Those who reverse rheumatoid arthritis

Who here was able to reverse their ra? Thanks. I need some inspiration and something to look forward to... Diet is making me sad
I miss my favvvv food

Jen Dow
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I did.... Keep at it. U won't regret it

Nick Wolfe

How did you reverse it? Can you please share ..

Abira Carlson 3 years

Nick Wolfe how did you do it?

Sara Woodard 3 years

U healed your leaky gut?

Jen Dow

I am 4 months into giving up many of my favorite foods, I completely commiserate with you. It does get better and I do feel better, I do have sad days and miss ording pizza on Football Friday nights.

Gabrielle Duke

How long did it take u to reverse it Nick Wolfe

Jen Dow

3 years now. I'm finally out of the woods.

Nick Wolfe 3 years

Good job!!

Jennifer Swift 3 years

that's wonderful

Donna Garland 3 years

Healing my gut helped me get off methotrexate more quickly.

Jennifer Swift

How did you heal your gut jennifer? Only through diet change?

Abira Carlson 3 years

Yes. I read and used the book The Microbiome Diet by Raphael Kellman, MD.

Jennifer Swift 3 years

so you are med free jennifer?

Nancy Ashley 3 years

Jennifer Swift thanks! İm going to order it!

Michelle Dow 3 years

Nancy Ashley not yet. We weaned off the methotrexate first so my husband and I can try for a baby. I am still on 14 mg/day of medrol which is a steroid, and my weeks embrel injection. I am relatively new to healing my gut and using diet to become pain free. I already knew I had a gluten sensitivity several years before my RA diagnosis.

Jennifer Swift 3 years
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Me! Keep going!

Ashley Munoz

Diet change, tumeric supplements and daily fruit juices and smoothies have helped me immensely currently on no medication yay !! Has been 3 months of low to no pain and energy levels are almost back to normal. I cut out gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods, still eat chicken, fish and occasional red meat. Its trial and error on what foods trigger pain, still learning.....

Sherri Pratt

I miss my foods too, jen, but it's not forever. Just focus on getting well. Feeling good is so much better than the momentary enjoyment of a snack.

I feel really good and it's only been a few weeks of effort.

You got this.

Kristine Gilliam

Me too. Pay attention to what you react to. It may be something you never would suspect.

Irene Mccann

i don't feel sorry that i haven't touch cola's anymore, i feel shakey remembering Pizza, Mcburgers/RoyalChees- afterall of a sudden it blows in the air i've got this RA/autodisease anyhow,... No regret am happy without medicines so i stick on real plant base diet

Armi Lin

Hi jen. I've shared my story on this group page before to inspire others. I want everyone to know you can beat this disease! Remember to stay positive. These life changes you're making are for the best and you'll look back soon and know this was a blessing in disguise. Change your diet, evaluate your emotional health too. Emotions play a HUGE role in healing. Here's my story: I was diagnosed 20+ years ago after my daughter was born. refusing to let my active lifestyle go, I turned to natural techniques (which, back then most people thought I was crazy!). Natural healing became my passion and now I consider myself healed. Sending you healing thoughts.

Carolyn Cooper

Myself & 100's that Just i know of have kept all forms or Arthritis's at bay by activating a fairly new & relatively unknown technology called NRF2 pathway that every body has. Nutrigenomics is the way Health is headed & by using specific natural ingredients that can normalize our gene expression, protect us against oxidative stress & DNA damage & heal. Fascinating science behind this. 1st global scientific conference was just in 2015 at Cambridge with world wide scientists in attendance. Healing your cells, mitochondria & gut is the way to regain & maintain health

Colette Stevens