Views on night shade vegetables by rheumatoid arthritis patients

I’m hearing conflicting information about night shade vegetables. What are others’ thoughts?

Erin Stokes
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I avoid them as well.

Marvel Byrne

I’ve always heard to
Avoid them. But I don’t. Especially peppers.

Nessa Robbins

They affect some people but not others. You have to experiment on your own and see if they cause you to flare.

Robin Guerra

Each person's needs depend on genetics and other factors that only apply to them. I can have some but not others.

Melanie Dickey

I know peppers cause me to flare horribly...... Which sucks, because I absolutely love them. ):

Kathleen Garza

I LOVE and miss them dearly and yes.. They do cause inflammation. Go two weeks without and then eat again, ouchy

Beth Childs

They were the first food I eliminAted. I had great relief from removing them.

Michelle Hathaway

I'm 35 and have had JRA all my life. I eat them and anything else I want, as long as I stay at a good weight.

Heather Hanna

I avoid them but love them .... I do chilli peppers cause they are too good not too. I can tolerate them ... But not others (eggplant, tomatoes, potaros - are all bad news for me).

Maria Roberson

I have no issues.

Yoli Cisneros

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to eat anymore, I can no longer eat most nightshades, I mostly cannot eat any shellfish, most meat, gluten, I think I’m noticing something with dairy now, broccoli is off the list and because I have pancreatitis I’m supposed to avoid beans

Sharon Kilgore

Sorry sharon. That’s a lot to manage!

Erin Stokes 3 years

Do you use oil, sharon? I wasn't able to eat any grains for a year, until I cut back on fat in a big way (I don't use oil at all anymore, and my aim is to get around 10% of calories from fat). After that, my issues with grains went away completely. I should add, I'm on a whole foods, plant-based diet, akin to the McDougall one. May you experience healing as I have.

Poorna Hendrickson 3 years

Yes olive oil.

Sharon Kilgore 3 years

I have no issues with nightshades.

Silke Whitlock

Potatoes. Definately avoid white potatoes

Janet Hammond

Thanks janet. I’ll let my husband know.

Erin Stokes 3 years

I have terrible flare ups with tomatoes which makes me sad as I love them. I’m not sure with peppers, definitely chilli peppers and I’m fine with potatoes. I’m reading the elimination diet with the aim of trying it soon. Each person’s system is unique so our food intolerances will vary wildly. Good luck

Beth Flood 3 years

Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, sweet and hot peppers (but not black pepper), and chili-based spices (including paprika) all come from plants which are members of the nightshade family. Nightshades can be problematic for many people due to their lectin, saponin and/or capsaicin content. They tend to be even more problematic for those with autoimmune disease and of all the foods restricted in the autoimmune protocol, are probably the least likely to be successfully reintroduced, especially tomatoes and chilli

Susu Wilkins 3 years

I eliminated them for most of last year but had no problems reintroducing them.

Julia Foster

It's something you have to figure out for your system. As long as it's organic, I don't have issues with any whole foods. For me, Glyposate caused my Juvenile RD and causes flares.

Annette Rangel

Tomatoes and bell peppers.

Veronica Donahue

Take them out for a while and then see for yourself if they effect you. I was sure they wouldn’t be a problem for me, I was wrong .

Jennifer Burrell

Thank you all for your feedback! We’re still adjusting to Paleo (only 1 week in). My husband was dx RA at the end of Jan, and we started with a basic gluten/sugar/dairy elimination, but made some mistakes along the way. We’re used to GF living due to my son’s celiac, but nixing all 3 (now along with other things) is super challenging! I hate to see him cut tomatoes as they’re so healthy for the heart. Thinking we’ll start with white potatoes and peppers (along with anything else consistent with Paleo) and see how it goes. If after a few weeks we need to cut more, we’ll cut more...

Erin Stokes

I’ve been off nightshade’s for 3 months now and I think it’s helping

Ritu Connell

I can eat yellow potatoes with no problems. But I eat them separately from other foods, especially if I have grass fed meat.

Bridget Snow

I’ve added white potatoes back in and had no negative effects...

Alison Mosley

Tomatoes are the worst for me. I'm pretty much guaranteed to not feel good afterwards.... But I love fresh tomatoes out of my garden so come late summer I suffer pretty good. But it's worth it to me.

Cassia Swan

I use to think it was one of those trendy things. But...... Eat them and I feel it right away!! plus not like anyone is making money from it. Miss my fries but worth feeling half normal!!

Stephanie Hebert

I cut all nightshades for a year, then added back in, experimented a bit then realized they’re fine for me.

Megan Holt

I can't eat them

John Ho

I thought I had an issue with tomatoes so I stopped N ightshades for couple weeks. Tried tomato again, and potato and was fine. Turns out I am very sensitive to beef which makes me sad because I love it. Still have yet to try other night shades

Nessa Richter

I get joint pain and execma from night shades. I abstain for the most part... Unless there potato chips at a party. Then I pay for it the next day.

Brittanie Nadeau

Stopped all for @ 8 months then reintroduced bell peppers and eggplant-no problem. Tomatoes sadly, no for now. Potatoes have been okay, but cause bloating, so they are an occasional treat for me

Clarissa Benson

They don’t bother me.

Stacey Huggins

I'm just learning about night shade vegetables - and going slowly with them. Eating less of them.

Gloria Giles

I tested them and I'm fine with them. I eat mostly plant based diet so I'm thrilled to be able to keep eating my favorites.

Leah Root