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Prednisone is evil. When I take it, I wake up in a flood of sweat. I have changed pajama tops 3 times in 1 night. I have to put a towel down where I had been lying or have to sleep elsewhere. I can see moisture seeping through my pores on my forearms..... Doctor said to try methylprednisone .... Hope it doesn't have the same side effects. Anyone else?

Karen Sexton
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It does not have that effect on me

Mary Sellers

Yes! But my dr keeps saying I should have a hormone panel done! Whatever!! Its the meds right! It's embarassing when you work in sales like I do. I hope you feel better soon.

Kimmy Booth

With prednisone I've gained 15 lbs in 3 months.

Kathy Hampton

That happened to me & it took shingles in my throat to get the weight off 10yrs later. Horrible

Carol Pineda 3 years

Same I'm at my heaviest now then I've ever been which is very depressing, my body temperature has risen but not to point of sweating, just don't feel as cold as I normally am.

Tasha Stovall 3 years

It threw me into early menopause and yes... The hot flashes and sweats are ridiculous! But it's cheap and allows me to move... So I take it. ):

Kathleen Garza

I know... Dont know what I would do without it, but side effects aren't worth it anymore. Im miserable.

Karen Sexton 3 years

I've had strangers stop me in stores and ask if I'm ok because I'm drenched and bright red. It's humiliating....

Kathleen Garza 3 years

same here

Josephine David 3 years

I have a natural pill I take and it is like MAGIC

Rosalie Rudolph

Care to share?


Rosalie Rudolph 3 years

I started with one pill a day

Rosalie Rudolph 3 years

Thank you. Ill look it up.

Karen Sexton 3 years I take emulin and it worked in a few days I started with one pill per day

Rosalie Rudolph 3 years

So sorry to hear this! Prednisone has been great to me... But I'm only on it short-term... So I'm nervous about the flares when I get off of it...

KMarie Langley

I get the night sweats but I don't take prednisone, it's just one of those annoying RA symptoms!

Janet Bird

I take hydrocortisone instead of prednisone. Still a steroid, but not as potent, and doesn't replace your adrenal glands like prednisone does.

Kristen Christie

Do you have pain during night? Does it help you to go through the night? Kristen Christie

Nilüfer Denton 3 years

It keeps my inflammation down. I've never really had pain during the night... I do have the occasional night sweat though.

Kristen Christie 3 years

I also sweat a lot. Especially during summer but not because prenisolone.

Nilüfer Denton

Yep. Prednisone makes me sweat profusely.

Susan Carlson

I've been taking Prednisone for over 25 years maybe more for my ra, what an awful drug!!but I think if I hadn't started taking it I probably would have been bed bound by now? I'm 51 nearly had Ra for 43 yrs! I have sweats, moon face which is the worst and I broke my femur over a yr ago caused by steroids, brittle bones. I think the meds and the Ra put me through an early menopause but still think the Prednisone causes sweats etc? At the moment I am in total agony, this disease is just awful

Elaine Luna

The Prednisone is most likely the cause of your brittle bones.. I am surprised your dr has kept you on it this long!

Linda Valentine 3 years

Yeah linda that is the cause of the brittle bones! I think. My rheumatologist has kept me on them for so long because they are the only drugs that have helped me? Been on lots of different dugs, they weren't much good for me? Let's face it all these drugs have side affects. And when I first took the Prednisone there wasn't the info about them as now, back then it was take these and don't question the doctors. Thank god things have moved on since then!!!!

Elaine Luna 3 years

I refuse to ever be on prednisone again. Last week was the first time I've had it, definitely the last time. Name the side effect and I had it 10 fold. Watching the face on my 3 1/2 year old while laying in bed unable to move was gut wrenching.

Veronica Donahue

Yes I have the same issue! My 3 year old watches me carefully and wonders why I can't move and why I sweat so much.

Kimmy Booth 3 years


Veronica Donahue 3 years

RA can cause night sweats, but prednisone is a pretty scary drug. I'm allergic to Alleve so NSAIDs and ibuprofen can't be taken. I was on low dose prednisone for 6 months. In the beginning you feel wonderful but it really sent me for a loop. I gained weight, my fasting blood sugar spiked 20 points higher than my non-fasting reading when I started, my bad cholesterol increased. I've been off it for 2 months, blood work is much better but struggling to lose the weight.

Jean Ho

Same thing happens to me! Horrible

Jackie Andrews

I don't take prednisone & have terrible night sweats as well. It's probably from your RA.

Linda Harrington

I often am hot and have hot flashes from ra, but when I take prednisone, I am drenched. There is a definite difference.

Karen Sexton 3 years

Karen Sexton I get drenched at night as well - have to change clothes& sheets some times. I'm not on prednisone.

Linda Harrington 3 years

I'm on the methylprednisolone and I've been having sweating problems myself.

Jenny Cortes

I do but manageable, I find it depends on dosage

Leanne Durham

LOATHE & DESPISE prednisone!!!! Extremely hot happy that I've had to get back on it for the past and probably this next week.

Adrienne Delaney

I have taken it for 25 years, with results. 5 mgs most days & an extra 5 on bad days. I would b lost without it!

Pam Shipley

Get ahead of this! Check out my posts, honestly the US National Library does not publish unvalidated research,

Colette Stevens

Ya predizone jus steroid, only help pain. Better to take methotrexate.

Mary Case