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Out of curiosity... Are these the compression gloves that y'all have?? I've seen lots of comments where y'all mention them..

Thelma Gomez
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In England we can get them for free from the occupational therapist at my local hospital. I get different hands support for free.

Heather Vera

I have those. Can't go without them. Got mine also from my Occupational therapist

Maureza Roy

I'm from South Africa

Maureza Roy 3 years

Hi Maureen, I'm in Johannesburg where areu? Which Occuparional Therapist. What is the price?

Rhodancia Douglas 3 years

I'm. İn. Paarl. OT is in Stellenbosch. Was part of the treatment

Maureza Roy 3 years

Thats a million. I will pop over to an OT here to see if they have. Does it really work?

Rhodancia Douglas 3 years

Rhodancia Douglas yes it does

Maureza Roy 3 years
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Oohhh cool... Because of my doc situation (he was arrested and is in jail for fraud) I have not been able to be seen by anyone else (as the medical records were all picked up) so I'm doing what i can out of pocket.

Thelma Gomez

Holy batshit! His patients shouldn’t have to suffer for his crime! That’s terrible!

Angie Watts 3 years

It is. His office was always packed. Appointments were an all day thing. Now finding new docs is hard. Plus, personally I don't know that I can trust another doc.

Thelma Gomez 3 years

Oh wow! How can I get them? What do they cost? Is there one for the feet also?

Sabrina Padilla

I saw these..


Thelma Gomez 3 years

Thanks for sharing, X

Sabrina Padilla 3 years

No problem

Thelma Gomez 3 years

I use these, amazing!!


Melissa Kendall 3 years

Melissa Kendall my left ankle is swollen and sore beyond bearable. Do you think these would help or is the compression mostly in the feet?

Angie Watts 3 years
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I have them they work pretty good

Tammy Mckenzie

Prize howmuch

Rafeek Lockwood

10 bucks thru prime membership.. Regular $24.99

Thelma Gomez 3 years

Boots the chemist here in the UK has a selection of items for RA

Elizabeth Ashby

I have these, love them!

Melissa Kendall

Those are the gloves but you should get a few pairs because they tear easily. But I love mine I don't leave the house without them.

Nicole Naquin

Yes. Best ones out there. Buy them for cheap on

Ann Rowell

I have them too

Amy Guthrie

Wear these every night. And yes, thinking about those CC ones for my ankles.


Meghan Huff

I strongly recommend the ankle ones, they are amazing. I wear them to bed

Melissa Kendall 3 years


Leony Cantrell

Yes I use them at night.... They keepy fingers compressed all night n swelling is reduced

Deepanjali Huynh

Is it available inU. S.? Please send me the address.

Chandralekha Park

I saw these online.

Thelma Gomez 3 years

Thank you all for your feedback. I sincerely appreciate it.

Thelma Gomez