consecutive use. Nothing has helped my back like CBD. I have a slipped disc in my back

Sarah Byrd 3 years

I love raw milk! Cbd oil for depression.

Rebecca Keyes

Do u drink the oil?

Anahi Bland 3 years

A dropper full under your tongue

Rebecca Keyes 3 years

Vitamin d3 test at doctors then follow guidelines for how to suppliment.

- CPD oil
- probiotics for gut health
- see a homeopath
- have three principles coaching

Catherine Purcell

Raw milk, kefir, vit d/k2, homeopathy is working great for us. Increased our healthy fats & decreased our sugar/carbs

Angie Rudolph

What is kefir?

Morgan Ybarra 3 years

Morgan Ybarra fermented milk or water. Provides probiotics & helps with leaky gut

Angie Rudolph 3 years

My husband had great results with some real food nutritional supplements to help his body beat depression. Happy to share some info on them if you would like.

Ruth Mann

Low serotonin is linked to depression, so I would look into gut health since it’s made in the gut

Lynn Coates

I’ve recently heard that the links to seratonin with depression is currently under scrutiny. It’s so hard to believe all these different points of views. Thank you

Morgan Ybarra 3 years

How do you know you are depressed? Perhaps your life is not good. Maybe you should change philosophies. Maybe you haven't experienced enough suffering to know what your life is worth. I see you are an atheist. Perhaps you got that part wrong. Maybe you need something to aspire to be. Perhaps God isn't what you thought. There is a red pill for you.

Caesar Barker

Full spectrum CBD oil

Mel Mcclure

I wouldn't recommend drugs to someone who thinks they are depressed. Covering the problem only prolongs its ability to harm you

Caesar Barker 3 years

Caesar Barker I was able to get off 20mg lexapro I had taken for 3 years. I can send some info on how the CBD works with our brain and immune system receptors

Mel Mcclure 3 years

I used bud to bring me out of a depressed suicidal state. But the thing that helped me most was having 2 kids and continually improving my mind and environment. I have faced many terrible things since then as my life just gets harder. Somehow I am happier in my suffering as I seek out God and oneness with the universe.

Caesar Barker 3 years

Caesar Barker “bud” isn’t the same as CBD.

Mel Mcclure 3 years

CBD? Explain.

Caesar Barker 3 years
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Heal your gut!

Jeannie Bowers

Yes raw milk is loaded with probiotics and can help heal the gut. I suggest grassfed & from goat or jersey/guernsey cows bcuz they produce a diff type of caesin than from Holstein cows.

Bella Lucas

Anyone do Raw milk and felt like not so good.... Did I drink to much too soon? Or
Is there something wrong with me ?

Britni Abraham

Specifically what do you mean by not so good? It can give you the runs really bad initially for a couple different reasons.

Bella Lucas 3 years

Bella Lucas no, just my stomach felt so off .... İt felt as if I was coming on with the flu? It’s been awhile so I can’t remb exacts but I couldn’t hang !

Britni Abraham 3 years

A lot of possibilities as to why that may have happened to you.. Could be die off of bad bacteria. Best to start out with small quantities and work up slowly. Could also be bad bacteria in milk. Important to get from farmer that tests for that. You can also take other types of probiotics if you dont want to do raw milk.

Bella Lucas 3 years

When I was at my best health I was drinking raw milk smoothies with banana and passionfruit, and eating salads, steamed kale, sweet potato curries, things like that. No sugar. No wheat. Raw milk made me feel great and full while having such a limited diet. My hair grew like crazy, my skin looked good, my normal depression was gone, and I lost a lot of weight. I was wwoofing at the time at an organic farm in Hawaii and the farmer was an extremely healthy and knowledgeable 80 year old man and was a huge believer in the power of raw milk. Highly recommend.

Hannah Ratliff

I don’t think drinking the hormones of another will help

Hope Ponce

That’s how I feel also and how I’ve felt for the last few years. However this guy at fresh thyme talked me into me not getting enough calcium. Lol

Morgan Ybarra 3 years

Plenty of calcium in plants

Hope Ponce 3 years

I love raw milk but it makes me break out -as all dairy does

Tery Salazar

Organic endorphine for depression

Daz Redmond

realize how lucky you are to be alive.. Look at all the good things in life.. Think happy thoughts, instead of bad thoughts. Put a smile on your face.. And make someone else smile and happy each day..

Joanna Mooney

Raw Milk sounds like a good idea.

Craig Benton

Depression is caused by a deficiency in magnesium.. Also you need essential fatty acids like avocados, and omega 3's for the brain, lIke fatty fish, or vegan flaxseeds, flaxseed oil or flaxseed capsules. Another great thing for depression is volunteering for people who are worse off than you are. It gives you a wider perspective on life. Depression is also caused by people living in the past and not the present moment. Anxiety is caused by people living in the future, and the fear of what may or may not happen. Live in the moment, give gratitude daily for what you do have and your life will change, your spirits will lift, and life will look amazing again. Good luck morgan. (Nutritional councillor)

Sonia Monroe

Anxiety isn't always just a form of "worry". Anxiety attacks can come out of "nowhere", often triggered by simple stress. Sometimes you can get that feeling of "impending doom" from the moment you wake with no real basis for it. As depression often is, anxiety can be a symptom of a physical problem such as toxicity, nutritional imbalance, food intolerance, etc.

Leona Rush 3 years

Leona Rush Yes, exactly.

Sonia Monroe 3 years

Milk, the most congesting food to the lymphatic system on the planet.

Louis Kaufman

louis does it have the same values if it is raw unpasteurized and not homogenized ...?

Syeda North 3 years

Actually, depression is caused by a buildup of toxic heavy metals in the brain. Medical Medium Anthony William has answers.

Veronica Hodges

You need sunlight (makes Vitamin D) and let your full lights on during the night.

Elisabeth Chung

CBD oil for depression.....message me if you want an article

Cindy Koenig

Raw unpasteurized or heated cows milk is in my opinion one of the healthiest things you can have in your diet and of course organically raised and fed cows are the best sources.

Mike Prater

Golden Milk (Ayurveda) but also for depression I use the essential oil Ylang Ylang (for depression) and Cinnamon (grounding); I actually put it in coconut oil as a carrier and blend in my hands then rub it into the ends of my hair which keeps the scent always in my airways. Also, use Rare Lavender essential oil straight, on my neck and chest.

Becky Cho