The views of people with Osteoporosis on Reclast

Hello. I told my doctor that I’m not intaking Fosamax anymore and the recommendation was to try Reclast. How about it? Thanks.
Brunh Cochran
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Change doctors.

Lynn Finley

It's just trading one poison for another... I find that doctors are no help at all with this. They are only going to shove RX's, and know nothing about, and do not care about naturally addressing o/p. I use daily strength training, walking and supplements and diet to deal with it.

Leslie Stokes

I started with Caltrate chewable today. I hope it helps.

Brunh Cochran 3 years

Same thing different format.

Carole Zuniga

Maybe your doctor thinks that you want to stop Fosamax because of digestive issues. Then it would make sense that he/she is recommending Reclast because it is an IV infusion. If the reason you want to stop Fosamax is because you don't like the medication itself, then you should make that clear to your doctor.

Louise Hutton

I told her the symptoms in me, she advised me of fracture risk. So, I’m confused.

Brunh Cochran 3 years

Same poison.....

Sandy Jennings

Just say No to drugs

Janel Woodruff

Drugs have their place, people. And some doctors do care (the trick is finding them!).

Have you talked to your doctor about Forteo? Also, you might want to join the community discussion forum on the NOF (National Osteoporosis Foundation) website. The people there are very versed in all things natural AND medicinal.

Amanda Mcclure

Drugs rarely have their place. The side effects are awful!

Janel Woodruff 3 years

Janel Woodruff They can be. Not always, and some meds more than others. I personally don't want to be one of those people walking around at a 45 degree angle, which is where I'm absolutely headed if I don't do something.

Amanda Mcclure 3 years

Didnt know about Forteo. Thanks for your suggestion to go NOF website. I’m going to visit it now.

Brunh Cochran 3 years

Brunh Cochran that being said, my numbers are extremely low. If they were higher than, say, -3.5 then I'd continue with the natural route. I have noticed docs suggesting drugs for folks with numbers that are barely over the OP limit, so just be aware. My L spine is -3.8 to -4.4 so I don't have a choice.

Amanda Mcclure 3 years


Ina Faulkner


Stephanie Joyner

No reclast, i did it. Pain all over the body, massive blisters in my mouth. It was worse than chemotherapy

Nala Nadeau

No. Even worse

Kathy Medina

I read an article from Algaecal yesterday dsyong that he European body responsible for allowing drugs to be marketed will not allow Elayndos (Tymlos) in Europe.

Sheila Finch

I was on Tymlos for 2 months, made me feel terrible, I have decided to take my chances, walk for 30 min a day. Do your research!

Cheryl Coates 3 years

Do your research!!! Don’t allow fear to cause you to make an uninformed and potentially disastrous decision. Good luck.

Kim Coffey

I have had Osteoporosis for years and refuse to take any drugs.... 25 1/2 marathons and 10 yrs of triathlons and yrs of hiking later, I’m just fine without any drugs! Nutrition and exercise are my meds! Good Luck!

Marjie Burnette

Well done. I agree.

Tegwen Yoder 3 years

No no no no no
Build bone on your own. Stop the dairy the sugar and the gluten
Take a 30 minute walks. Get your body alkaline

Jill Holder

yes lets just substitute one horrible drug for another. Really I think you know the answer and that it is No.

Sherri Sierra

I’m 62 and the dr told me today that my dexascan showed my back and hips were that of an 82 year old. She also says I have no real alternative other than continuing the Reclast-Infusion for the 2nd year. Frustrated. I already have the calcium rich diet.

Susan Moreno

So after 1 year, the treatment did not help so they want you to continue? So it will help after two years??? My answer is no. I’ve been on some form of osteoporosis medicine for 10 years and it has not helped!

Sandy Jennings 3 years

No no no no no Build bone on your own. Stop the dairy the sugar and the gluten Take a 30 minute walks. Get your body alkaline

Jill Holder 3 years

I am putting my hope on algaecal and strontium citrate and exactly what Jil Alison has suggested.

Julia Wilkerson 3 years

My friend took medication for 4 years now she has a very serious liver problem. She is fighting a liver transplant.

Despina Good 3 years

I haven’t done this yet but I’m wondering, if looking at the diets/lifestyles of people in other countries and the health/condition of their bones in latter years will be a guide to what to do? I don’t know if the information is out there for this though!

Rose Silva

Drugs are not the answer - period! They may mitigate symptoms but do not heal the condition. That comes by the use of natural methods. First, heal the gut and balance the microbiome, as this has been shown to be a cause. An unbalanced microbiome prevents nutrient absorption. Add the natural Vitamins and minerals that do heal. This is how those who have healed their Osteo have reversed and healed the condition. Osteo is Scurvy of the bones and there is a great need for (organic only) Vitamin C; (be sure to avoid sugars prior to taking by 6 hours). Also, VitaminsA, D3 (5000 to 7500I. U. per day), Vitamin K2 mk4, and maybe mk7; as well as Boron (up to 20 mg per day), Chelated Magnesium (twice the dose of Calcium), Seed Cycling to address the endocrine system and balance hormones will also help with healing and prevention of further damage. These will do far more than any drugs. Stopping the foods that damage the gut lining and microbiome will also make a huge difference as this helps to stop the inflammation that fuels disease.

Douglas Crocker

Collegen is important too

Diana Cody 3 years

Kefir taken every day will improve the gut flora. Simple to make at home.

Tegwen Yoder 3 years

Tegwen Yoder yes, this is true for the most part. Best if it's from raw, grass-fed, A2 cream.

Douglas Crocker 3 years

Yes I know it's best from raw milk that has not been pasteurised and homogenised but so difficult to get hold of milk that hasn't been treated. I will soon know whether the kefir I make is having an impact on my osteopenia. Fingers crossed.

Tegwen Yoder 3 years

No need for drugs. I am maintaining numbers without them. Hard work but the alternative is worse

Diana Cody

It is difficult to get your daily minimum need of Boron in the USA. I have recently upped my supplement dosage to two doses of 3 mg (6 mg daily).

Ellen Graham

Oh and I have had a reversal of my osteoporosis to osteopenia using supplements. I, too, researched Prolia and decided the dangers were apparent. In fact, it increases your risk of fractures. Too bad that we can only have a Dexa every two years. I would like to monitor it more closely.

Ellen Graham

Took Reclast 5 times. Didn't seem to get side effects from it but possibly a rash on side. My osteoporosis reversed to osteopenia when I went off Reclast!

Judy Sams

I read somewhere in the past that Fosamax and maybe also the others do not actually strengthen your bones. But is more like wrapping a wire around the weak stem of a rose to keep it up.

Erna Buckley

It is even worse than that.

Ellen Graham