Those of you taking magnesium supplements for rheumatoid arthritis, what dosage are you taking?

Hannah Mccain
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400mg seems to work for me

Zulema Rossi

My pills say 250mg and 63% of daily value. I figured that was for a normal person. Think 2 is too much?

Hannah Mccain 3 years

Hannah Mccain it just really depends on your need. I have heard of people taking up to 800mg. Maybe you should try one early in the day see how you feel and if nothing the other before bed. I don’t know, just a thought.

Zulema Rossi 3 years

I read somewhere that 100mg per 10kg of bodyweight is OK. I'm 60kg though and I take 400.

Rosie Goins 3 years

I am taking 500mg once a day

Christina Elkins

I was considering taking them but I am also on gabapentin and know it can interfere. Anyone else on gaba while taking magnesium?

Christy Jackson

I didn't know that wow! I was taking gaba but it wasn't working so I stopped.

Christina Elkins 3 years

Christina Elkins yeah. I read that magnesium can interfere with the gaba uptake.

Christy Jackson 3 years

Gabapentin has made the biggest difference for me. Even with my RA. It helps so much. I hate taking meds but that one is one I’m super thankful for having.

Christy Jackson 3 years

Christy Jackson how many times a day and how many mg and I hate taking medication

Christina Elkins 3 years

I take 500 mg once a day at bedtime. My doc told me that “normal” therapeutic doses usually start at 900mg but I’m super sensitive to EVERYTHING so we started low. 600 was too much so 500 it is for me.

Christy Jackson 3 years
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450-600 mg of magnesium malate. Anytime throughout the day with a couple an hr or so before bed.

Lesley Wynn

I usually take all my pills before bed. Should I not?

Hannah Mccain 3 years

I take all my magnesiun before bed, but others i space out between am, pm, empty stomach, full stomach etc.

Lesley Wynn 3 years

I didn’t even know there were different kinds to look for!

Hannah Mccain 3 years

I’m taking the wrong kind

Hannah Mccain 3 years

Worst form according to whom? And, worst for what? Mg Sulfate is epsom salt. I need more information. Lol.

Kimberly Burkett 3 years

Kimberly Burkett yes, more information. I looked up magnesium and other sites say different things.

Hannah Mccain 3 years

I take 500 in the morning and 1000 before bed. Start slowly. I had issues when I started.

Kym Rosenberg

Hi what kind if issues?

AnnMarie Serrano 3 years

It can make you go to the bathroom. I dehydrated and got sick. Just start slowly.

Kym Rosenberg 3 years

Kym Rosenberg thank you

AnnMarie Serrano 3 years

1250 mg once-daily of magnesium malate.

Teresa Zavala

250 mg magnesium oxide

Ligaya Marcus

I haver. A. and take the mag citrate. I didn't know there were so many kinds. Which is best forr. A.?

AnnMarie Serrano

Magnesium citrate is mostly used for constipation. LOL. I guess you're keeping regular. You can just search Google for different types of magnesium. That's what I did.

Teresa Zavala 3 years

Teresa Zavala thanks I also have long history of kidney stones so the citric acid in it supposed help with that. Thank you!

AnnMarie Serrano 3 years

1000mg x2

Jo Hall Staton

Have u tried spray on magnesium? Helps with bad joints

Jayne Driver

1250 mg mag malate

Manda Mckay