The disgusting myth of original sin

Pixi Mcgraw
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If there's no sin then there should be no place for morality also

Amimul Navarro

Sin and morality have nothing to do with each other.

Bryan Conklin 3 years

Anything that has an absolute scale can be measured. In other word, only the things that can be measured is existent. What is the definition of morality? And What is the absolute scale of it? Is society and culture the absolute scale? They can never be as they evaluate ideas and laws according to their will. Kissing in public is immoral in India but allowed in many western countries. Prostitution is legal in New Zealand and immoral in Arab. But if we say that there is a divine absolute God then this 'morality' thing comes to existence as we will not have different laws for different places. And she said there is no such thing as sin. Which is only possible if we remove 'GOD' from the equation. Same goes for morality as I explained. That's what i meant by my previous comment.

Amimul Navarro 3 years

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Lu Casillas Garza

You have no proof.

Bryan Conklin 3 years

Are u open minded?

Lu Casillas Garza 3 years

Yes but not gullible

Bryan Conklin 3 years

Thts good

Lu Casillas Garza 3 years

Let me ask you What topic sounds interesting #1)why do we die? #2) what is our purpose in life? #3) can we live forever?

Lu Casillas Garza 3 years
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this is an illogical and false statement. Sin is a violation of religious/divine law.

You can reject the concept of sin, you can refuse to recognise sin or its authority, but you cannot call it a myth - that makes no logical sense.

Take this as an example - China has a law that they declare prevents the reincarnation of any individual who has not filled in the appropriate forms prior to their reincarnation.

You cannot say that there is no such thing as this law - it is clearly evidenced in Chinese legislature, etc. Essentially there is clear and incontrovertible proof that China has enacted such a law.

In the same vein, you cannot say there is no such thing as sin - it is clearly evidenced in biblical texts, etc.

While religious texts such as the bible doesn't stand as evidence for the claims within them, do they most definitely stand as incontrovertible evidence for the beliefs and concepts within them.

If the bible declares certain actions to be sinful, then they are sinful according to the religion(s) that follow the bible. The same with any other religious book - if they declare something to be a transgression of their law, it is a transgression of their law. You cannot claim a law to be mythical when there is clear evidence to support its existence.

As previously indicated, you can deny that the law applies to you. You can challenge the authority of such a law, but that doesn't invalidate the law.

One can claim they have been reincarnated, and they can believed by anyone who wishes to do so, but equally, the Chinese government can declare it to be illegal. As to whether they can do anything about it is another matter entirely - you may be concerned if you were living in china or planning a holiday there, but if you lived in the USA, you wouldn't care if China considered your actions to be illegal. - Ultimately, you can choose whether to follow it, recognise it, adhere to it, or not.

Peter Xiong

Using this logic, Moses was a real person in the Bible but there's no proof at all he actually existed, but because the Bible says so then he must be real. This is flawed logic.

Bryan Conklin 3 years

No. That's a false equivalence. As I stated, "doesn't stand as evidence for the claims within them". But they do stand as "evidence for the beliefs and concepts within them." The existence of Moses or any other figure or event would be a claim that the bible alone would not constitute sufficient evidence.

Peter Xiong 3 years

Didn't I just say that?

Bryan Conklin 3 years

Bryan Conklin no, you didn't? You said nothing of the sort. Why would you say something that refutes what you said?

Peter Xiong 3 years

I said the Bible can't prove anything definitive because it's one book and you write this: The existence of Moses or any other figure or event would be a claim that the bible alone would not constitute sufficient evidence.

Bryan Conklin 3 years
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Yes.. There is sin but there is No original sin.
if you do something bad.. You 'feel' something bad inside you-that is 'sin'.but to the Atheist there is no sin & no such thing as 'immorality'-they do as they like...

Ahmad Evans

So what you claim is that we have no choice but to subject ourselves to feeling bad. This is what you call sin? One has to accept the concept of God to acknowledge sin, yet the existence of God cannot be proven. Belief only does not prove that God exists, therefore be that the case then sin cannot exist. Simple truth is that, no God, no sin...

Pixi Mcgraw 3 years

Imperfection IS the original sin.

Jun Vaughn

Imperfection is just what the word says not sin, that's common sense, deformed people are born everyday, are they sinners. What makes them different from normal people, by you claim then it means that normal people are perfect and deformed people are imperfect and therefore sinners. Only a religion subscribing to the salvation theory can come up with such ridiculous claims.. They have no choice but to promote the concept of sin to justify this salvation theory...

Pixi Mcgraw 3 years

Pixi Mcgraw is sinless therefore perfect

Jun Vaughn 3 years

Jun Vaughn getting personal and attacking the player is not appreciated, play the ball not the player... İf you have nothing intelligent to say rather admit it, but please do not attack people on a personal level, your religion should have taught you that much at least..

Pixi Mcgraw 3 years

Praising you as perfect is desirable and commendable. Saying your dumb and stupid is criticism

Jun Vaughn 3 years

Jun Vaughn I have no desire to be desirable or commendable, neither dumb or stupid... That your way of dividing people... All I care about is the truth and nothing but the truth.... That's something few believers can understand unfortunately, you no exception..

Pixi Mcgraw 3 years
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Born in debt, and expected/commanded to repay it - Every political and religious institution on the planet lays this responsibility on it's people at birth.

Mike Floyd

I agree, this is their way of making people feel guilty, therefore laying the foundation for fear. Fear creates uncertainty, this then leave the door open for manipulation. This way organized religion took advantage of this situation and manipulated the masses for personal gains...

Pixi Mcgraw 3 years