Vegatable smoothies for rheumatoid arthritis

I am trying a lot of smoothies with different fruits.. İt's yummy.. But I want to make vegetable juice also.. Can anyone give me the idea what vegetables I can use in my juicer to make healthy juices?? Thanks in advance.. Stay strong and be painfree, beat RA at any cost..

Abira Carlson
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cucumber, celery, ginger, spinach, or kale

Kristen Boudreaux

Thank you

Abira Carlson 3 years

I make smoothie of carrot, celery, spinach, half tsp ginger, desstspn ground flaxseed and water. Also carrot and orange and water. Also beetroot, celery, ground flaxseed and water. I prefer smoothies for the natural filling roughage

Helen Murphy

Thank you for the suggestions.. I will try..

Abira Carlson 3 years

A I do kale with blueberries flaxseed, protein and coconut milk

Carla Barnard

I find kale bitter

Abira Carlson 3 years

I do carla's daily, feel so much better.. That is my breaky.. I use the frozen fruit berries from Costco.. Blue, rasp, black and do well on it. And unsweetened coconut milk, protein powder, flax, I do add 1 T of almond butter, well used to, trying without now.

Karen Maher

carla's what's that?

Abira Carlson 3 years

Be careful with even fruits and vegetables as some cause inflammation in some people. Everyone is different so just have to experiment.

Tina Pina

So confusing..

Abira Carlson 3 years

I've done papaya or cantaloupe and spinach and it was good. Also spinach, avocado, blueberries, and orange juice = really good.

Virginie Morgan

That is totally new recipe to me.. I think I am going to try it.. İs it juice or smoothie?

Abira Carlson 3 years


Virginie Morgan 3 years

Okay.. Thank you

Abira Carlson 3 years

2 Celery sticks, 3 hands full of greens, ½ papaya

Caprice Meier


Abira Carlson 3 years

Yes!! Good smoothie!!

Caprice Meier 3 years

I juice everything. Today's juice had: A yam, celery, cuc, chard, kale, apple, carrot, purple cabbage, pineapple, turmeric and ginger root.

Kristine Gilliam

Yam you put raw?

Abira Carlson 3 years

Yup, they juice well

Kristine Gilliam 3 years

i start the morning with juiced apple, celery, tumeric and ginger... Bit spicy but i finf it yummy...

Rory Bourgeois

In the morning I have spinach n pineapple smoothie with flax seeds

Abira Carlson 3 years

I juice daily - cucumber, celery, spinach, apple, carrot and ginger. Sometimes I will also add in beetroot or swap the ginger for mint.

Karyn Escobar

Thank you for the juice recipe

Abira Carlson 3 years

Best one to juice is Cabbage

Pia Byrd

Take any vegetables juices or fruits juices you just add small pic of ginger and garlic.. Pineapple is best natural NSAID and pure honey

Malik Darling

Celery juice only on an
Empty stomach suggests medical medium
I do this am think it works amazing at reducing information. I try to do this x 3 a day .
And then I blend (smoothie) banana baby spinach blue berries raspberries avocado coconut milk.. Add in spirilla and boswella every am for breakfast! Full of flavour and goodness !

Simone Dodge

I do pineapple cucumber and celery

Shantel Valenzuela

I make an anti-inflammatory drink. Can't remember where I got the recipe but here it is: 4 stalks celery, 6 carrots, 1 cucumber, 1/2 lemon, 2" ginger, 1 cup pineapple. Helps a lot!

Julie Cornell

Thank you julie.. İs it juice? Or smoothie?

Abira Carlson 3 years

I drink pineapple spinach smoothie.. İt's good for anti inflammation too

Abira Carlson 3 years

It's made with a juicer not a blender. (Juice)

Julie Cornell 3 years

Ok.. I do cucumber celery n ginger juice.. You gave me more options for juicing.. Thank you

Abira Carlson 3 years

You're very welcome! Hope it helps you to feel better!

Julie Cornell 3 years

I heard pineapple is a very good antinflammatory

Vera Haines

Yes it is.. I drink pineapples spinach juice two times.. İt's helping

Abira Carlson 3 years