The Best brands of water

Matt Pearce
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wet lol...:

Christina Rivers

I use reverse osmosis with minerals added

Christina Rivers

Same for us!

Eliza Tilley 3 years

If there was a much healthier solution would you have interest in learning more?

Matt Numbers 3 years

Have you ever tested the PH??

Rachael Bouchard 3 years

Or... How oxidizing the water is?

Matt Numbers 3 years

I only use spring or well water. Will get purified sometimes, but no minerals added please. It makes me more thirsty over time and then in about two weeks, I got so thirsty that I realized I was thirsty while drinking the water. Changed water, no more problems.

Kristy Thomason 3 years
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Fuji a recent report said the plastic doesn’t leech into the water

Allison Koch

To drink a gallon of Fiji water a day, it'd run you approximately $10/day.

Matt Numbers 3 years

Matt Numbers yes true, I was thinking quick drink

Allison Koch 3 years

Matt Numbers out most peoples reach...

Christina Rivers 3 years

I provide people THIS example. Let's say I wanna be healthier so I decide to drink a gallon of water/day. Indeed, Fiji water is among the better bottled water brands so I commit to drinking a gallon/day.. İn 25 years, which is how long the Kangen water SD 501 ionizer are built to last, id have spent $91,000 on Fiji water. Which, mind you, is nowhere near an equivalent to Kangen water in how it affects the body..

Matt Numbers 3 years

Christina Rivers what is?

Matt Numbers 3 years
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Regular purified water is better than antibiotic for any sickness

Jacob Gutierrez

Purified water can literally be sewage that has been "purified".

Tami Silva 3 years

SmartWater because its distilled

Vickie Shipman

If there was a far healthier and more economic solution, would you be interested in learning more?

Matt Numbers 3 years

Matt Numbers the healthiest is distilled imo.

Vickie Shipman 3 years

Distilled water has a detoxing ability but will also leech minerals out of the body, is acidic and oxidizing and especially just buying bottled of smartwater, is horribly expensive. Ok to utilize if one is sick, but not wise to consume as your main water source. I assure you, not the most ideal..

Matt Numbers 3 years

I assure you I have done my research and safely consume distilled water as it is the purest water.

Vickie Shipman 3 years

Pure. As in completely devoid of naturally occurring minerals like calcium and magnesium present in water from natural drinking sources throughout in addition to a strong negative charge .

Matt Numbers 3 years
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Bottled water usually has a small amount of bleach... Not to mention BPA. The chlorine kills the good bacteria in your gut. The BPA has an estrogenic effect on the body... Which is one of many reasons that men today or more feminine than those of yesteryear. Make sure your water is filtered to try and remove any fluoride.

Bev Alvarado

I use a Echo machine as it is the 1st one to make hydrogen water and affordable. I needed to drink 2 gallons a day because I don't want to be bedridden again after 6 years I went with the best and the cost saved me so much after 6 years of all types of bottled water doing nothing.

Angelica Brewster

best choice I've seen shared in this post thus far. I wish to come across an Echo to see how they compare with the Enagic units..

Matt Numbers 3 years

I use to own 3 enagic and won't go back.

Angelica Brewster 3 years

Whole Foods 357 water is awesome

Sue Hernandez

Fiji water is the best branded water I suppose, to drink in a pinch... I’ve tested it. We have RO and use minerals to alkalize. We had Kangen, but our new house wouldn’t work with the machine.

Jennifer Bender

Love Fiji

Kim Clements

Tami Silva 3 years

It is so SAD we can't just drink the water from out tap.

Angela Garrett

We love mountain valley has perfect ratio of magnesium, calcium and Potassium. Comes in glass bottles.

Rebecca Keyes

BEWARE of home water systems that require a lot of maintenance. That is your first red flag- any system that the water runs through mechanisms that require cleaning, means that the mechanisms harbor/encourage/foster contaminants. Machines that have hoses, filters, and plastics are subject to expensive maintenance (always, always look at that maintenance plan for any water machine you purchase) to prevent the growth and introduction of contaminants, and consider the amortization of the unit before considering an "economical" machine. Distilled water is the only way to go. Naturally occurring minerals are best absorbed during digestion with active digestive enzymes which do not occur as actively while drinking water. You can get a home water distiller for under $150 which will give you hundreds of gallons of unadultered H2O.

Brianna Munoz

That is true for the machine I use to own but now just use some vinegar for cleaning.

Angelica Brewster 3 years

The distiller chamber which holds the water PRIOR to treatment (distillation) will most certainly need cleaning, but will NOT affect the final product (clean water). RO, whole house units piped with anything but stainless, and anything that uses an additive or filter can and do harbor bacteria and other contaminants unless a lengthy and expensive and specific maintenance regimen is followed. Most failures are due to user error (not maintaining the unit properly). Stuff like this grows on filters:


Brianna Munoz 3 years

My machine has a chip in it that shuts the machine down after 3000 gallons so this won't happen. I have seen people use filters until they are sick. Yuck

Angelica Brewster 3 years

We are 70% water so care should be taken in regards to our health. First Rule. DONT drink the Crap from the Tap. Best water unfortunately is distilled water, distilled into a "Glass" Jug, then left in the sun for a couple of hours to absorb the bio-photons from the sunlight. This water is now infused thru natural sunlight, the source of all life.

Milton Newton

Clean Alkali Natural water away from contact with plastics and chemicals

Lion Bolton

Contact me if you want the best water in your home! 9.5 alkaline water with editional settings for disinfectants and cleaning supplies and degreasers that are all nontoxic!!!

Robert Mccarty

Does anyone know anything about ozarka or spring water

Nereyda Workman

Ozarka is local to me, the water is everywhere, natural minerals are in it, very good water.

Stefani Stephens 3 years

Stefani Stephens that is awesome I buy bottled water of ozarka that’s all I can afford sometimes I buy Fiji once in a while

Nereyda Workman 3 years


Elizabeth Lozano

I can't afford it, so distilled water is the best.

Stefani Stephens

Reverse osmosis water is the best.!

Farah Todd


Dan Hudson

Could you get a filter system instead? Like Berkey or Aquasana?

Caroline Neff

Fiji or Evian for bottled

Melissa Contreras

I drink Evian too.

Jeannette Werner 3 years

I love Voss and Sno Water

Jen Madison


Merita Kidd

Garden hose..

Ashley Mccray

Acqua Panna Toscana mineral water (Italian) in a glass bottle.


Louis Kaufman