Views on Cancer treatments centers of America

Has anyone been to cancer treatments centers of America and what is it like ... Do they believe in hollsitic and modern medicine? My dad is thinking about taking my mom there because we're desperate

Bethany Marin
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Youtube search, 'World without cancer & 'Winnable War'

Paula Dowdy

yes, in new york there are four large places, but rosswell in Rochester new york is the better, some may say Boston. But what I have seen chemo kills both good and bad cells, radiation hurts everything in sight. Unless u go to Rosswell they target the caner. Where others use radiation in the whole area. I mostly believe in the phase!, or the ketogenic diet, a very good reason – it has a good potential to treat cancer. But, this high-fat low-carb diet is not a new invention, as it was developed back in 1920s in the John Hopkins.

Paula Springer

I have been to the center at Zion. Excellent care! They take care of the patient and the caregiver! They have adjunctive care. You have a team to guide you through. They help with all levels of care, insurance, travel, diet, etc. They offer dietary classes, some organic foods in dining area, good variety of food, work with special diets, etc. Reiki, massage, hair and skin care, medical acupuncture, survivorship. Support group made up of cancer patients and survivors. They support your decision in the kind of therapy you may wish to persue. Best of all, you do not wait weeks for test results! When you go to their website and hit the chat button, they get back to you fairly quickly!

Gina Zamora

We found this to be true for us also... We were there in 8 days with him having chemo before we left. MD Anderson in Houston would not/could not see him for 2-3 months!

Linda Bullard 3 years

I spoke with them on the phone. They only treat with chemo, radiation, and surgery. They use "natural" remedies only for treating side effects. I ask if I could work with one of their naturopathic doctors to fight this without the "Big Three" treatments and they will not let you do that. If you want to use both types of treatment they seem to be a good set up.

Teresa Riley

teresa McManus Owens. By law in this country, a naturopath cannot treat you for Cancer without being associated with a Cancer clinic. Some states do not even license naturopaths to practice.

Gina Zamora

There is a small clinic in Evans, IL you can check out.

Gina Zamora

What's it called

Bethany Marin 3 years