The experiences about healthy foods, juices, etc for maintaining cure after cancer

hi all, please give me your experiences about healthy foods, juices, etc for maintaining cure after cancer
thank you

Drmary Sears
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say away from sugar apart from real fruits, half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in water every day, be happy stay positive, don't alow angry to build up inside you.

Kaye Woodruff

Just make sure you dont already have low stomach acid if you take that baking soda everyday. Then you'll run into digestion issues which are also super important for detox

Hollie Fair 3 years

i get acid reflux so i never had that problem.

Kaye Woodruff 3 years

Yes some with low acid (I'm one) to take everyday will really slow down their digestion. I drink it once a week

Hollie Fair 3 years

I take it daily for last 2year years

Irene Voss 3 years

I would use full spectrum cannabis oil.

Andrew Small

I started juicing fruits and vegetables, stopped eating meat and dairy, drinking green tea and putting ground flax seeds and hemp in everything that I can.

Barbara Brown

how can i juice vegetables especially green ones Barbara Brown

Drmary Sears 3 years

“God with that question woman you’ll get way too many answers on here so you know go get a “ real” Naturopathic doctors’ “real” answers fist please...”-“I’m only talking from all-confused-experience you know...”

Terence Barnes

I think there is something dangerous with all cow products

Richard Briggs

That depends on where the cows come from and how they are treated during their lives.

Tamara Roberson 3 years

Tamara Roberson I stopped all cow products and lost 30 lbs in 4 months

Richard Briggs 3 years

I'm pleased for you.

Tamara Roberson 3 years

Tamara Roberson so is my heart

Richard Briggs 3 years

Urine Therapy

Peter Dukes

what is this

Drmary Sears 3 years

Peter Dukes 3 years

If it recommends acidic or toxic. Laugh and look into alkaline

David Kirby

give me examples pla David Kirby

Drmary Sears 3 years

As a holistic practitioner I would recommend Paleo diet with lots of organic greens! Probiotics and strong antioxidants also a high bioavailability micronutrients supplement to help the immune system recover.
Let me know if you need more details.


Ger Larson

If you were true holistic. You would advocate UT

Peter Dukes 3 years

yes i need more details like examples, i'm interested

Drmary Sears 3 years


Jack Stuart

what is this

Drmary Sears 3 years

Drmary Sears Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Jack Stuart 3 years