The views on Gold shot for rheumatoid arthritis?

So my dr today took me off work and said I have no more biological left to try. She said look up info on gold shot and consider that.... Anyone have any pros and cons

Tenae Elkins
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I was diagnosed in the early 80's and we didn't have many meds. Gold shots were the most common treatment, and my doctor said no to that because I was too young, I was in my early 20's. He said he didn't like to use that unless people were in there 50's because it can damage your organs too much. I don't know if doctors would worry about it these days since all of those biologics are so hard on the body. That's all I know about them...

Lisa Harrington

I didn't realize gold shots were still used.

Gail Mitchell

I didn't either.

Lisa Harrington 3 years

I had the gold compound injections in the mid 1990's. My current rheum says they do not use them anymore here in the USA. İ must say they did not offer me any relief at all and were very painful shots.

Senora Diaz 3 years

I'm sorry to hear that. Have you given cannabis a try?

Yoli Cisneros

Oh god yes!!!! in only able to bearly get around now because of canna!! But I am getting my license this month for it so I can try out oil drops I've tried CBD pills too.. They work very minimal for me but maybe at a higher strength

Tenae Elkins 3 years

Glad to hear that it brings some relief. Hopefully you find the right cannabis product that really makes a difference. (For pain, Indica strain cannabis is pretty great.)

Yoli Cisneros 3 years

Tenae Elkins CBD oil not thc is great for pain

Karla Campbell 3 years

Instant relief from smoking Indica strain. High THC and high CBD combined make the best pain killers.

Yoli Cisneros 3 years

Yoli Cisneros 3 years
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This is just anecdotal, but I met someone, a woman in her 80s I would guess, who had had the gold treatment and it put her RA into decades long remission.

Laurel Woodall


Tenae Elkins 3 years

This is exactly what happened to my granmother in the 1970s.... She was bedridden with RA and had a year long gold shot treatment and is still in remission at almost 80 years old! I don't much about it, and she doesnt really either. Interesting though.

Stefanie Clay 3 years

I've heard good things about the gold shots... Didn't know they still gave them.

Cindy Seymour

Have you tried low dose naltrexone?

Susan Link

I only know what I have read, and gold shots are rarely given anymore. More research is needed.

Carol Castro

Have you tried all the Biologicals?

Robin İbarra


Tenae Elkins 3 years

I use frankensence and helecrysum essential oil blend and it helps with my pain and inflamation.

Tifney Conrad

I too had my RA in the 80's at age 28
Adult onset - rapidly - after my firstborn, and was put on gold shots
The response was quite fast, my joints that were involved (a lot by the time I was eventually diagnosis) quickly quieted down and I went into remission
My rheumy said that he thought that if I were to stop the injections, he thought that it may not come back, sadly it did and I resumed the gold again, but never had the same positive outcome as that first time.
Now aged 61, and am on biologics, Xeljenz and small dose prednisone 5mg daily and feeling pretty good.
Have to have an ankle joint replaced in October.
That is my story about gold injections.

Allison Petty

I'm 29 been on pred for 10 years on and off I tried xeljanex a few years ago and it worked well for a bit I'm currently on cimzia switching to gold if I decide

Tenae Elkins 3 years

I have an elderly friend who used gold for years and he loved it. Worked for 20 years for him.

Lisa Samuel

Yes if it does work for you then it usually works really well

Allison Petty 3 years

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Diana Stroud

Just trying to keep ya smiling obviously I've never heard of it!!

Diana Stroud