Those with Rheumatoid Arthritis having finger joint pain, which part of the joint hurts the worst?

Those of you who have finger joint pain, which part of the joint hurts the worst? Front? Back? Sides? All of it?? The side of this finger is killer. No where else hurts like this one place.

Crystal Huffman
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It moves around for me. Some days it is all over the place

GingerMatt English

Sides and underneath for me. (That’s my worst finger too!)

Jennifer Keene

Same here that finger hurts the worst.

Kelli Riddle

Sides for me..

Olga Gibson

All sides!! Sometimes it feels like the joints come apart... So painful


Sandra Dowdy

And I used to have such pretty hands everyone told me

Sandra Dowdy 3 years

How long have you had RA? That does look painful

Crystal Huffman 3 years

Only been diagnosed 6 yrs

Sandra Dowdy 3 years

Sandra Dowdy did it come on fast or gradual? I’ve only had pain for 2 months but no swelling or anything.

Crystal Huffman 3 years

Gradually at first now it’s more like the list of joints not hurting is shorter my left finger turned fast and was first


Sandra Dowdy 3 years
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Lauren Wilson

Was all, along with my wrists. But now I take CBD oil and have very little to no pain most days.

Robin Coker

Which brand do you use?

Crystal Huffman 3 years

Crystal Huffman I use Plus +CBD oil with the Gold band.

Robin Coker 3 years

Does that really work? I've been contemplating giving that a try...

Thelma Gomez 3 years

Thelma Gomez it works for me. I have 2 friends that have fybro, and they both take it as well and it helps. You just have to find the dose that works for you.

Robin Coker 3 years

Robin... Good to know. Thank you.

Thelma Gomez 3 years
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The front and the joints. My palms of my hands burned constantly.

Covey Spencer

Sides mostly

Ashley Hedrick

This DISEASE is freaking crazy, it's affect anypart anytime it's like it has a mind of it's ownI get attacked from my feet to my fingers

Linda William

I’ve had the same pain for about a month. Driving me crazy! My Achilles is offering up a great deal of pain as well.

Janna Bloom

Mines too are getting bumps on them

Linda William 3 years

Meee toooo!

Shelly Hooks 3 years

Sides and the knuckles

Any Barry

Middle finger on both hands middle joint, too painful!

Renee Hines

I get the same on my left hand

Tasha Stovall

Ring fingers don’t bend well. But lately the pain is at the base of my right thumb and wrist. Hard to do anything without pain.

Anna Marsh

Sides here also. I’m surprised you’re able to wear your ring I had to quit wearing any wrist or finger jewelry 10+ years ago...

Shelly Hooks